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Seiken Densetsu Advanced Knowledge Guide – Japanese

Details: ISBN4-87188-132-6
Release Date: 1991
Pages: 152
Summary: This is a pretty awesome walkthrough guide for the game. Even if you can’t read Japanese there are some really nice looking drawings inside. Each of the bosses has a drawing that goes along with them and there are comics and illustrated title pages for each of the sections. This is a pretty rare find and a really nice collectors item.
Images: Front cover, Inside pages, Inside pages, Comic and section title page

Seiken Densetsu Basic Knowledge Guide – Japanese

Details: ISBN4-87188-123-7
Release Date: 1991
Pages: 104
Summary: This is an awesome guidebook! Each character, enemy, item, magic, weapon and armor has an illustration for it inside this book! There are also comics and illustrated title pages for each section. In the back is a small atlas with drawings of each area in the game. This is the best Seiken Densetsu guide for any of the games, get this if you can find it!
Images: Front cover, Magic page and section title page, Item page, Weapon page, Comic page

Seiken Densetsu Piano Sheet Music – Japanese

Recommendation: N/A
Summary: This thing is super rare and it is pretty hard to find for a price below fifty dollars. It has sheet music for each and every track from the game, and that just rocks. If you play piano and love the music to FFA this is probably something you want to get.


Seiken Densetsu OST

Details: NTT Publishing, Catalog Number N23D-003
Release Dates: 7/15/1991
CDs: 1 CD, 27 Tracks
Summary: Soundtrack information. This is one of the rarest soundtracks in the Seiken Densetsu series because it is the oldest and was only printed once. This CD is full of the little beep-beep music you find in the game. The Recommendation isn’t very high because you can get all of the tracks from this CD along with the “Let Thoughts Ride on Knowledge CD” on the “Seiken Densetsu Sound Collections” CD.

Seiken Densetsu – Let Thoughts Ride on Knowledge

Details: NTT Publishing, Catalog Number N30D-005
Release Dates: 9/30/91
CDs: 1 CD, 7 Tracks
Summary: Soundtrack information. Another real rarity for the series. This has a bunch of the game tracks orchestrated together and then divided into sections. Like the “Seiken Densetsu OST” you can find all of the tracks on this CD in the “Seiken Densetsu Sound Collections” CD. I recommend this one a little higher because it comes in a very special case and has some nice drawings in it which are hard to find elsewhere.
Images: Frontside of case, Inside, Inside and CD, Back of case

Seiken Densetsu OSV

Details: NTT Publishing, Catalog Numbers PSCN-5029, NTCP-5029
Release Dates: 8/25/1995, 10/1/2004
CDs: 1 CD, 34 Tracks
Summary: Soundtrack information. This CD takes the two old ones and puts them together. Because it is newer it is pretty easy to find, I would definitely pick this one up if you like the music in the games. The first seven tracks are the orchestrated tracks from “Let Thoughts Ride on Knowledge” and the rest are the beep-beep musics from the OST. There are a few nice looking images on the inside.
Images: Frontside of case, Picture from insert and CD, Back of case


Seiken Densetsu – Japanese

Release Date: 1991
Summary: This is a really rare find and also the oldest thing in the series. I’d only really recommend this to collectors as there isn’t really anything special about it. The box is super tiny and has some little monster pictures on the tabs that hold it closed, really nice touch to an otherwise normal game box. The manual has a few pictures of some items and that is about it.
Images: Box and game, Box tabs and manual

Final Fantasy Adventure – American

Release Date: 1991
Game and Box Rarity:
Inserts Rarity:
Summary: Buy this game, buy it now. This is my favorite game in the series. There are two different boxes because the game was released two different times, once in 1991 and once in 1995. You can tell which box you have by the copyright date, I’m unsure if the game releases have any way to tell which one you got. The map insert is kind of cool and on the back it has a quick reference guide for all the items in the game. The manual has some weird drawings in it. Usually you can find the box and cartridge easy, the inserts are pretty hard to come by.
Images: Box and manual, Map front, Item reference reverse

Mystic Quest – The Rest

Versions: French
Summary: Collect these if you’re a collector or speak French I guess.