Secret of Mana - Items

  Name Cost Description Available
Candy 10 (*) Recovers 100 HP All Shops
Chocolate 30 (*) Recovers 250 HP All Shops
Royal Jam 50 (*) Recovers 250 HP All Shops
Faerie Walnut 500 (*) Recovers 50 MP All Shops
Medical Herb 10 (*) Cures status effect All Shops
Cup of Wishes 150 (*) Revives 1 friend All Shops
Barrel 900 Invincibility for a limited time Neko
Magic Rope Warp back to dungeon entrance Gaia’s Navel
Flammie Drum Calls Flammie K. Truffle
Moogle Belt Turn friend into Moogle Armar
Midge Mallet Enlarges or Shrinks friend Dwarf

(*) Please note that the cost of these items, when purchased at Neko’s, is double.