Secret of Mana - Popoie’s magic


  Spell MP Description
Freeze 2 MP Massive chunks of ice barrage your enemies.
Acid Storm 3 MP A downpour of Acid Rain wears away your opponents’ defenses.
Energy Absorb 2 MP The Sprite siphons away HP from monsters.


  Spell MP Description
Earth Slide 3 MP A giant boulder falls upon your enemies.
Speed Down 1 MP Vines extend from the earth and tangle your opponents’ feet; effectively slowing them down.
Gem Missile 2 MP A shower of diamonds pierce through your foes.


  Spell MP Description
Air Blast 2 MP Razor sharp gusts of air barrage your enemies.
Thunder Bolt 4 MP A bolt of lightning strikes your foes down.
Silence 2 MP A shroud of silence confuses your enemies’ sense of direction.


  Spell MP Description
Fireball 2 MP Three fireballs seek out your enemies.
Exploder 4 MP Your foes become engulfed by explosions.
Lava Wave 3 MP A tide of molten rock drowns your foes.


  Spell MP Description
Change Form 5 MP A change overcomes the enemy and they shape-shift into another form… for better or for worse.
Magic Absorb 1 MP The Sprite siphons away MP from monsters.
Lunar Magic 8 MP A strange moon shines down upon you and your opponents. Results may vary; see below.


  Spell MP Description
Evil Gate 8 MP A gate to another world opens and wears away your enemies.
Dark Force 2 MP Dark energy is drawn into your foes, damaging them.
Dispel Magic 4 MP Effects from support spells on your opponents become neutralized. Must be level 6 or up to take down a Wall.


  Spell MP Description
Burst 4 MP Blasts of energy engulf your foes.
Sleep Flower 2 MP Soothing petals lull your opponents into a deep slumber.
Mana Magic 1 MP The secret of the Mana Sword is unlocked through this hidden spell.


Lunar Magic Effects:

Your party and opponents will have all HP recovered.

Your party and opponents will have attack, defense, hit rate and evasion rate either increased or decreased by 25%.

Your party and opponents become confused.

Your party will all either be Moogled or pygmied.

Your opponents all change form.

Your party and opponents recover from all status effects.

The Sprite’s MP is recovered by half.

Earthslide’s alternative sprite

The ring menu sprite used in the US and EU versions of Secret of Mana is different to the original seen in the Japanese version of Seiken Densetsu 2. Instead of a boulder shattering, it shows what can only be described as a scorpion with a baffled look on its face.