Secret of Mana - Weapons


Name Power Location Effect or Strength
Rusty Sword 3 Found at start
Broad Sword 8 Defeat Mantis Ant Agility + 1
Herald Sword 14 Pandora Castle Slimes and Lizards
Claymore 20 Defeat Great Viper in Matango Forest Insects
Excalibur 27 Northtown Ruins Demons and Undead
Masamune 35 Tasnica Raises Critical
Gigas Sword 44 Grand Palace Strength + 1
Dragon Buster 52 Defeat Thunder Gigas Dragons
Mana Sword 127 Mana Magic The Mana Sword!


Name Power Location Effect or Strength
Watt’s Axe 4 Dwarf Village
Lode Axe 11 Defeat Fire Gigas Plants and Fish
Stout Axe 16 Moogle Village Constitution + 1
Battle Axe 23 Fire Palace Plants and Fish
Golden Axe 294 Imperial Castle Insects
Were-Buster 38 Golden Tower Animals
Great Axe 46 Defeat Dragon Worm Plants and Fish
Gigas Axe 54 Defeat Fiend Heads Strength + 5
Doom Axe 56 Defeat Fiend Heads Ultimate Axe!


Name Power Location Effect or Strength
Boomerang 2 Sprite
Chakram 6 Defeat Spikey Tiger Slimes and Lizards
Lode Boomerang 12 Defeat Spring Beak Tangles enemies
Rising Sun 17 Defeat Frost Gigas
Red Cleaver 24 Defeat Vampire Insects
Cobra Shuttle 30 Defeat Blue Spike Poisons enemies
Frizbar 38 Underground City Slimes and Lizards
Shuriken 47 Defeat Blue Dragon Raises Critical
Ninja’s Trump 53 Defeat Master Ninjas Ultimate Boomerang!


Name Power Location Effect or Strength
Chobin’s Bow 3 Sprite
Short Bow 8 Defeat Wall Face
Long Bow 14 Defeat Jabberwocky Animals
Great Bow 20 Defeat Boreal Face Confuses enemies
Bow of Hope 27 Northtown Ruins Demons and Undead
Elfin Bow 35 Defeat Gorgon Bull Int. and Wis. + 1
Wing Bow 43 Defeat Kettle Kin Confuses enemies
Doom Bow 52 Defeat Snow Dragon Raises Critical
Garuda Buster 54 Defeat Metal Crabs Ultimate Bow!


Name Power Location Effect or Strength
Spike Knuckle 2 Girl
Power Glove 6 Defeat Biting Lizard Insects
Moogle Claw 11 Moogle Village Knocks enemies out
Chakra Glove 17 Ice Palace Int. and Wis. + 1
Heavy Glove 24 Defeat Metal Mantis Insects
Hyper Fist 20 Palace of Darkness Slimes and Lizards
Griffin Claws 38 Defeat Red Dragon Poisons enemies
Dragon Claws 47 Defeat Wolf Lords Dragons
Aura Gloves 53 Defeat Wolf Lords Ultimate Gloves!


Name Power Location Effect or Strength
Pole Dart 2 Undine’s Cave
Javelin 6 Defeat Kilroy
Light Trident 12 Matango Animals
Lode Javelin 17 Defeat Minotaur Baloons enemies
Fork of Hope 24 Defeat Mech Rider 2 Demons and Undead
Imp’s Fork 30 Defeat Lime Slime Baloons enemies
Elf’s Harpoon 38 Defeat Snap Dragon Int. and Wis. + 1
Dragon’s Dart 47 Defeat Axe Beak Dragons
Valkyrian 53 Defeat Whimpers Ultimate Javelin!


Name Power Location Effect or Strength
Spear 4 Water Palace
Heavy Spear 11 Defeat Tropicallo
Sprite’s Spear 16 Pandora Castle Baloons enemies
Partisan 23 Santa’s House Slimes and Lizards
Halberd 29 Northtown Ruins Confuses Enemies
Oceanid Spear 38 Gold Tower Knocks enemies out
Gigas Lance 46 Defeat Aegagropilon Strength + 1
Dragon Lance 54 Defeat Mech Rider 3 Dragons
Deadalus Lance 56 Defeat Tsunamis Ultimate Spear!


Name Power Location Effect or Strength
Whip 2 Elinee’s Castle
Black Whip 6 Scorpion Army Ship Tangles enemies
Backhand Whip 12 Water Palace Agility + 1
Chain Whip 17 Mech Rider 1 Slimes and Lizards
Flail of Hope 24 Defeat Doom Wall Demons and Undead
Morning Star 30 Imperial Castle Insects
Hammer Flail 38 Defeat Hydra Tangles enemies
Nimbus Chain 47 Defeat Hexas Insects
Gigas Flail 53 Defeat Terminators Ultimate Whip!