Trials of Mana - Characters

Angela – アンジェラ


Age: 19
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 106 lbs

Only daughter to Valda, the Queen of Reason of the Magic Kingdom of Altena, a cold land that is kept temperate thanks to Valda’s magic. But as the power of Mana fades, the cold her spell begins to fade, and the harsh cold begins to invade the Kingdom. To avoid this, Koren, the Queen’s high magician, puts in place a plan to obtain the Sword of Mana from Mana Holyland, by invading the lands of the world to obtain their Mana Stones by force.

In spite her heritage, Angela does not posess great magical skills. As a child, never scolded nor shown affection by her mother, she has become selfish, lonely, and disinterested in her magical studies under her teacher Jose. She also grew up not knowing her father, King Richard of Forcena, as their relationship formed for political reasons. Richard didn’t even know about her for many years.

To make matter worse, to fulfill Koren’s plan to release the power of the Mana Stones, the Queen proposes using a forbidden Sealed Ancient Magic which takes the life of the person casting the spell, and to avoid her or Koren sacrificing their lives, they intend to use Angela as a catalyst (which they consider the perfect demise for someone who brings shame to the royal family by not being skilled in magic). Upon revealing their plan to her, she disappears from the Queen’s chambers in a brilliant light, escaping to the SubZero Snowfields… where she passes out.

She is found by Chichi, who takes her back to the town of Elrand. Here, after after discovering a 10,000 Luc bounty on her head and speaking to a Fortune Teller, she takes the last boat to Jadd, where she hopes to meet the Priest of Light. She aims to win her mother’s respect by obtaining the Mana Sword herself.

While flirtatious by nature, she confesses her love for Duran toward the end of their journey.

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Charlotte – シャルロット


Age: 15
Height: 4’4″
Weight: 66lbs

Daughter of Master Leroy, a human cleric who fell in love with and married the elven girl Shayla (possibly the Elf King’s daughter), who made herself human through magic, her half-elf heritage may account for her very young looks in spite being 15 years old. Her parents left her an orphan at a very young age, and, after living for some time in the Flowerland of Diorre, she was taken in by the Priest of Light of Wendel has his grandaughter, and cared for by a cleric in his service, Heath, the son of Belgar the Priest of Darkness.

Waking one morning from a dream of her parents, she overhears a conversation between the Priest of Light and Heath regarding the Goddess statues weeping blood, and a strange light over the lake of Astoria, possible related to a disturbance in Mana. He sends Heath to investigate. Charlotte, thinking he might be in trouble, tries to follow him, but her grandfather forbids her from leaving the castle, and instructs the guards to this effect.

However, with the help of her friend Mick, she escapes the temple using a Barnacle Jack, but instead of landing in Astoria lands outside the Cave of Waterfalls. A stranger passing by there picks her up and takes her to Astoria, putting her up for the night at the Inn there. The next day she ventures into the Rabite Forest and finds Heath confronted by beastmen. While he is able to dispatch them, Deathjester knocks him down and abducts Heath before Charlotte’s eyes. She vows then to find him and return him to safety.

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Duran – デュラン


Age: 17
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 154lbs

A mercenary sword at the service of King Richard, of the Grasslands Country of Forcena, he is the son of Loki, who served as one of the elite “Knights of Gold” under Richard when he was still a Prince. While Duran was still at the young age of 5 years old, Loki took part in the Dragon Extermination, the final battle of which was against the most powerful of the Dragon Tribe, the Dragon Emperor. During the battle, Loki rushed in to save Prince Richard, and both the Dragon Emperor and Loki fell into a bottomless pit.

Shortly after receiving the news, Duran’s mother, Simone, passed away from an illness which she kept secret from Loki from fear of burdening him and jeopardizing his service. She entruested Duran and his baby sister, Wendy, to her sister Stella, who continued to raise them. Duran trained in the arts of swordsmanship and became the best sword among his peers, winning many contests before the King.

One night on guard duty, he struggles to keep awake and momentarily dozes off, waking to a flash of red light. He finds all his fellow guards on duty dead, and confronts a wizard wearing a red cape who has invaded the castle. Duran is defeated, but the wizard retreats at the sound of more guards joining the ranks. The King’s Knights suspect it to do be the Wizard of the Red Lotus, from Altena, and Richard orders an operative to investigate before waging war against them.

Duran meanwhile, barely recovered from his wounds, laments his failure over heavy drink. He hears from a fortune teller of the priest of Light in Wendal, who can teach him to become stronger through something called Class Changing, and decides to set off for Wendal. Before leaving, his aunt hands him his father’s sword, which he used when he was young to win many contests, even beating Prince Richard. Duran takes the road south to the city of Maia, where he catches a boat to Jadd, vowing to not return to Forcena until he has defeated the crimson wizard.

Quick-tempered but loyal, he fails to notice Angela’s feeling toward him, and is too pre-occupied with his mission to become a stronger swordsman.

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Hawkeye – ホークアイ


Age: 17
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150lbs

Smooth-talking son of Sand Arrow and Falcon, Flamekahn’s daughter, he was orphaned at a young age and taken in by Flamekahn, though he never recognised him as hs grandson. He is a member of the Guild of Thieves of the desert sands of Navarre, and friends with Flamekahn’s two other children, Eagle and Jessica.

Flamekahn and his advisor Isabella have new plans for the Guild though. They disband and form the Navarre Kingdom, and plan to expand their reign by taking over the Wind Kingdom of Rolante. Hawkeye and Eagle don’t like this one bit, and Eagle says that he has been acting weird since he returned from the desert with Isabella. The two decide to go and find out. In Flamekahn’s chambers they find Isabella talking to a black-clad man, and surprise them. The man disappears, and Isabella takes control over Eagle, forcing him to attack Hawkeye. Hawkeye knocks him out with the flat of his knives, but Isabella finishes Eagle off and pins the blame on Hawkeye.

When the guards arrive, Hawkeye is imprisoned. To make matters worse, Isabella has placed a curse on Jessica; if he talks, she dies. Help is at hand though. Nikita, a Neko friend of Hawkeye’s, blows up the cell wall and opens up a tunnel for Hawkeye to escape to his shop, and then tells him of the Priest of Light in the Holy City of Wendal, who may be ale to lift the curse. Hawkeye then fights his way out of the Sand Fortress and takes a boat to Jadd.

While Hawkeye shows great admiration for Riesz, he remains faithful to his love for Jessica (leaving aside one impulsive kiss during the invasion of Rolante).

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Kevin – ケヴィン


Age: 15
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 161lbs

Although son of the Beast King of Ferolia, the Beast Kingdom, Kevin is only half-beastman, his late mother being human. Never accepted by either race, he found friendship in a wolf pup, Karl, whose mother had died, his heart opened to another like him: different in appearance and nature, and without a mother (Kevin grew up thinking that his mother left him and his father, even though she had died).

His father, Gauser, is decendant of the first Beast King who stood up to the humans that persecuted the beastmen, founding Ferolia and vowing to exact his revenge; but unlike other beastmen, Gauser does not seek revenge on the humans. For this reason when DeathJester approaches him one day to offer him a means for his revenge, Gauser dismisses him, until he discovers that he practices dark magic, for which he may have a use. An effect of this dark magic is that the same night, when Kevin is out with Karl in the Moonlight Forest, Karl turns fierce and attacks Kevin. Although he resists fighting back, his werewolf blood awakens and his body transforms, sending him into an uncontrolable frenzy which eventually takes Karl’s life. Stricken with grief, Kevin burries him in the forest, and with no one else to turn to returns home to his fellow beastmen.

There he finds Lugar, commander of the Beast King’s forces, preparing to take a troop to the Holy City of Wendel to take it over. He also overhears a conversation between his father and Deathjester, where it is revealed Deathjester was behind Karl attacking Kevin. The Beast King commissioned this job so Kevin would finally turn into a real werewolf. In a rage, Kevin breaks through castle walls in pursuit of the King and attacks him, but Gauser retaliates and knocks him out of the castle grounds, back into the Moonlight Forest, with one swipe. He encounters Deathjester who, before feeling his wrath, tells him the Priest of Light in Wendel can revive Karl. Kevin then sets off for Mintos, where he sets off swimming for Jadd to reach Wendel.

Kevin is quick to act without thinking, and has little control over his anger. As heir to the throne, he was trained in martial arts, but would always skip his training in favour of spending time in the forest with Karl. This always angered Lugar, who took his training seriously, and thought he should inherit the throne instead.

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Riesz – リース


Age: 16
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 119lbs

Princess of Rolante, the Wind Kingdom, and commander of its amazon army, Riesz is highly looked upon by all the subjects of King Joster, her father, an experienced leader and diplomat. Like her mother before her, she leads the patrols round the castle, dealing with monsters and making sure the kingdom continues to live up to the name of The Castle That Never Fell. Her mother, Minerva, passed away while giving birth to her brother, Eliott, after which Riesz took it upon herself to serve as a mother to Eliott, and also to train him in martial arts. Although he doesn’t always show it, Alma, Riesz and Eliott’s guardian and former amazon warrior under Minerva’s mother Galura, reminds her that he does look up to her.

One day while skipping his training, Eliott is approached by two “magicians”, Bill and Ben, who perform a couple of simple magic tricks, and promise to show him more if he takes them to a basement. He leads them down into the castles depths, where the wind that protects the castle from attack is controlled and originates. They promise to bring back his mother as part of their magic trick, but for this he must turn off the wind, saying that Riesz told him not to do this only because she wanted to keep the secret of seeing their mother to herself. Riesz arrives just as the wind is deactivated, and puts herself between Eliott and the magicians. Bill and Ben remind Riesz that her father will be in danger of attack, and she runs to protect him with Eliott, but he falls behind and is kidnapped by Bill and Ben.

Emerging from the underground, she fights her way through the invading ninjas to the throne room, where she finds her father at death’s door and hears his last plea for her to look after Eliott. The castle aflame and the inhabitants on the run, the enemy forces are ordered by their female leader to return to Navarre and report their victory. The attack over, the wind returns. Riesz, unsure of what to do to save Eliott, heads for Palo with tears in her eyes, to catch a boat to Jadd in hopes of meeting the Priest of Light in Wendel.

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