Trials of Mana - Class changing

Once your character meets certain level requirements you can initiate a class change. The classes are based around the idea of Light and Dark Mana powers. Light powers tend to focus around healing or beneficial effects, where Dark powers tend to focus on adverse and damaging effects.

A character can go through two class changes. After a class change is completed there is no going back and the path you choose will determine the two final classes you will be able to choose from.

Light Dark
Light/Light Light/Dark Dark/Light Dark/Dark

Light/Dark is not the same as Dark/Light!

Character Classes
Duran Kevin Hawkeye
Angela Charlotte Riesz

First Class Change – Lvl. 18

The first time you can change classes is at level 18. Once your characters obtain this level you can travel to any of the various Mana Stones or to the Mana Goddess Statue in the middle of the Mana Holy Land to initiate the class changing event.

When the event starts you will be asked if you want your character to go down the Light path or the Dark path. Be careful with your decision! There is no turning back after you change classes and each path unlocks a different set of two final classes.

Second Class Change – Lvl. 38

When your characters reach level 38 you can change their class again, but first you need to collect the right items. These items can only be found by collecting ??? seeds which typically drop from Beholders and Greater Demons. These seeds can be planted at an inn. They will grow into items that can break the seal of the second class. Which item you will receive is random, so you may have to collect many of the seeds before you get what you want.

Depending on your main character, you will have to search different places to find the seeds.

Duran or Angela as Main Character

Glass Desert and Dragon’s Hole

Kevin or Charlotte as Main Character

Illusion Jungle and Mirage Palace

Hawkeye or Riesz as Main Character

Cave of Darkness and Dark Castle

After you collect the item you want you will need to visit the Mana Goddess statue in the Mana Holy Land to initiate the class change event. Instead of asking you which path you want to take you must sacrifice the item corresponding to the class you want to turn into.

Level-up your stats!

After each level up you will be presented with a list of attributes. You can pick one of them to level up. Depending on your character and current class you may be limited at how high you can raise the various attributes.

Attribute Description
Strength Strength Increases you attack power
Agility Agility Increases your ability to dodge enemies’ attacks
Vitality Vitality Increases defense and HP
Intelligence Intelligence Increases magic offence, defense and as well evade
Spirit Spirit Increases the effectiveness of indirect magic, i.e. healing and sabers
Luck Luck Increases Critical Hits rate and reduces number of traps in roulette