The Seikens

Trials of Mana - Equipment - Angela


Name Cost Location Class
Wooden Cane 22 Fisrt Weapon
Staff 75 Astoria, Wendel, Maia
Witch Staff 180 Dwarf Village, Forsena
Oak Cane 220 Byzel, Palo, Jad
Pewter Rod 378 Ghost Ship, Palo
Ruby Cane 738 Dark Priest Village
Crystal Rod 1100 Elrand, Sultan, Deen
Soul Rod 2400 Mintos
Varsh Staff 2650 Mintos Light
Cunning Staff 2795 Mintos Dark
Ash Cane 2650 Diorre
Will Staff 2900 Diorre Light
Tot’s Cane 3155 Diorre Dark
Rajin’s Cane 3480 Altena, Deen, Mintos
Mithril Rod 3830 Altena, Deen, Mintos Light
Skull Rod 4000 Altena, Deen, Mintos Dark
Memyl Rod 6950 Cats
Druid Cane 7015 Cats
Revelation Cane 7200 Cats Dark
Nebula Staff 14335 Cats
Branch of Yggdrasil 16400 Cats Light
Ancient Rod 17335 Cats Dark
Mizunara Cane 22000 Pedan
Eternal Rod 33470 Pedan Light
Celnunnos Cane 31735 Pedan Dark
Ceryeceon Seed (Final Weapon) L/D
Ganvantein Seed (Final Weapon) LL
Spirit Cane Seed (Final Weapon) LD
Rune Staff Seed (Final Weapon) DL
Dragon Rod Seed (Final Weapon) DD


Name Cost Location Class
Cotton Robe 16 First Armor
Silk Robe 50 Wendel, Maia
Witch’s Robe 95 Dwarf Village, Forsena
Queen Bee Dress 184 Byzel, Palo
Bat Coat 230 Ghost Ship, Palo
Tiger Bikini 234 Dark Priest Village, Forsena
Rose Leotard 600 Elrand, Sultan, Deen, Mintos, Diorre
Bunnydress 1000 Mintos
Owl Coat 1970 Diorre
Zephyr Robe 2150 Altena, Deen, Mintos
Mananan Robe 3160 Cats
Sunrise Dress 3830 Cats Light
Dusk Dress 3440 Cats Dark
Pure White Robe 7495 Pedan Light
Darkness Robe 7015 Pedan Dark
Dreamdevil Coat Seed (Final Armor) L/D
Myein Dress Seed (Final Armor) LL
Eremos Coat Seed (Final Armor) LD
Rune Coat Seed (Final Armor) DL
Ancient Robe Seed (Final Armor) DD


Name Cost Location Class
Circlet 42 Maia
Witch Hood 184 Jad
Emerald Tiara 820 Deen
Panther Hood 990 Diorre
Silver Circlet 2300 Cats
White Snow Veil 2795 Cats
Mist Veil 3630 Pedan L/D
Moonstone Tiara Seed (Final Helmet) LL
Myein Crown Seed (Final Helmet) LL
Eremos Crown Seed (Final Helmet) LD
Rune Veil Seed (Final Helmet) DL
Ancient Tiara Seed (Final Helmet) DD


Name Cost Location Class
Jewel Ring 70 Forsena
Crystal Ring 154 Jad
Mist Pendant 645 Deen
Protect Ring 860 Deen, Mintos
Snow Crystal Cats Light
Fireblaze Cats Dark
Sage Stone Seed (Final Accessories) L/D
Blizzard Hairpin Seed (Final Accessories) LL/LD
Magma Hairpin Seed (Final Accessories) DL/DD