Trials of Mana - Equipment - Charlotte


Name Cost Location Class
Hollow Rod 28 First Weapon
Wood Flail 80 Astoria, Wendel, Maia
Ball & Chain 184 Dwarf Village, Forsena
Light Flail 230 Byzel, Palo, Jad
Warhammer 405 Ghost Ship, Palo
Steel Maul 820 Dark Priest Village
Duck Ironball 1300 Elrand, Sultan, Deen
Silver Flail 2480 Mintos
Heavy Flail 2780 Mintos Light
Hammer Flail 2820 Mintos Dark
Morningstar 2270 Diorre
Hiero Flail 3170 Diorre Light
Puppet Flail 3220 Diorre Dark
Blockbuster 3830 Altena, Deen, Mintos
Mithril Maul 4000 Altena, Deen, Mintos Light
Troll Maul 4135 Altena, Deen, Mintos Dark
Cuneal Maul 7200 Cats
Holy Flail 7495 Cats Light
Thibula Flail 7600 Cats Dark
Gravity Maul 17230 Cats
Ultima Maul 17470 Cats Light
Bloodsucker 17335 Cats Dark
Meteo Flail 18080 Pedan
Mjolnir 34270 Pedan Light
Satan Flail 32000 Pedan Dark
Vertina Maul Seed (Final Weapon) L/D
Judge Mentes Seed (Final Weapon) LL
Gigas Flail Seed (Final Weapon) LD
Maul of the Dead Seed (Final Weapon) DL
Juggernaut Seed (Final Weapon) DD


Name Cost Location Class
Chibikko Robe 15 First Armor
Lamb Suit 55 Wendel, Maia
Priest’s Robe 90 Dwarf Village, Forsena
Popoie’s Rags 154 Byzel, Palo
Sailor Dress 215 Ghost Ship, Palo
Poto Suit 246 Dark Priest Village, Forsena
Velvet Cape 525 Elrand, Sultan, Deen, Mintos, Diorre
Moogle Smock 990 Mintos
Pakkun Suit 1900 Diorre
Glint Robe 2100 Altena, Deen, Mintos
Utsufushi Robe 2930 Cats
Golden Robe 3480 Cats Light
Silver Robe 3410 Cats Dark
Minister’s Robe 7200 Pedan Light
Shrine Girl Robe 7200 Pedan Dark
Kurikara Robe 14 Seed (Final Armor) L/D
Bishop’s Robe Seed (Final Armor) LL
Sage’s Robe Seed (Final Armor) LD
Undead Suit Seed (Final Armor) DL
Bitium Dress Seed (Final Armor) DD


Name Cost Location Class
Cat-ear Hood 40 Maia
Rabite Hat 170 Jad
Mog Cap 705 Deen
Silk Ribbon 990 Diorre
Porobin Hood 2100 Cats
Holy Spirit Hood 2600 Cats
Sunshine Hat 3335 Pedan
Spiritus Ribbon Seed (Final Helmet) L/D
Bishop’s Ribbon Seed (Final Helmet) LL
Sage’s Ribbon Seed (Final Helmet) LD
Undead Ribbon Seed (Final Helmet) DL
Bitium Ribbon Seed (Final Helmet) DD


Name Cost Location Class
Marble Ring 58 Forsena
Bunny Egg 140 Jad
Moon Ring 705 Deen
Protect Earrings 990 Deen, Mintos
Whitelight Ring 1850 Cats Light
Blackshade Ring 2200 Cats Dark
Magatama Seed (Final Accessories) L/D
Moon Flower Seed (Final Accessories) LL/LD
Black Onyx Seed (Final Accessories) DL/DD