Trials of Mana - Items

Recovery Items

Name Description
Round Drop Round Drop Restores 100 HP
Pakkun Pakkun Chocolate Restores 300 HP
Honey Drink Honey Drink Fully restores HP
Walnut Magic Walnut Restores 20 MP
Puipui Grass Puipui Grass Removes any status effects
Stardust Herb Stardust Herb Removes any magic effects
Angel's Grail Angel’s Grail Revives a character with full HP and MP


Name Description
Item Seed Item Seed Plant for recovery items
Flying Item Seed Flying Item Seed Plant for throwing items
Magic Seed Magic Seed Plant for magic items
Mysterious Seed Mysterious Seed Plant for stronger recovery items
???? Seed ??? Seed Plant for class changing items
Weapon Seed Weapon/Armor Seed Plant for the most powerful equipments

Event Items

Name Description
Gunpowder Gun powder Need to use the Travel Cannon
Chibikko Hamer Chibikko Hammer Gives the mini status to a character
Pihyara Flute Pihyara Flute Summon Booskaboo
Illusion Mirror Illusion Mirror For Kevin’s and Charlotte’s quest
Moogle Badge Moogle Badge Turns to Moogle and vice versa
Magical Rope Magical Rope Return to the entrance of the dungeon
Dreamsee Dreamsee Herb Switch between Day and Night

Throwing Items

Name Description
Pumpkin Pumpkin Throw for damage, 1/15 of the damage absorbs as MP
Shuriken Shuriken Throw for damage, lowers hit rate
Dart Dart Throw for damage
Handaxe Hand Axe Throw for damage