Trials of Mana - Magic items

Some items in Seiken Densetsu 3 have the same functions as real magic spells. These items are infinitely useful because it means that you have access to spells you might not normally be able to use, or you can use spells even if you are silenced. Magic items can be dropped by monsters or bought at the Black Market in Byzel.


Item Description
Myconid's Eye Myconid’s Eye Sleep Flower
Assasin Bug's Eye Assassin Bug’s Eye Poison Bubble
Dryad Statue Dryad Statue Trans Shape
Grell's Oil Grell Oil Aura Wave
Matango's Oil Matango Oil Reflect Magic
Crawler's Claw.gif Crawler’s Claw Leaf Saber


Item Description
Earth Coin Earth Coin Diamond Missile
Gnome Statue Gnome Statue Land Slide
Basilisk Fang Basilisk Fang Stone Cloud
Needlion's Eye Needlion’s Eye Speed Down
Bulette's Scale Bujette’s Scale Protect Up
Molebear Claw Molebear’s Claw Stone Saber


Item Description
Storm Coin Storm Coin Air Blast
Jinn Statue Jinn Statue Thunderstorm
Harpy's Fang Harpy’s Fang Stun Wind
Bee's Eye Bee’s Eye Protect Down
Bird's Scale Bird’s Scale Speed Up
Siren's Claw Siren’s Claw Thunder Saber


Item Description
Moon Coin Moon Coin Lunatic
Luna Statue Luna Statue Half-Vanish
Chibi Devil's Eye ChibiDevil Eye Body Change
Porobin's Oil Porobin Oil Life Boost
Wolf Devil's Oil Wolf Devil Oil Energy Ball
Carmilla's Claw Carmilla Claw Moon Saber


Item Description
Flame Coin Flame Coin Fireball
Salamando Statue Salamando Statue Exploder
Fire Lizard's Fang Fire Lizard’s Fang Blaze Wall
Battum's Eye Battum’s Eye Mind Down
Drake's Scale Drake’s Scale Power Up
Kerobos' Claw Kerobos Claw Flame Saber


Item Description
Darkness Coin Darkness Coin Evil Gate
Shade Statue Shade Statue Dark Force
Ghost Eye Ghost’s Eye Death Spell
Specter Eye Specter’s Eye Anti Magic
Shadow Zero's Eye Shadowzero’s Eye Black Curse
Demon's Claw Demon’s Claw Dark Saber


Item Description
Ice Coin Ice Coin Ice Smash
Undine Statue Undine Statue Mega Splash
White Dragon's Fang Whitedragon Fang Cold Blaze
Slime's Eye Slime’s Eye Power Down
Sahagin's Scale Sahagin’s Scale Mind Up
Poseidon's Claw Posseidon’s Claw Ice Saber


Item Description
Light Coin Light Coin Holy Ball
Wisp Statue Wisp Statue Saint Beam
Poto's Oil Poto Oil Heal Light
Pakkun's Oil Pakkun Dragon Oil Magic Shield
Mama Poto's Oil Mama Poto Oil Tinkle Rain
Papa Potp's Oil Papa Poto’s Claw Saint Saber