Trials of Mana - Magic


Spell MP Description
Holy Ball Holy Ball 2 Lvl. 1 Light Magic
Saint Beam Saint Beam 5 Lvl. 2 Light Magic
Heal Light Heal Light 3 Restores HP
Magic Shield Magic Shield 4 Raises Magic Defense
Tinkle Rain Tinkle Rain 2 Cures status ailments
Saint Saber Saint Saber 4 Light attribute on weapon


Spell MP Description
Diamond Missile Diamond Missile 2 Lvl. 1 Earth Magic
Earthquake Earthquake 4 Lvl. 2 Earth Magic
Stone Cloud Stone Cloud 7 Lvl. 3 Earth Magic
Protect Up Protect Up 2 Raises Defense
Speed Down Speed Down 2 Lowers hit and evade
Diaomond Saber Diamond Saber 4 Earth attribute on weapon


Spell MP Description
Ice Smash Ice Smash 2 Lvl. 1 Ice Magic
Mega Splash Mega Splash 4 Lvl. 2 Ice Magic
Cold Breeze Cold Blaze 7 Lvl. 3 Ice Magic
Mind Up Mind Up 2 Raises magic power and defense
Power Down Power Down 2 Lowers power
Ice Saber Ice Saber 4 Ice attribute on weapon


Spell MP Description
Fireball Fireball 2 Lvl. 1 Fire Magic
Exploder Explode 4 Lvl. 2 Fire Magic
Blaze Wall Blaze Wall 7 Lvl. 3 Fire Magic
Power Up Power Up 2 Raises Power
Mind Down Mind Down 2 Lowers magic power and defense
Flame Saber Flame Saber 4 Fire attribute on weapon


Spell MP Description
Evil Gate Evil Gate 2 Lvl. 1 Shadow Magic
Dark Force Dark Force 5 Lvl. 2 Shadow Magic
Death Spell Death Spell 8 Kills any instantly whose lvl is lower that yours
Anti Magic Anti Magic 4 Disple magic effects
Black Curse Black Curse 6 Lowers every attribute
Dark Saber Dark Saber 4 Shadow attribute on weapon


Spell MP Description
Air Blast Air Blast 2 Lvl. 1 Wind Magic
Thunder Storm Thunderstorm 4 Lvl. 2 Wind Magic
Stun Wind Stun Wind 7 Lvl. 3 Wind Magic
Speed Up Speed Up 2 Raises hit and evade
Protect Down Protect Down 2 Lowers defense
Thunder Saber Thunder Saber 4 Wind attribute on weapon


Spell MP Description
Lunatic Lunatic 5 Lowers max HP by 1/5
Half Vanish Half Vanish 3 Cuts current HP by 1/2
Body Change Body Change 3 Turns enemy into Shell Hunters
Life Booster Life Booster 4 Raises max HP by 1/5
Energy Ball Energy Ball 6 Increases critical hits
Moon Saber Moon Saber 4 1/8 damage from weapon is absorbed as HP


Spell MP Description
Sleep Flower Sleep Flower 2 Puts enemy to sleep
Poison Bubble Poison Bubble 5 1/15 damage is absorbed as MP
Transhape Transshape 2 Invulnarable for short period
Aura Wave Aura Wave 3 Maxes tech bar
Counter Magic Counter Magic 4 Creates Magic barrier
Leaf Saber Leaf Saber 4 1/15 of damage from weapon is absorbed as MP