Trials of Mana - Skills


Spell MP Description
Ancient Ancient 12 Heavy damages from falling meteors
Double Spell Double Spell 9 Strong magic attack
Rainbow Rainbow 10 Strong magic attack


Spell MP Description
Unicorn Head Unicorn Head 1 Level 1 summon
Machine Golem Machine Golem 2 Level 1 summon
Ghoul Ghoul 3 Level 2 summon
Ghost Ghost 5 Level 2 summon
Gremlin Gremlin 3 Level 2 summon
Great Demon Great Demon 5 Level 2 summon
Demon Breath Demon Breath 6 Shadow damage and lowers magic defense
Turn Undead Turn Undead 1 Instantly kills undead enemies


Spell MP Description
Freya Freya 7 Level 3 summon, turn enemies into Shell Hunters
Jormundgand Jormundgand 7 Level 3 summon, poisons all enemies
Marduk Marduk 6 Level 3 summon, add Silence on all enemies
Lamian Naga Lamian Naga 6 Level 3 summon


Spell MP Description
Pressure Point Pressure Point 1 Kevin’s attack power raises as his werewolf form


Spell MP Description
Arrow Arrow 1 Lv 1 trap
Spike Floor Spike 2 Lv 1 trap
Land Mine Land Mine 4 Lv 2 trap
Rock Fall Rock Fall 3 Lv 2 trap
Silver Dart Silver Dart 2 Light Elemental Attack
Cutter Missile Cutter Missile 3 Throwing weapon
Crescent Crescent 4 Shadow Elemental Attack
Axe Bomber Axe Bomber 6 Throwing weapon
Rocket Launcer Rocket Launcher 5 Fire Elemental Attack
Grenade Bomb Grenade Bomb 7 Tree Elemental Attack, absorbs MP
Shuriken Shuriken 1 Damages and lowers hit rate
Fire Jutsu Fire Jutsu 3 Fire Elemental Attack, lowers magic power and defense
Thunder Jutsu Thunder Jutsu 3 Thunder Elemental Attack, lower defense
Water Jutsu Water Jutsu 3 Water Elemental Attack, lowers attack power
Earth Jutsu Earth Jutsu 3 Earth Elemental Attack, lowers hit and evade
Flame Breath Fire Breath 3 Fire Elemental Attack
Hidden Needles Hidden Needles 3 Damage, randomly put Silence on enemy
Poison Mist Poison Mist 3 Tree Elemental Attack, randomly poisons enemy
Black Rain Black Rain 6 Shadow Elemental Attack
Deadly Weapon Deadly Weapon 4 Damage and lowers max HP