Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Angela/Duran – Altena

Now you've got to go back to Altena to pick up the Fairy.

Use the Wind Drum to call Flammie and head Altena -- it's the red dot on the

Flying Flammie is really easy. Use B to descend and A to ascend. Use L/R to
switch to ground view. Once you've descended enough, Flammie will drop your
team off. Easy!

Altena has a lot of magic users so make sure you've got plenty of MPs and
Magic Walnuts. Lise's Mind Down comes in VERY useful here. If she hasn't
learnt it, consider levelling up until she does.

Once you land, you'll find yourself outside the gates of Altena. They're
shut. Go up to them and press A. The gates will open for you. Head north and
stock up on items, weapons and armour. Rest and save at the inn.

Our task now is to get to the Throne Room, talk to Koren and get the Fairy
back, even if it costs the Sword. I also recommend to level up to around L25
to L30. You need to do this BEFORE you get Koren's scene as once the scene is
over, all the monsters will disappear. So, once you've healed up and equipped
all the new weapons and armour, head north through the arch and into the
castle. Now, go north through either one of the doors. Go north again and now
south through the central opening in the southern wall. It's the second
opening from the left wall and the third from the right wall. Once inside, go
up the steps and north to find yourself outside the castle, on the turrets.
Now go north, north and take either the northeast or northwest doors (it
doesn't matter.) Watch the scene. Koren takes the Sword, which becomes heavy
so the Knight casts AntiMagic and the Sword accepts Koren's ownership. Then,
the Knight orders Koren to release the God-Beasts and teleports away. Koren
casts Death Spell on Valda, Angela's Mum, killing her and teleports away as
well. The Fairy revives and apologises to the team for costing them the
Sword, but we've got no time for blame, we've got to stop the God-Beasts and
that's the next part of the walkthru (Chapter 5.) Your team has been
teleported outside the castle so call Flammie and start reading the next
Chapter of the walkthru.