Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Angela’s Beginning

To begin with, you'll get some background info on Altena. It turns out that
the Kingdom lies in a cold wasteland and Altena is kept warm by the Queen's
magic. Koren speaks with the wizards (yep, it's the same Koren as in Duran's
story) and decides on invading the other cities of the world in order to get
their Mana Stones. With all the Mana Stones they can open the gate to the
Mana Holy Land and get the Sword of Mana. With the sword, they can alter the
Altenian climate and rule the world (hmmm, where have I heard that before?)

You find Angela talking to her magic teacher Jose but no matter how hard she
tries, she just can't get the hang of magic. She storms out and puts you in
control. Walk across the platform and Angela will wave hi to Victor, a friend
of hers. After a short discussion (and more background info, this time on
Angela), walk into the opening on the far right of the platform. Inside the
building, take the exit on the bottom-left of the screen and you'll reach the
courtyard. Go south twice and you'll enter another part of the building. Go
south to save the game at the Grey Statue and then come back and go down the
steps. Go south again. You'll be in the lobby of the castle. Go east, north
and then enter the door directly in front of you. From here, go up and left,
following the path. You'll enter the dormatory. Talk to the woman standing by
the desk -- the one to the left of the sleeping woman. She'll comment on how
tough Koren's training is getting and tells Angela that she thinks Koren is
almost as powerful as the Queen herself. At this moment, Victor appears and
explains that the Queen and Koren wish to speak to Angela. So retrace your
steps back to the courtyard (that's east, south, south, west, north through
the arch, up the stairs, out the door and then north twice. You'll be in the
courtyard and you should be able to find Victor. Talk to him and he'll follow
you. Now, talk to either the left or right wizards guarding the doors and
enter the Throne Room. The ensuing scene is quite dramatic. Koren explains
that to open the gate to the Mana Holy Land, a cursed spell must be used to
release the energy of the Mana Stones. However, the spell was cursed so that
it would kill the person casting it. They want ANGELA to cast it. Angela's
mum says that she's "the shame of the Royal Family" for not being able to use
magic. Angela can't believe it and then, _somehow_, suddenly finds herself
outside the castle gates in the Sub-Zero Snowfield. Angela can't go back
because she could get killed so she's got no choice but to run. You're in
control now. Go south, south, east and then southeast. Angela, bitten so much
by the cold, collapses. When she comes round, she's in Elrand. Talk to the
woman and she'll explain that she and her daughter (ChiChi) found Angela in
the snow-field, passed out. Go down the stairs and make your way out of the
house. Go to the inn and talk to the Fortune Teller. She advises Angela to go
and see the Priest of Light in Wendel. Now, go and sleep at the inn (if you
want to) and then leave when you're ready. Angela decides to follow the
Fortune Teller's advice and leaves for Wendel. She catches a boat bound for

Angela arrives in Jad but something doesn't seem right. After a brief talk to
the sailor, he'll confirm that he also thinks something's not right. It turns
out that Lugar and his men from the Beast Kingdom have taken over the city.
They've blocked the ports so the sailor can't go home. Looks like you're
stuck. Go and buy some armour and weapons if you want (and have the money),
although I wouldn't recommend it. You might do well to fork out on some Round
Drops (restores 100HPs.) Go and sleep in the inn (there's no-one here this
time! :) It's free because the inn keeper can't make a profit with the beast
men around. Ask him to wake you up at night. When you get up, exit via the
southern gate of the castle (it's a little tricky to find to begin with.)

Once you've left the castle, go south into the Rabite Forest. Go southwest,
west, south, south, south and you'll end up in Astoria. This is where the
second chapter of the walkthru begins so go there now.