Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Carlie/Kevin – The Beast Kingdom

Deathjester/Heath have kidnapped the Fairy and you must travel to the Beast
Kingdom to recover her. I hope you realise, you chose the HARDEST of the
three quests. This part is EXTREMELY difficult, even with Kevin in werewolf

Use the Wind Drum to call Flammie and head for the Beast Kingdom.

Flying Flammie is really easy. Use B to descend and A to ascend. Use L/R to
switch to ground view. Once you've descended enough, Flammie will drop your
team off. Easy!

Once Flammie drops you off, you'll end up outside the gates to the Beast
Kingdom castle. I _STRONGLY_ recommend a level of 25 or higher. The enemies
here (all werewolves) are VERY strong. If you can level to L30, it'll be (a
little) easier. If you're not a L30 yet, don't worry, you can get at least 3
or so levels en route.

Our job here is to retrieve the Fairy from Deathjester and Heath and to get
out of here ASAP.

To find Deathjester and Heath, head north into the Kingdom. Now go north,
take the right-hand door, head north a bit and take the first door you see.
Now go up the steps, south and save at the Gold Statue. If you're playing
Kev's story, you should recognise this area from his intro. From the Gold
Statue, go west, south, south, up the steps and step through the arch. Watch
the scene. You will be forced to give up the Sword of Mana to Deathjester.
It becomes too heavy for him. Heath casts AntiMagic and the Sword accepts its
new owner. After some discussion, Deathjester and Heath will disappear, and
the God-Beasts will be released. The Fairy shows you all the Stones being
broken and the God-Beasts being released. Now our next task is to go and beat
up the God-Beasts. If you want to, you can head up to the roof and talk to
the Beast King.

To get out of the castle, go south from the Throne Room, take the right-hand
door, go north, east save here then go north, down the steps, south (take the
long route, not the opening directly in front of you), south, south, south
and you'll end up outside. Call Flammie and prepare to fight the God-Beasts!

This is the next chapter of the walkthrough, Chapter 5: The God-Beasts.
(By the way, if you're playing as Kevin, you can follow the Beast King onto
the roof and talk to him. He'll reveal the reason why he asked Deathjester to
make Kevin angry and shows Kevin that Karl is still alive. If you're playing
as Carlie, the Beast King will not talk to you... EVER.)