Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Carlie/Kevin – The Mirage Palace

The Mirage Palace lies to the west of Pedan and it's a nightmare to get to.
This is the only time you won't be using Flammie as it's very close to Pedan.
Be warned, that on the way to the Mirage Palace you will meet some VERY
powerful enemies. To name one would be the Wolf Devil -- the most powerful
werewolf in the game (and he also has the most powerful BA, the Seiyu Death
Fist.) I hope you're ready. A level of L40 or L45 would be STRONGLY advised.
If you're not anywhere near this, consider spending some time in the Jungle
of Illusions levelling up. You should by now, have done the final class
change. When ready, follow these directions: from Pedan, head south, east
(down the steps into the water.) Follow the river northwest then head
northwest again. Now go north, up the steps on the left of the screen and
head west. You'll see a headless Grey Statue. Talk to it and use Dryad (the
Grass Spirit.) She'll open up a path for you. Talk to the Statue again and
you can now save your game. When done, head south via the opening Dryad
opened for you and now prepare to get lost. This is a very confusing place
that loops back on itself like you would not believe. As you go down the
right path, you'll hear clicks. If you don't you're not going down the right
way. If you follow my directions, you should be OK. The exact directions to
get through here are (from the Grey Statue): south, east, north, west, south,
west, west, and finally north. Go up the steps, but DON'T HEAD NORTH yet. Go
left and down the other steps. Head west, north twice and save at the
(headless) Gold Statue. Head south, south, east and north (through the place
I told you not to go) and you'll face:

***Boss: God-Beast Zable-Fahr***

Forget about the other God-Beasts, _THIS_ is a GB. ZF knows all the high
damage spells like Death Spell, Dark Blazon and Dark Force. You'll definitely
need Angel Grails, Honey Drinks, Pakkun Chocs, the lot. There's no strategy
against ZF, but if anyone on your team knows Saint Saber, Holy Ball, or Saint
Beam, make sure you use it in abundance. If you've class changed, spend some
time levelling up so you learn all the new moves of your class before facing
Zable. As you fight, you'll do a fair amount of damage. After you've
destroyed both of the two heads (the one on the right tends to use all the
Shade-taught magic like Evil Gate and Dark Force. The one on the left tends
to use physical attacks) a female head appears in the middle and casts
REGENERATION on both the other two heads, reviving them completely (just like
you would if you used an Angel's Grail.) _NOW_ the real battle begins. Ignore
the other two heads and concentrate on the one in the middle. This one uses
all the high-damage dark moves like Hell Cross (requires all three heads to
be alive), Dark Force (multi) and Death Spell (999HPs damage.) Once you
destroy the female head, the others will go too. In short, the basic strategy
is to use all your healing items and Holy magic in this fight. Don't use the
Angel's Grails if you can possibly help it. Zable will almost certainly cast
Death Spell at least once, so make sure you're ready. This fight is both long
and MP costly, so make sure you've also got your Walnuts handy.

Once Zable dies, the Fairy will realise that the whole God-Beast beating was
a trap. Now that all eight of the God-Beasts have been defeated, the power of
all eight beasts now rests within the Sword of Mana! We'd better stop the
Masked Mage from getting that sword! After Zable is defeated, a Treasure Box
will appear. Look inside to find the Illusion Mirror. You'll also see the
Mirage Palace appear. Keep the Illusion Mirror handy, you'll need it later
on. Next, we fight the final battle sub-bosses. This is the next section of
the walkthrough.