Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Carlie’s Beginning

Carlie's beginning is slightly different to the other five in that she
doesn't go to Jad, she ends up straight in Astoria. Here's her beginning:

Carlie is out playing the flowers, her parents watching. They walk away after
a while and Carlie runs after them, they now FLY away and leave Carlie alone,
she starts crying and... wakes up. Yep, it was a dream. Carlie leaves her
room and bumps into Heath (literally.) After a short conversation, Carlie
waves goodbye to him and runs away. Heath speaks with the Priest about
Carlie, the change in the Mana energy and the mysterious light in Astoria.
The Priest asks Heath to go and investigate the light and he goes off. Carlie
overhears this and thinks to herself that she must go and protect Heath in
case he gets into any trouble -- obviously she thinks highly of him! The only
problem is, each time she tries to leave the Temple, she gets pulled back
inside so she's going to need to find some help. The first thing to do is to
find another friend, Mick. If you want to, go and talk to the Priest and get
your game saved first. Anyway, to find Mick, follow these directions from the
moment you get control. Go south, up the stairs to the left, through the door
on your left and then the left door. Talk to the little boy, this is Mick.
He'll explain that he'll show Carlie how to get out of the Temple if she
meets him on the second floor terrace at night. So now we need to kill time
until it's night. No problem, back to bed. Leave Mick's room by taking the
back door (you have to walk a little to the left to see it.) Now, walk all
the way across the corridor until you find the last opening (it's very close
to the end wall.) Enter here. This is Carlie's room. Go into bed and say
"Yes" to sleep until night. Once Carlie's up, leave by nearest exit (right in
front of you) and go south out of that room. From here, you can see two
openings in the wall, a left one and a right one. Enter either one and you'll
see Mick. Go talk to him and he'll launch Carlie to Astoria. He immediately
knows he's fallen short of his target and runs away before anyone can find

Carlie flies through the air and lands on top of your second team mate (who
doesn't join you yet.) He or she will take you to Astoria and put you up for
the night. You sleep for the night in the Astorian inn.

The next part of this walkthrough is in the next chapter, so go there now.
Carlie's walkthrough for Astoria is slightly different to the others so make
sure you read Chapter 2 carefully.