Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Duran’s Beginning

Duran's story begins with him facing off against a L1 Armor Knight called
Bruiser in the finals of a sword-fighting competition. To beat Bruiser, wait
till Duran's ready to hit (his sword sparkles), walk in, hit him then retreat
until Duran's ready again. Keep doing this until the knight yields. Then,
talk to the King. Remember, when you've hit Bruiser four times, you get a
flashing green bar under your HP meter. Press B to perform your B-Button
Attack Move (BA for short.) After talking to the King, you'll get some brief
info on Duran's background. Duran then finds himself on the turrets of the
castle, taking night watch. He's having difficulty staying awake. He dozes
off and we see into Duran's past again. We see Loki (Duran's dad) leaving to
fight the Dragon Emporor, King Richard breaking the news to Duran's mum
(Simeone) that Loki died whilst trying to save him and finally Simeone dying.
We learn, again, that Stella (Duran's Aunt) then took both Duran and Wendy
(his sister) in and raised them both on her own.

Duran wakes up to the sounds of an invasion. You're now in control. Talk to
one of the passed-out guards and you'll see a Red Robed Wizard. This is Koren
and you'll battle him much later on. When you finally talk to him, you'll
fight him (well, kind of.) Try to hit him with your sword. He'll laugh, taunt
you and teleport around. Repeat and after a while, Koren will cast Fireball
and Ice Smash on you, leaving you with a tiny amount of energy left (8 HPs I
think.) He would finish you off, but the soldiers start shouting and looking
for him. Koren leaves and you pass out. The next day, King Richard discusses
the incident with some Knights of Gold. The knights think an invasion would
be a good idea, but Richard doesn't agree. He decides on increasing castle
security and sending an operative (e.g. spy) into Altena (Angela's place and
home of Koren.)

You resume the game in the pub. Wendy runs in and talks to Duran. He doesn't
respond (unsurprisingly.) Wendy shouts at him and runs out. Now you're in
control. Leave the pub (it's night time) and go to the Fortune Teller on the
floor above the library (it's to the west of Forcena.) Talk to him and then
leave. You'll decide to go to Wendel to speak with the Priest of Light about
class changing. Go to Duran's house (it's the same building as the
Weapon/Armour shop.) Once inside go to the first floor and open up the box
there. Duran will start packing for his journey. Once done, leave the room.
Duran will take one last look at Stella and Wendy and then put you in
control. Leave the house. It's day time. Stella catches up with Duran as he
leaves. She explains that Richard is waiting to speak with him, as he knew
Duran would be planning on doing such a thing. She also gives him a sword
that Loki used when he was younger. Now you're back in control. Make your way
north into the castle and speak with the King. By the way, to get to the
Throne Room just keep going north, you'll have to make your way around a
sleeping guard along your way. When you finally get to the King, talk to him
and Duran will explain his plans. When he finishes, leave the castle and the
village (if you can talk to the guard at the exit, he'll give you some brief
instructions on how to get to Wendel.) After leaving the village, you'll
enter the Molebear Highlands. Now we can get down to business!

Duran's first task is to get to Wendel, but to get there, you must travel via
Astoria. To get to Astoria go south, southeast, south and you'll enter the
Cleft of The Earth. Make your way through the cave and you'll come across a
canyon with a bridge. Make your way across the bridge and Duran will take
over. After a lot of narration, Duran ends up catching a boat bound for Jad.

Duran arrives in Jad but something doesn't seem right. After a brief talk to
the sailor, he'll confirm that he also thinks something's not right. It turns
out that Lugar and his men from the Beast Kingdom have taken over the city.
They've blocked the ports so the sailor can't go home. Looks like you're
stuck. Go and buy some armour and weapons if you want (and have the money.) I
don't recommend you do so yet. Go and sleep in the inn (try talking with
Angela - she's also sleeping in the inn. You'll get a funny scene!) It's free
because the inn keeper can't make a profit with the beast men around. Ask him
to wake you up at night. When you get up, exit via the southern gate of the
castle (it's a little tricky to find to begin with.)

Once you've left the castle, go south into the Rabite Forest. Go southwest,
west, south, south, south and you'll end up in Astoria. This is where the
second chapter of the walkthru begins so go there now.