Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Getting the last Class Change

Okay. Now you know where you need to go. Make sure you've leveled up to at
least L38 by now or you can't class change. Make sure you've got all the
items that will break the seals of their final class changes (a maximum of
6 -- a maximum of two for each character on your team.) Now, call Flammie and
head to the Mana Holy Land, just like last time. Now make your way to the
place with the four Gold Statues and the Goddess Statue (last time you came
here, the Fairy said that you can use the Goddess Statue to class change and
that's what we're here for.) The Mana Holy Land is dying (you can tell by the
colour of the plants, but the path to the Gold Statues is still the same.
From the opening where Flammie dropped you off, go north, northwest, north,
west (use the steps), north (use the lillies), southeast, northeast, north
and save at the Gold Statue (any one.) Once saved, head up the steps, talk to
the Statue and use the correct item for the Class Change. If you do it right,
you'll class change again. Once all the characters have been class changed,
trek back to the opening at the start, call Flammie and head to Byzel's Black
Market for supplies if you want. Make sure you buy virtually everything from
all of the salemen. The claws and oils are very important if you don't have
any (or very few) Saber spells on your team. The coins you can leave if
you've got Angela on your team. If you've forgotten how to get back to the
opening from the Class Change point, go: south, south, northwest, southwest
(use the lillies), east (use the steps), south, southeast and finally south.
Call Flammie here. When you're ready, follow whichever part of the
walkthrough is relevant for you. Before you do, it may be wise to level up a
bit in the Jungle of Illusion. The enemies here are now much easier to
beat, they give you decent exp points plus you can learn new moves as you
level up. But it's your call. If you want to, level up to L45 or until all
your team learns all their new moves. Remember that you may need to increase
certain characteristics for them to learn their new moves. Hawk for example,
requires an increase in Agility to learn all his new Ninja moves and
Angela/Carlie require an increase in Intelligence to learn all their new

Once all your team know all their new moves, it's time to head off to find
the final God-Beast, Zable Fahr. Follow whichever of the following parts is
for your hero. But before you go, listen carefully. Over the course of the
game, you may have picked up some Weapon/Armor seeds. Plant those at an inn
after you've Class Changed and equip the stuff you get. The weapons and
armour these seeds give you are the best you can get. Even the shops don't
sell these!