Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Guardian Spirits – Part 1

If you are _NOT_ playing with Carlie as your lead character (e.g. you chose
Duran, Kevin, Angela, Lise or Hawk as your main character), then there are
two different things you need to do in Astoria. If you ARE playing with
Carlie as your main character, you've also got two things to do, but they're
slightly different.

If your lead character *IS NOT* Carlie do this:
Talk to the boy and his dog (inside a house), the guy looking out to sea and
finally, the woman with a hood (looks like a shower cap.) Now, if you've done
this right, when you go back to sleep at the inn, you should be woken up by a
blue-green light. You need to follow it and I'll detail this in a moment.

If your lead character *IS* Carlie, do this:
After sleeping at the inn, head north three times to find Heath. Heath is
being attacked by some Beast Men. Carlie confronts them and Heath takes the
chance and casts Holy Ball, knocking the Beast Men out. However, Heath
senses another person coming. Try to return the Astoria. Heath knocks Carlie
away and gets caught by someone's Black Curse spell. The person emerges as
the Deathjester (from Kevin's intro), although you don't know his name yet.
Carlie tries to fight, but gets knocked away. The Deathjester casts Evil Gate
on Heath and the two of them disappear. Carlie cries again. Carlie will
automatically return to Astoria once this is over. Talk to the boy and his
dog inside a building, the guy looking out to sea and the woman with the
shower cap hood (as with the other version of the walkthrough.) Now, sleep at
the inn. You'll see the blue-green light as well. Again you need to follow

*All Characters*

To follow the light (it can be quite tricky to follow), go north, north,
west, south, southwest (up the steps), save at the Gold Statue and then go
south, southwest, east and you'll find the light. It turns out to be a Fairy.
The Fairy falls to the ground. Approach it and you'll get a scene. The
"chooses" you and asks for you to take her to Wendel -- which is where you
are going anyway so you agree to take her with you. The Fairy and you then
notice an explosion coming from Astoria. You decide to go back and
investigate. The Fairy takes a rest (inside YOUR HEAD!) And together, you
must return to Astoria. To return to Astoria, retrace your steps you took to
get here (in other words, west, north, northeast (save here), east, northeast
(down the steps first), east, south, south and you'll find Astoria in ruins.
It seems Lugar got here as well. Better hurry to Wendel. To get to Wendel,
you must go via the Cave of Waterfalls. If you've been doing a bit of
exploring by yourself, you know that the cave has a barrier around it and you
can't get in. So go to the cave by going north then east and you'll find your
first team mate (if you're playing as Carlie, you'll have already seen
him/her.) After some discussion in which he/she explains his/her story,
he/she will join you. Now, try to go into the cave and the Fairy will remove
the barrier. You're free to enter now so go in. Remember, you've now got two
characters. You can switch the lead character by pressing SELECT and
temporarily change the lead character by holding down either the L or R
button (L will switch with the person on the left of the screen and R will
switch with the person on the right of the screen. As long as you hold the
button, that person will stay leading. When you let go, whoever is supposed
to be leading will resume leading the team.)

Anyway, to get through the Cave of Waterfalls, this is what you must do:
follow the cave to the right until you get to some steps. Go down these steps
and save at the Gold Statue. When you're done, continue south and then go
southeast. There's an opening in the southern wall there. Go through the
opening. You'll see another opening in the southern wall here, don't go here,
it's a trap. Go west and you'll reach a bridge. You'll see Carlie dangling
over the edge (you only get this if you're not playing with Carlie as the
main character.) Go up to her and talk to her. You'll help her out. She
explains that she's on her way to Wendel and on her way to find Heath. She
explains her story and asks if she can come along. If you chose Carlie to be
in your team, she'll join, otherwise, she'll storm off. NOTE: If you chose
Carlie as a partner (not as the main character), you'll end up with three
characters taking on the first boss, and not just two. We'll come back to
this later on. Anyway, cross the bridge and go west, finally, head through
the opening in the southern wall (you need to go left a bit to find it) and
you'll end up outside the cave. Follow the path west and you'll soon reach
Wendel. Once you get there, go to the inn (if you need to) and think about
forking out on new weapons and armour. Stock up on Round Drops and Puipui
Grasses (you'll need them against the first boss.)

Once you've stocked up and equipped all your new stuff, go north through the
city and into the Temple of Light. If you've chosen Carlie as a partner, she
will temporarily leave your team and wait for you at the exit. Go inside and
talk to the Priest (keep heading straight up to get to the Throne Room.) Your
team mates will also speak with the Priest for a short while. The Fairy
emerges, much to the Priest's surprise (and horror, if you chose Carlie as
the main character.) She speaks with the Priest about the problem in the Mana
Holy Land -- the Mana is disappearing and the Mana Tree is dying. The Priest
explains that to save the world from losing Mana entirely, the Sword of Mana
must be pulled out from the Mana Tree and only the person who was chosen by
the Fairy can do this -- namely your main character. If you chose Carlie as
the main character, the Priest expresses his disbelief at Carlie being
chosen. Anyway, Legend has it that once the Sword is removed, the Goddess
will awaken and she can then save the world and grant the team their wishes.
The Fairy reveals that she is too weak and therefore cannot open the gate to
the Holy Land on her own, but, if they could find the eight Guardian Spirits
who protect the Mana Stones, their combined energy along with hers could,
perhaps, open the gate. The Priest agrees that this might work and suggests
that you try to find the Spirit of Light, Wisp first, as he is the nearest.
He lives in the Cave of Waterfalls (the place you just came from) and that
you should go there ASAP. Leave the Temple (if Carlie split before you went
in, talk to her on your way out and she'll rejoin you.)

Okay, so now we have to find Wisp. Firstly, make sure you're stocked up and
ready for action and make sure your team is at least level 4, the higher, the
better. If not, don't worry, you can make at least two more levels inside the

Leave the city of Wendel and make your way back into the Cave of Waterfalls.
Just outside the cave is Carlie (you'll see her only if you didn't choose for
her to be on your team.) Talk to her (use Kevin if you have him -- it's
funny) and watch the scene. When it's over, go inside. Once inside the cave,
go east, east (down the steps first) and watch. The Fairy notices some energy
from the opening further up. It could be Wisp, we don't know. We need to get
up there. So once the Fairy returns, go east, northeast, west (northwest is
the Gold Statue where you first saved when you came in and you can save here
again if you want to.) You can now see the opening, but there's no bridge.
How are you going to get across? When the pop-up screen appears. Opt to use
the Fairy. She'll focus some energy from the waterfall and help you across.
Go west now, up the steps, west, north up the steps. Here, you'll find two
exits from the room. To the west is a Gold Statue. Save here then go east
when you're ready. After going east, follow the path to the east and then go
north. Now, go through the opening to face the first boss of the game:

**Boss: Full Metal Hugger**

This guy is annoying. He heals himself constantly. Go for his eyes and make
sure you've got plenty of Round Drops and Puipui Grasses to cure Poison
status. Only use the Drops when your HPs flash yellow (warning.) When he
shuts his eyes, you can't damage him with physical attacks. His attacks are
all Light-based. An easy boss, hit, hit, heal, hit, hit, heal, etc. If
Carlie's learnt Heal Light, then use it. Since all of FMHs attacks are
Light-Based, a lot of them are all taught by Wisp.

After you win, Wisp will appear and join your team. You now have two spirits:
Fairy and Wisp. Your main character will notice that there's another opening.
Go through here and you'll end up in the room with the steps. Go down the
steps, east and cross the gap using the Fairy, like last time. Hey! It's
Lugar. What the-? HEY!! He pushes you and your team off the edge and you go
plunging to the bottom of the waterfall. The Fairy can't do anything about

During the intermission, we look into how the Fairy got to this world. There
were four fairies guarding the tree and all decided to go and see the Priest.
However, along the way, only one made it through.

You and your team wake up in Castle City Jad (you came here en route to
Astoria, remember? Unless you're playing as Carlie, that is.) Hey! You've all
only got 1 HP! Go to the bars and talk to them. You ask to be let out and the
person in the next cell talks to you. Go up and walk into the wall. The two
of you will talk. If you haven't got your second team mate, this will be
him/her. If you have already got all three members, it will be someone you
didn't choose to be on your team. A Beast Man appears and orders you all to
be quiet. The person in the other cell will get the Beast Man's attention
(with various ways: Hawk shows him how to pick the lock, Angela asks for help
changing her clothes (@__@), Duran insults the Beast Man, Kevin threatens to
tell the Beast King, and Lise says she thinks she can hear digging. I don't
think you'll ever get Carlie here.) Once the person's got the Beast Man's
attention, they'll lock him in the cell and let you out. If you didn't choose
Carlie as a partner, this person will join you, otherwise, he/she will bid
you farewell and leave. Now, top up your HPs and MPs and save your game using
the Gold Statue between the cells. Now, to get outta here: climb up the steps
to the left. Keep going south until you get out of the building. It's
night-time and the place is deserted. Go to the pier and get on the boat
(it's free.) If the other person joined you, nothing extra will happen. If
you had a team of three when you were captured (e.g. you had Carlie on your
team as a partner), then the person in the other cell will be left behind

As the three of you sail away from Jad, the new team mate (if someone did
join) will explain his/her story. It turns out he/she has already spoken to
the Priest and was told about you. Ironic you should bump into him/her, eh?
Our next task is to find Gnome, the Guardian Spirit of the Earth Mana Stone.

The boat you jumped on arrives at its destination: Free City Maia. The sailor
explains that he can't go back home to Jad for some time because of the Beast
Men so he decides to remain here for a while. Anyway, head into town and rest
at the inn if you need to. Fork out on some weapons, armour and items. Talk
to the sailor blocking the northeastern exit and he'll explain that he
escaped from Jad on the same boat as you. He also tells you that the Priest
of Light in Wendel has but up a very powerful Magic Barrier around the city
and the spell has made him ill. Only Heath, it seems, can save him and he's
missing. If Carlie is on your team, she immediately wants to go back, but one
of your team mates explains that it would be too dangerous. Anyway, back to
the task in hand. Talk to the old man near the exit, he's a little south of
the inn. He explains that you should speak with King Richard -- he knows a
lot about the Mana Stones. Make sure you're ready and go west onto the Golden
Road. Follow the road until you see a cave. Leave the road and enter the
cave. This is the Cleft of The Earth (from Duran's intro.) Follow the cave
and save at the Grey Statue (this one doesn't restore your HPs and MPs.) Go
east and south and, before you cross the bridge, check your level. I
recommend a bare minimum of L5 and preferably L8 or L10. If you are not
anywhere near these levels, spend some time levelling up your team, it's well
worth it. When you are ready, come back here and cross the bridge. After a
lot of conversation (in which Angela starts crying if she's on your team),
you'll go up against:

**Bosses: Machine Golem x2**

These suckers can be difficult to beat. They don't attack often, but when
they do, their moves can do a lot of damage, especially the Rocket Launcher
and Drill Missile. The old hit, retreat, hit method works here. Use the Round
Drops, Pakkun Chocolates (if you've picked up any) and Carlie's Heal Light to
help you out. When you win, one of the Golems self-destructs, taking out the
bridge. Looks like you can't get to Forcena now.

Make your way back to Maia (north, east, follow the cave, east, follow the
Golden Road) and go into the house with the boy standing outside (it's on the
east side of the city.) Speak with the guy there. This is Bon Voyage and he's
invented a cannon that will send you to Forcena. Go out back and talk to BV
when he appears. He explains that he needs gunpowder for the cannon to work.
You need to get it for him. Leave the house and the three of you will discuss
where to get gunpowder. None of you know. Talk to the old man in front of the
inn. He'll suggest you try the dwarves village which is near the Cleft of The
Earth. Stock up on supplies and sleep at the inn if you need to. When you're
ready, follow the Golden Road back to the Grey Statue just before you fought
the Machine Golems. Talk to it and use Wisp (Spirit of Light) -- much like
when you used the Fairy in the Cave of Waterfalls earlier on. He'll explain
that the dwarves are using light to create illusions. Wisp will open up a
hidden path. Go down the steps, through the opening to the right of the steps
and straight up through the opening to enter the Dwarves Village.

The dwarves have a _lot_ of very good armour and weapons. It's worth forking
out on everything you can afford. I recommend levelling up to L10 or higher
here. You can do this next section at L7, but I wouldn't recommend it. Go to
the Item Shop and talk to the guy there. He'll explain that Watts is in the
tunnels checking out something weird. Ask around and you'll learn that Watts
is also the guy who has the gunpowder so you'll need to find him. Since
you're in the item shop, make sure you've got full slots (x9) of Round Drops,
Angel Grails and Pakkun Chocolates. Full slots of Puipui Grasses and Honey
Drinks wouldn't hurt. You can't buy any Honey Drinks yet, but chances are you
may have picked some up along the way. Leave the Item Shop and the village.
Once you leave the village, go east and talk to the dwarf. He'll open up a
tunnel for you. Go inside. The enemies are hard, which is why I recommend
such a high level. By the way, I was at L15 when I defeated the boss and it
took be ABSOLUTELY AGES to level up this much. Once inside the Dwarf Tunnels,
prepare to get lost. This place is like a maze. Make sure you follow these
directions or you will end up lost. Go northeast, up the steps and west. See
that guy above you? That's Watts. We need to speak with him. Go west,
northeast, east and you'll see Watts. Talk to him. He'll offer to sell you
the gunpowder for 5000 luc. Say "No" and he'll lower the price to 3000 luc.
Say no again and he'll walk off. Don't worry, you'll get it for free later
on. After Watts leaves, go east, east, southwest (down the steps), west,
west, southwest (again down the steps), northwest up the steps (this is a
large room), east, east, north (up the steps), east, east, up the steps,
west and west. Go south to save your game at the Grey Statue and come back to
this room and go west, west, down the steps, south and then northwest. You'll
find Watts again. He's trying to work out why this hole is here, he's never
seen it before. Suddenly, the place shakes and Watts runs out. Now you've got
to face the second boss:

**Boss: Jewel Eater**

This guy is tough. He knows a lot of magic which you can't avoid and all his
moves do a lot of damage. This is why I reminded you to get full slots of
everything. Chances are you're going to need it. Use any offensive magic if
you've got any (Angela's Holy Ball works OK -- remember to use the walnuts if
you've got them.) If you've got Kevin, make sure it's night time so he turns
into a werewolf. The only strategy for this SOAB is hit, retreat, HEAL,
repeat. The JE is like the Full Metal Hugger boss from earlier on, he can
block, thereby taking no damage. If you die, resume from the save game and
build up another 5 or so levels. I was at L15 before I could comfortably beat
this guy. A lot of JE's spells are taught by Gnome. Good luck!