Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Guardian Spirits – Part 2

After beating Jewel Eater, Gnome and Watts will appear and chat briefly. Talk
Gnome agrees to help you and joins the team. After this, talk to Watts and
he'll give you some gunpowder for free. He also offers to warp you out of the
tunnels using the Magic Rope (if you want to level up some more, say "No" and
fight your way out. If you do, you'll be teleported to the place in the Cleft
of The Earth with the Grey Statue, the place where Wisp opened up the
entrance for you.)

We've now got three spirits: Fairy, Wisp and Gnome. Who's next? We're not
sure. We need to ask King Richard of Forcena, he's the most knowledgable.
But the only problem is the bridge was messed up when we tried to get there
last time (remember with the Machine Golems?) We're going to have to use a
different form of transport, Bon Voyage's cannon. Leave the CoTE and return
to Maia like you did after fighting the Machine Golems. Talk to Bon Voyage
again and go to the cannon out back. Talk to BV again and he'll send you to
Forcena. Well, kind of. He misses and you land in the Molebear Highlands
(from Duran's intro.) Anyway, we've gotta get to Forcena. From where you
land, go north twice, save your game at the Grey Statue, jump into the hole,
then into the hole on the left of where you come out. You'll find Duran here
(unless he's on your team already.) He'll explain that Altena have begun to
invade Forcena and he's on his way back. He hurries away. If you have Angela
on your team, she'll feel really bad about this. From here, go southeast,
east, south, east, into the hole, northeast (ignore the other holes), north,
into the hole, north, east and finally north to reach Forcena. You've just
walked right into the middle of an invasion! And look who it is: Koren!
Better check the King to make sure he's alright. To do this, go up and take
either the left or the right door. Save and refresh your HP/MP at the Gold
Statue here (there's two, one in the room on the left and one in the room on
the right.) Go through the door in the back wall, and then keep going north
until you reach the courtyard. Here, enter via the arch at the top of the
screen, keep going north till you get to the throne room and then watch the
scene. (You'll stumble across Duran again if he's not on your team.) When you
face off against Koren, just go up and hit him once with your main chracter.
He'll taunt Duran or Angela (depending on who's on your team. If Angela only,
he'll taunt Angela. If Duran only, he'll taunt Duran and Duran will call him
a coward. If both are on your team, he'll taunt Angela and Duran will call
him a coward.)

After Koren leaves, talk to Richard and watch the scene. Richard will tell
you where the other Mana Stones lie and suggests you find Jinn (The Wind
Spirit) first. It lies in Rolante, in the Corridor of Wind. So that's we need
to go.

Leave Forcena (this time, you can go south all the way, the monsters have now
gone. Hey! Isn't that Bon Voyage? Nope, it's Bon Jour, Bon Voyage's brother.
He'll send you to Maia, but he hasn't set up the cannon yet. We'll have to
come back later. Leave the castle and enter the main city. Buy new weapons
and armour if you can afford it. Sleep at the inn if you need to. Forcena
also has a library which is very useful for later on. The Library lies
underneath the fortune teller's house. Go inside and read all the books --
there's an "X-Rated Book" there as well! :) I won't tell you what they all
detail, but they're worth reading.

When you're ready, go to the house in the south/southwest of the city and
talk to the woman at the table. She'll explain a cannon has been set up in
the castle and she's wondering what it's for. This is Bon Jour's cannon and
this means he's ready to send us back to Maia. Go back, talk to him and get
him to send you back. Bon Jour gets his aiming right, unlike his brother! ;)
If the woman isn't there, then it must be night so sleep at the inn until day
and then try again.

Once you're back at Maia, we need to get to Byzel. Remember that cave you
went into twice (once to fight the Machine Golems, the other to get to the
Dwarves Village)? Go back there, but this time, go straight past it and
follow the Golden Road all the way. You'll end up in the Merchant City Byzel.
Byzel is a wicked place. It has a Black Market that sells loads of stuff. Its
Item Shop has about 2 different merchants, each selling slightly different
things. If you ever want to buy stuff, this is the place to go. The only
problem is, this place if only open AT NIGHT. There aren't any weapon or
armour shops here, just the Black Market. Stock up on items (at night) if you
want. When ready, go to the port. The boat takes you to Palo which is where
you want to go, anyway. I STRONGLY recommend you spend some time beating up
enemies so you can buy as much of the items here as you can't buy a lot of
the items elsewhere. The major ones are the claws & scales (left salesman)
and the oils (right salesman.)

When you get to Palo, you'll notice something's wrong (listen to the music),
it turns out that Navarre has taken over Palo. Damn. They're already ahead of
you. Sleep at the inn if you need to (you shouldn't need to, but you _should_
save your game here.) If you haven't got all your armour and weapons yet, buy
them here. Stock up on all the items you've got money for. Now, we need to
get to the Corridor of Wind. We can't get in there yet (it's blocked), so we
need to talk to the Amazon soldiers first. Leave Palo by going west and then
go northwest, east, northeast twice, east (make sure you don't climb the
stairs), east across the bridge, east, save at the Grey Statue, south and
you'll be outside. Follow the path until it exits north and then follow the
path again. You'll stumble on a patch of flowers that make you fall asleep.

You wake up in the Amazon Hideout. Lise will wake first if she's on your team
otherwise it will be your main character. If Lise isn't on your team, then
the first person to greet you when you wake will be Lise herself. If Lise is
on your team, an Amazon soldier will greet Lise when she wakes up. Once
you've woken up, leave the room. There is a meeting taking place in the rear
room to discuss how the soldiers will retake Rolante Castle. If Lise is on
your team, the meeting will not be in progress yet. If she isn't on your
team, she will be here. The back room is to the top-right of the hideout. Go
in and you should automatically see the scene. The Elder explains that he's
not a strategist sohe can't really help, but they could look for Don Perignon
who lives in the Corobokkle Village (everyone here is tiny.) If you have been
doing some exploring, you'll find out that the Corridor of Wind is blocked
and you can't get to the Mana Stone because of the blockage. Until you've
spoken to Don Perignon (I'll explain later on), the blockage will remain. To
get to the forest, we need to find the Chibikko Hammer (aka the Midget Hammer
by some.) There's someone in Byzel who is selling it. So what we need to do
is go back there. But it's a very long way, isn't it? Never fear, we've got a
friend nearby. After leaving the meeting room, go up the nearby steps, leave
the hideout (you'll end up near the Sleeping Flowers. Once you've been
affected by the flowers, they won't affect you again.) Talk to the Amazon
blocking your way, she'll ask you to follow her. Do so. You'll find...
another cannon? Talk to the Amazon again -- it's Bon Voyage's cousin, Merci
(what the heck is the deal with all these French words???) and she'll offer
to send you to Byzel. Take up the offer.

Once you get to Byzel you need to wait until night. Of course, you can just
sleep at the inn until nightfall, or you can go an fight some Rabites and
Myconids and maybe get a few levels until nightfall, it's up to you.
Whichever way you choose, go into the market when it's night time. If you
want, talk to all the merchants and buy stuff. There's another merchant, who
looks different to the others. He's standing in front of the barrels. Talk
to this guy (?) and he'll give you the Chibikko Hammer for free. With this
baby, you can miniturise your team. Now, to find the Corobokkle Forest. Go to
the port and instruct the sailor to sail to Jad. Once in Jad, it's time to
find the Corobokkle Forest & Village! To get to the village from Jad, this is
what you must do: go south out of Jad then go south, southwest, west, south,
east, south, southwest (use the steps), save at the Gold Statue, south, go
east a bit and you'll see a Gargoyle Statue and a midget guy running away.
This is the entrance to the Corobokkle Forest, but we're too big. Use the
Chibikko Hammer on all your team (if the hammer comes up as one person, press
left and right until it says "All Allies" and then press A.) Once all of your
team are miniturised, talk to the Statue. A path will open to the top-left of
the Statue (it's hard to see, but it's there.) Go through the path (a little
tricky since you're now so small) and you'll end up in the Corobokkle
Village. An old man will talk to you automatically. You ask for Don Perignon,
but the old man doesn't know where he is. You have to look around. Enter all
the tree houses and talk to the midgets in there. After a while, one will say
"Hang on, wasn't there someone outside?" At which point you need to go back
and talk to the old man again. This time, he'll reveal himself. _HE_ is Don
Perignon. You explain the problem (in slightly different terms) and he tells
you how to get rid of the Navarre Raiders -- he knew all along! Anyway, he
instructs you to find Jinn in the Corridor of Wind (which has been opened
now) and use his powers to spread the pollen from the Sleeping Flowers (the
ones your team fell asleep on) into the castle where you can then take the
castle back.

So now you know what to do. We now need to find Jinn. Back to Palo! After the
conversation is finished, leave the village (south) and then retrace your
steps back to Jad (northeast, east, northwest, north, west, north, east,
northeast, north, north) and grab a boat back to Byzel. From Byzel, grab a
boat to Palo again (just like before.) From Palo, go to the Corridor of Wind
(in other words, go west out of Palo and then go northeast, east, northeast
twice, up the stairs (you went east here last time), northeast, northeast and
northwest. You'll end up inside the mountain. Go north and then west and
you'll end up in the Corridor of Wind. The directions here can be confusing,
so don't be surprised if you get lost or end up trapped. If you do, find your
own way out of the mountain, turn around and go back in.

To get through the Corridor of Wind, do this: after entering the Corridor, go
up and press the button there. Go left, down, press the button on the right
and then go west. You'll emerge outside. Go left and you'll find two openings
in the wall. Enter the first opening you come across (the second is a short
cut back once you've got Jinn.) Inside, go left and press the button. Now go
up and push the button at the junction. Now, take the left fork and exit
west. From the next room, exit south. You'll find yourself outside. Work your
way down the steps until you find an opening (there's only one way to go.)
Head inside the opening.

This next part is tricky. Head down-right and go down the wind column. Next,
loop up-right up the stairs and push the button there. Now, go up-left so you
have just done a complete 360 circle. Now, go down (into the wall) and then
go left. If you do this right, you'll end up in another room. Go right then
down and push the button there. Head up then left to go back to where you
came from and you can now go down. Before you leave the room, press the
button. You're now outside. This place curves like a crescent moon shape.
Half way around, there's an opening. DO NOT GO HERE YET! Follow the path all
the way around and you'll find another opening. Head inside here and you'll
find a Gold Statue. Refresh and save here. You can spend some time levelling
up here. I strongly recommend a minimum of L10 for the next boss. Ideally
L15, but L12 is OK. Go back and into the opening I said not to go into yet.

Inside is the Mana Stone of Wind. The Fairy talks to you about it and your
second partner (the last one you found) notices footprints and suggests you
follow them. Do so and you'll stumble across Jinn. He's being held hostage by
the Darkshine Knight (you'll see more of him later on, especially if you're
playing Duran or Angela's quest.) He casts AntiMagic on him and disappears.
Go talk to him. Something's not right. The next thing you know, Jinn vanishes
and you face the third boss:

**Boss: Tzenker**

Tzenker is not as irritating as the Jewel Eater, but can cause a headache.
She flies around a helluva lot and it's difficult to hit her. Use magic a
lot. Carlie and Angela are very useful against her. If you've bought the item
that casts Mind Up from Byzel (the Sahagin's Scale I think it's called), use
it and then use Angela in abundance. The best you can do is hit, hit,
retreat, heal, repeat since you haven't class changed yet. Tzenker isn't too
hard, just heal when anyone's HPs go yellow. Try not to let anyone's HPs go
below 80, her Supersonic spell can kill them. I hope you've stocked up on the
items. I used up four walnuts on Angela against Tzenker. Use any magic on
Tzenker. I find rotating Angela's magic (e.g. Holy Ball, Gem Missile, Holy
Ball, Gem Missile, etc.) does good damage. Tzenker can cast Speed Up, Protect
Down and Protect Up on herself or on you. She has a nasty habit of picking up
your team mates and throwing them around, sending them off to la-la land. Her
most powerful spell is Supersonic and it does around 80 to 90 HPs damage. She
has a habit of firing her feathers at you too. You'll need a lot of healing
items against Tzenker. Tzenker CAN block -- kind of. She will wrap herself
with her wings and then open them up. If she doesn't do anything (e.g.
doesn't cast a spell or fire a feather), she is in "block" mode and won't
take any damage for a while. If you look carefully, she will not move whilst
in this mode. Once she does, you can hit her again. All Tzenker's attacks are
Wind-Based and a lot of them are taught by Jinn.

Once Tzenker dies, Jinn will appear, drained of energy. The Fairy casts Heal
Light and Jinn revives. He agrees to help you, after all, you saved his life!
Now we have four spirits: Fairy, Wisp, Gnome and Jinn. What's next? Back to
Forcena to ask Richard methinks! But first, we need to sort out the Navarre
Raiders and retake Rolante Castle.

Getting out of the Corridor of Wind is a hell of a lot easier than getting
into it. Here's what to do: from where you beat Tzenker, go west, south and
follow the path to the Gold Statue (remember, it's at the southwestern end)
refresh and save here. Now, go east and follow the path all the way round to
the top and go into the opening there. Remember this place? Now we've got to
deal with all the buttons again. Press the button right in front of you. Head
up, into the wind path of one of the Statues (you'll slide right into a cage)
and head north. Now, head right, slide down the wind path and curve up-right,
like you did on the way in. Enter the opening on the right (don't worry about
the button this time.) Once inside, head right, sliding across the wind path.
Exit through the opening on the right wall. You'll end up on the bridge with
the two openings. Remember? I told you to go into the one on the right and I
mentioned that the one on the left was a shortcut coming back? Anyway, once
outside, head right and into the opening there. Inside, head up into the wind
path of the Statue (if you can't go up, press the button on the right, this
will change the direction of the path), you'll slide right. Now head down and
right, out of the opening and make your way downwards out of the mountain
(you should recognise this place, it was the first room you entered when you
came into the Corridor of Wind.) You are now back on the Path To The Heavens.
You must now make your way back to Palo. In case you've forgotten, it's
southwest, southwest, southwest, down the steps, southwest, southwest, west,
southwest and east back into Palo. Save at the inn and rest. Now we need to
go back to the field with the Sleeping Flowers (remember from before?) You
CAN go straight there without passing through Palo, but I prefer to go back
to stock on supplies first.

Once you're ready, make your way to the Sleeping Flowers. It's the same as
before and in case you've forgotten, it's: west, northeast, east, northeast
twice, east (make sure you don't climb the stairs), east across the bridge,
east, save at the Grey Statue, south and you'll be outside. Follow the path
until it exits north and then follow the path again. When you get to the
flowers, you'll find some of the Amazon solders and the Elder waiting for
you. After a short talk, you'll be asked what to do. Use Jinn and he'll send
the pollen from the Sleeping Flowers (uses the animation to Sleep Flower
(multi) by the way) into Rolante Castle, knocking out the Navarre Raiders --
just like Don Perignon said!

You resume control just outside the castle. The Amazon by the barrels will
tell you that the barrels contains supplies and you can take them. Do so (you
may need to press START and shift some of your items into storage) and go
inside the castle.

Once inside Rolante Castle, head north (when you reach a room with two north
doors, pick one, it doesn't matter which one) until you reach the Throne
Room. Take the right door and then go down the steps. Head south all the way
then east all the way and go north through the last door. If you're playing
as Lise, you'll remember this from her intro -- this is the place where you
spoke to the Amazon soldier when you were looking for Eliott. Go through the
door and take the steps just below you. At the top you'll find Hawk who'll
explain his story (you won't get Hawk here if he's on your team.) Talk to him
and if you have Lise on your team, watch the scene, it's very funny!

Make your way through the castle (it's not too hard), when you come outside,
head west and you'll find a door. Don't go inside, it's a dead end. Take the
path to the RIGHT of the door and follow the path into the side of the tower.
You'll go into a hidden door.

When you reach a balcony with two doors, enter the left door and look for a
door a little on the right of the centre of the screen. Inside here is a Gold
Statue. Refresh and save here. Follow the path around and down and you'll end
up outside the building. Follow the path and you'll stumble across Lise (she
won't be here if she's already on your team.) Talk to her and continue on the
path. If you're playing Hawk's quest, you'll also see Bill & Ben here. When
ready, go through the door and face the next boss:

**Boss: Genova**

Genova is tough, make no mistake about it. He spits out Shape Shifters which
morph into various monsters. They won't do any magic, but they DO have the
attack strength of the monster they are imitating so if they morph into a
powerful monster, kill them quick. I tend to go for Genova whilst the team
mates go for the Shape Shifters. If you've got Kevin, use the Dreamsee Herb
to make sure it's night time first. You can get away with only healing when
your energy flashes yellow. Make sure you've got full slots of healing items
and walnuts (if you have Angela and/or Carlie on your team.) Use magic and
physical attacks as much as possible. Genova's magic can be powerful and
annoying (he can cast Power Up on the shifters.) Genova's attacks are all
Fire-Based and a lot of them are taught by Salamando.

This fight isn't over yet. Once you win, you'll be healed, but can't escape.
Head north and meet:

**Bosses: Bill & Ben**

Hawk will attempt to reason with them (he knows them) but they still fight.
Bill & Ben (BB for short) will fuse into one body. This is when they are
weakest. Use any multi-targettable magic like Holy Ball or Gem Missile.
There's no real strategy here: hit, hit, heal, hit. Heal when anyone's HPs go
below 70, 80 for safety. BB are not as hard as Genova as they have less HPs.
When you win, they'll disappear. Head up and talk to Bigieu. She'll give back
the castle and leave. If you're playing as Hawk, she also reveals that her
name is really Bigieu and not Isabella and that she serves the Dark Prince,
Jagan. Hawk, really mad, gets ready to kill her when she reminds him of the
curse -- if Hawk kills Bigieu then Jessica dies too. Hawk doesn't kill Bigieu
because of this. After some chatting with the Amazons, you'll end up outside
the castle again. If you're playing as Hawk, you'll say farewell to Lise
here. Your first team mate will decide to go back to Forcena because we need
to decide which spirit to find next. Head east, south, east and you should
recognise where you are. The opening above your head is the Corridor of Wind.
Make your way back to Palo like last time. Its southwest, southwest,
southwest, down the steps, southwest, southwest, west, southwest and east in
case you've forgotten.

When you reach Palo, you'll get a scene involving Nikita and Hawk (he'll
split from your team temporarily.) The two will chat about what has happened
since Hawk left Navarre. Nikita was given the task of looking after Jessica
(see Hawk's intro) but he couldn't fulfill it. He apologises to Hawk. Hawk
forgives him and asks that he doesn't go back for her -- it's too dangerous.
You'll end up in the inn and after a bit more talking, Nikita will leave.
Hawk will leave with him if he's not part of your team. Rest and stock up.
The Navarre raiders have gone and they've left some great weapons and armour
behind. Stock up and buy all the weapons and armour you can afford. Level up
to L12 or L14 if you have the time (and the will.) Now, we need to take a
ship to Byzel. The ship in port is a free ride, but something's not right --
who'd be giving free rides? You're right. This isn't a normal ship, it's a
_Ghost_ Ship. Before you go on, I STRONGLY recommend a team of AT LEAST L10.
L9 WILL NOT DO. The enemies on the ship are very strong and the boss even
stronger. The next spirit you will pick up is Shade (Spirit of Darkness) and
you'll pick him up here. If you can level up higher than L14, then that's a
bonus. You can beat the boss on L12 (I did), but you need a lot of healing
items. Anyway, when you think you're ready, (>L10, L12 preferably), get on.
Remember, it's a free ride so you don't pay anything for it! :) After a long
time, you'll wake up and wonder why you haven't reached Byzel yet. The team
wakes up and puts you in control.