Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Guardian Spirits – Part 3

Exit out of the sleeping quarters. This ship is weird, it's like a maze and
it has lots of dark monsters (Saint Saber comes in VERY handy here, if you've
class changed already, which you probably haven't.) There are plenty of
saleszombies around but you need to beat the guys in the room for it. Plus,
you will LOSE one member of your team (you get to choose which one, though.)
You'll get that member back later on, though, so don't worry.

Anyway, one you get out of the sleeping quarters, head east and you'll hear
a sound. Head up the stairs and out the southern opening. Now, follow these
directions CAREFULLY, this place is worse than the Corridor of Wind!

Walk to the left of the corridor and you'll hear another sound. Your lead
character will get scared and the Fairy will appear. She can sense another
spirit's presence (Shade) and suggests you look around. Just then, the
monsters start appearing. Just bloody great!

Remember this place, you'll come back to it. There are three doors in the
wall. I'll call them A, B and C (from left to right.) C is where you came out
B has two monsters (a Specter and and Zombie.) Beat them, and a Ghost will
appear who will sell you items. Stock up on items if you didn't at Palo. A
leads a bookshelf which we'll come back to later. Head out of whatever room
you're currently in so that you're in the three-door room and follow the path
up the steps. Head south and go down until you reach the T-junction. There
are two doors, one on the right and one on the left. The right leads to a
room which prompts you to sleep. DON'T. Once you sleep, three monsters appear
and attack you. The door on the left can't be opened (yet), but there's a
piece of paper outside. Read it. It says "Book of Blood, Book of Death, Book
of Curses, Book of Death." What does this mean? Remember the three-door room
from earlier on? Remember door A? It leads to a bookshelf. So go back there
by going down the steps to the top of the room and following the path down.
You're back into the three-door room. Go into door A (the left-most door)
follow the path (there's only one way) and you'll eventually find yourself in
the library with a large bookshelf in front of you. There are three books on
the shelf, (starting from the left), Death, Curses and Blood. Read them in
the order mentioned by the poster (e.g. Blood, Death, Curses, Death.) The
wall will vanish. Go into the other room and open the Captain's Log. What's
this? "DieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDie?"
Who the Hell is this? Oh, it's Mataro, the paranormal guy from Byzel. Be
careful, now. This is where you LOSE one of your team mates. Pick the weakest
one (I tend to chose Carlie or Duran) and make him/her your main character.
Now talk to Mataro with the new main character. He'll curse your that
character and turn him/her into a ghost so now he/she can't fight with you.
Now you've only got two people on your team, which makes the boss fight and
the enemies in this place a LOT harder. Leave the room and follow the path
back to the three-door room. Head into door C (where you started) and go back
to the Sleeping Quarters. Sleep and save here. It's like an inn, but free.
When done, go back so you're back in the three-door room and make your way to
the door that couldn't be opened (the one with the poster next to it.) In
case you've forgetten, follow the path outside the three-doors, up the steps,
down and left. Enter the door and go up the stairs. Head south and you'll
reach another three-door room. You've just come out of door C. In A and B,
beat up the monsters to get zombies who will sell you weapons (B) and armour
(A). Follow the path up the steps and prepare to meet the fourth boss:

**Boss: Gorva**

All Gorva's moves are Dark-Based and are taught by Shade. Gorva fades in and
out of the screen like a nutcase. Since his skill is Dark, and Dark is weak
against Light, use Holy Ball against him. If you have Carlie/Angela on your
team (and didn't let them get cursed) then use them. Make sure to use the
walnuts if you run out of MPs. You can only hit Gorva with physical attacks
when he's at ground level. Watch out for the silencing moves. Cure silence
status with the Puipui Grasses or Stardust Herbs. You can use Tinkle Rain if
Carlie is on your team. You obviously can't use Tinkle Rain if Carlie is
silenced. This battle won't last long if you have Angela and Kevin as a team
and they are L12 or L14. Cast Holy Ball, Holy Ball, Holy Ball and he's as
good as dead.

When Gorva dies, Shade appears and joins. Fairy, Wisp, Gnome, Jinn and Shade,
that's our spirit collection now. Shade thanks you for beating Gorva and
removes the curse from your team mate. He/She appears and rejoins the team.
The only problem that you'll get now is that this team mate will ALWAYS be
behind in the experience points list as all the exp points the monsters you
beat between losing this team mate and beating the boss will not count on
this team mate's meter. Anyway, Shade and the Fairy talk. The Dark Mana Stone
was destroyed ages ago and the God-Beast has since gone missing. Before he
went missing, he rampaged across the world, nearly destroying civilisation in
the process. Before Shade can finish, the ship starts to crumble and you find
yourself on Bucca, the Volcano Island and it looks like the Volcano's going
to erupt, we'd better find our way of the island and FAST!

Head up the north path to the right of the screen and exit east. You'll find
a Gold Statue here. Refresh and save. Now, come back to the starting point
(west, south, west) and head north twice. You'll see a green turtle. This is
Booskaboo and he'll help you out later on. Go south, south, east, south. If
you've been here before you spotted Booskaboo, it will have been sealed off.
Now, go right a bit and take the path north. Now go east, northeast, south,
northeast, north, northeast, east and you'll reach the Village of The Dark
Priests. Don't worry, you won't fight these guys. The first thing you should
do is talk to the Totem Pole, this is like a Gold Statue, it will heal your
team and save your game. Now, talk to all the priests, some sell you weapons
and armour (you need these. If you don't have enough, fight some more) and
others sell you items (stock up on these.) Once you're done, it's time to
leave the village. Exit the way you came and go east, southwest, northwest,
northwest, west twice. You'll reach a dead end with a boulder above you. Talk
to the boulder and use Gnome (Earth Spirit), he'll create an opening for you
to go in. Go in (I suggest L14-L16 here, the enemies here are VERY strong.)
Welcome to Seashore Cave.

Seashore Cave leads into the heart of the volcano and the Sea Dweller lives
there. This is the person we're trying to find as he may be able to help us
escape the island before it blows. The only problem is, the enemies here are
extremely powerful and unless you find a Gold Statue, you're in deep BS. So,
the first step is to find the Gold Statue. By the way, leave the Potos till
last. They can cast multi-target Heal Light plus when they get near death,
they can call the Mama-Poto monsters. The Potos are Holy enemies, so you need
to use any Dark magic like Evil Gate. To get to the nearest Gold Statue, go
east, down the steps, southwest, follow the path, go south twice you'll end
up outside. Head northeast and go through the opening. Go north, northeast,
west (you need to defeat the monsters first), down the steps, west, south,
east, southeast, go down all the steps and head west. You'll find the Gold
Statue. Save and refresh your team here. I strongly advise L15 or above by
this time.

From the Gold Statue, go east. In this room, go east, beat up the monsters
and a path will open. Go east through the newly opened path and then go
south, west, south, northwest, west, south, southwest, save at the Gold
Statue and head north. You can level up to L15 or L16 quite easily in this
area and I _STRONGLY_ advise you do so.

After heading north, go northwest and you'll end up trapped with the Sea
Dweller nowhere in sight. You meet a dark, dracula-type guy (this is Jagan.
If you're playing as Hawk or Lise, you'll meet him again later on.) Hawk will
get a flashback to the start of the game if you're playing his quest. (The
flashback shows scene involving Hawk, Eagle, Bigieu and Jagan. After some
discussion, he'll teleport away and leave you to die in the erupting volcano.
Just then, you see the green turtle from earlier on, he picks you up and
takes you to the beach just south of the Golden Road leading from Byzel to
Maia. You wave goodbye to him and decide to head to Forcena which is where
you were going until you were sidetracked (first the Ghost Ship, then Bucca.)
Head east then north to get onto the Golden Road and then, follow the path
east until you get to Maia. Once here, rest and stock up on items. By the
way, since you're L15, the enemies on the Golden Road should be p**s easy --
they're only about L4 or L5. When you're ready, talk to Bon Voyage, he's set
up the cannon routes, but no-one wants to use them. He'll offer to send you
to Forcena again. Take him up on his offer. This time, he gets his aiming
right and you land next to Bon Jour in the courtyard of Forcena Castle. Make
your way north to get to the Throne Room and talk to Richard again. He
welcomes you back and informs you where the other Stones are (I won't tell
you where they are, we're heading there anyway.) The closest Stone to Forcena
is the Water Mana Stone, guarded by Undine. This Stone resides in the
Labyrinth of Ice Walls, just south of Altena. However, the problem lies in
getting there as no ships sail to Altena. Richard explains that the turtle
that carried you to Maia, Booskaboo can help. He gives you the Pihyara Flute
which, when played on certain beaches will cause Booskaboo to appear and
carry you where you want to go. This means you won't need to use ships
anymore! Yay! Now, to find Undine!! Forcena has no beach nearby so we need to
head back to Maia and use the beach there. Go talk to Bon Jour in the
courtyard south of the Throne Room and get him to send you to Maia. Once in
Maia, make your way to the beach where Booskaboo dropped you off (west,
south, east.) Play the Pihyara Flute to get control of Booskaboo. Now, look
at the screen. You're in control of Booskaboo and he's at the bottom of the
screen. In the top-left is the world map with important places in red. In the
top-right is a close-up of the local area. The Labyrinth is at the position
shown by the top-most red dot so make your way there. "Park" Booskaboo at the
beach to the north of the island and head east (the beach is at the v-shaped
dip in the northern part of the island.) Welcome to Snow City Elrand. Fork
out on the new weapons and armour if you haven't already done so and save
your game at the inn. You should be at least L16 or L17 by now and be nearly
ready to class change (you can CC at L18 or above.) When you're ready, go
southeast into the Sub-Zero Snowfield.

The enemies in the snowfield are very tough so be prepared with Puipui
Grasses, Stardust Herbs and Tinkle Rain. The nearest Gold Statue is still a
fair way away so it's going to be hard (although you will find a Grey Statue
along the way.) To get to the Gold Statue, go southwest, south, west three
times, southwest, west twice (you'll get trapped so beat up all the
monsters), south, northwest, save at the Grey Statue, north, northwest, north
twice and then go west. Recognise this place? This is where Angela fainted in
her intro. From this place, go west, south (you'll get trapped here so beat
up the monsters again), south, southeast and you'll find the Gold Statue.
Save and refresh here. Level up to A MINIMUM of L18 (for class changing) and
when you're ready, go west twice to meet the Darkshine Knight. After a brief
conversation (which varies slightly depending on whether or not you have
Duran in your team), he will disappear, trapping you with:

**Bosses: Machine Golems x3**

These guys are like before with two main differences. First, there's three
and not two, secondly, they don't attack as often as before, but they do do a
helluva lot of damage. Hit, retreat, heal, repeat is the order of the day. If
you've forked out on walnuts and have Angela on your team, use her here. No
real strategy here, just go all out. Gem Missile doesn't seem to work. Use
Holy Ball or Air Blast. If you can't beat the Golems, then there are two
things you can do. Firstly, try levelling up a bit more (maybe an extra 5 or
so levels) and trying again or secondly, going to Rolante, class changing at
the Wind Mana Stone (just before you picked up Jinn) and then coming back
here and trying again. Either way, it's going to be tough.

Once the Golems are defeated (which WILL take a long time), you can continue
through (Duran will be really ticked off since the Darkshine Knight mentioned
that they'll sacrifice the Sword to the Dragon Emperor and Duran thought that
his father had died while defeating him.) Go west until you get to a cave. Go
inside and talk to the Water Mana Stone. After some discussion, Undine will
appear and join you. Now if your team are at or above L18, talk to the Stone
again to class change. You need to get each member (use SELECT to switch
leading characters) to talk so you can class change that person. If you have
enough experience (>=L18), you will be given two options, the one on the top
is the Light Class and the other is the Dark Class. Refer to the Class
Changing section near the top of this FAQ to see what the classes can do.

Once you've CCed, come out and head east to the Gold Statue and save there.
The monsters here should now be much easier (I was dealing 1HP and taking 40
before CCing and now I'm taking 1-3HPs and dealing nearly 100!)

Now we have six spirits: Fairy, Wisp, Gnome, Jinn, Shade and Undine. The next
one is Salamando and he resides in the Valley of Flames, south of Navarre.
First, we need to get out of the snowfields. Make your way back to Elrand
(from the Gold Statue, west, north, fight then north, east, south twice,
southeast, south, save at the Grey Statue, southeast, north, fight then east,
east two times, northeast, east three times then north to end up back in
Elrand.) The enemies here should now be MUCH easier to beat. Once back in
Elrand, sleep at the inn, stock up on supplies and head for the beach (use
the southwestern exit.) Call Booskaboo like last time and now, to head to

The Valley of Flames is the southeastern most dot. Head there and then make
your way along the coast (in a clockwise fashion.) You'll find a beach just
northwest of the dot. Park here and exit east. You'll find yourself in the
Sand City Sultan.

Here, stock up on items. The merchants here sell the same weapons and armour
as in Elrand so buy anything you didn't buy in Elrand. Sleep at the inn and
save. When you're ready, exit east. Time to head for the Valley of Flames,
but first, we need to stop off in another town, Oasis Village Deen.

After leaving Sultan, go east, east, southeast, fight all the enemies to open
another path, south, southeast, east and finally, southeast. You'll end up in
the Oasis Village Deen. The merchants here are annoying. Like in Byzel, when
the mart is only open at night, you can only buy weapons from the merchant at
night. During the day, another merchant sells armour. The weapons are exactly
the same as the ones in Elrand so you won't need to buy any. But the armour
is very good. Fork out on the armour (don't forget to equip it) and sleep at
the inn to save. When you're ready, we can now go the Valley of Flames.

After leaving Deen, go northwest, west, west, southwest, south and then east
to find Jessica, Bigieu and:

**Bosses: Bill & Ben**

Again Hawk tries to reason with them and again he fails. BB are the same as
last time, but with more Ninja-like moves (specifically, the "... Jutsu"
moves.) Your best bet is to have Carlie as an Enchantress for the multi-
target Heal Light and to go all out. Don't even try this without class-
changing. Keep hitting until you can use your Level 2 BA and then whack 'em.
The good thing is that once you beat them this time, they're gone forever and
you'll never see them again.