Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Guardian Spirits – Part 4

Once BB are dead, you will be auto-healed. When you're ready (you may want to
head back to Deen for supplies before you start the next section), head
inside the cave to the southeast and you'll find yourself in the Valley of
Flames. The enemies here are strong, but if you've been following my
instructions, they shouldn't be taking too much damage off you (although the
Ninjas can.) I advise a minimum of L20 by now, although L18 is acceptable. If
you are at L18, prepare for a hard time. You can do this section at L18, but
it WILL be hard. I nearly used up all of my Angel's Grails by the time I
reached the Gold Statue.

Go get to the Fire Mana Stone, this is what you must do: once inside the
valley, follow the path until you exit south. Now, go south, down the steps,
east, south (down the steps), east, northeast, follow the path as it curls
around and exit west. You'll find a Gold Statue below you. Head down the
steps to refresh and save. Once you're done, go east and you'll see Bigieu
and Jessica. Walk up to them. Bigieu threatens to throw Jessica into the
fire. If Hawk is on your team then Nikita will appear and save Jessica. If
Hawk isn't on your team then Hawk will appear and save Jessica. Once Bigieu
goes off, walk up to Jessica. After a short talk, she gets taken to Deen by
Hawk/Nikita to recover. Once everyone has left, go over the bridge and
through the opening. You'll find the Fire Mana Stone and Bigieu standing in
front of it. Go up towards her and she'll reveal that she has released the
Stone's energy and vanishes. After she leaves, talk to the Stone and after
some discussion, you'll see Salamando, the Fire Spirit (with a lousysense of
humour.) He'll join you.

We now have Fairy, Wisp, Gnome, Jinn, Shade, Undine and Salamando as spirits.
That's seven spirits. We have only two more to get Luna (Moon) and Dryad
(Grass.) To find Salamando, we must travel to the Beast Kingdom. Luna is
the HARDEST spirit to get because the boss is so damn hard.

You should, by now, be at level 20 minimum. Make your way back to the
entrance of the cave by going west twice, save at the Gold Statue then go up
the steps and through the opening in the north. Now follow the path south. Go
northeast via the steps. Go northeast again, up the steps, north, northeast
and you'll be outside. Now make your way back to Sultan by going west,
northeast, northeast, northeast. From here, you have two options. Either go
to Sultan or stop off at Deen for supplies. To get to Deen from here, go
southeast, east, southeast. Stock up, rest and then go west, northwest, west
to get back to here. If you want to go to Sultan direct, from this screen, go
north, north, west, northwest, northwest, west. In Sultan, stock up on
supplies (if you decided not to go to Deen) then sleep and save at the inn.
Once done, head for beach west of Sultan and call Booskaboo again. Next stop,
the Beast Kingdom!

You can't get to the Beast Kingdom directly. You must stop at the Moonlight
City Mintos. From Sultan, follow the coastline southeast and eventually, you
will find the beach near Mintos (the red dot is nearby.) Mintos lies deep
inside the continent so you'll have to go down a river to get at it. After
you've gotten off Booskaboo, you notice the beach is sealed off. Walk up to
the statue blocking the exit and it'll disappear (you must have obtained
Salamando for the statue to disappear.) Go east then southeast and you'll
find yourself in Mintos. If you're playing as Kevin, you'll no doubt
recognise this place -- it's the place in Kev's intro. Mintos is a strange
place. West of Mintos lies the Moonlight Forest where the Beast Men live.
Mintos, the forest and the Beast Kingdom all lie under the influence of the
Moon Mana Stone which causes it to always be night and therefore the Beast
Men are always werewolves. I STRONGLY advise a team of L20 or above in this
area. You will be able to level up to L25 here, and I advise that you do
because the boss is extremely tough. Once inside Mintos, stock up on armour,
weapons and healing items such as walnuts, honey, chocolates and round drops.
Make sure you save at the inn.

If you can stand the wait, I would advise you level up to L25 before you face
the boss. L20 is OK against the enemies in this area, but L25 is better.

When you're ready, head west into the Moonlight Forest. I must warn you, this
whole thing is like an endurance test -- a very TOUGH endurance test. You
must be able to beat all the enemies here without taking too much damage. The
less damage the better because there is no Gold Statue before the boss, only
a Grey one. Once inside the forest, Kev will turn into a werewolf, seeing as
the whole place is night time (the werewolf type depends on your class change
choice.) The Moonlight Forest is a nightmare to navigate. It's worse than the
Corridor of Wind in Rolante! There are TWO routes through the forest, one
direct and the other indirect. The direct route does NOT pass through a Gold
Statue so you'll be in trouble against the last boss. The indirect route does
pass through a gold statue so you can level up further. The downside to the
indirect route is that it's longer. The routes are as follows:

Indirect (with Gold Statue): southwest, southeast, southwest, southwest,
west, southwest, southeast, southwest, southwest, east. You'll end up in the
place with a Gold Statue and Karl's grave (from Kev's intro.) Once you've
saved and refreshed, the next step is to get to the boss area. To get there,
go (from the Statue) west, north, east, northwest, west, northwest, north.
Save here (Grey Statue) and head northeast to face the boss.

Direct (with _NO_ Gold Statue): southwest, southeast, west twice, southwest,
south, southwest, north. Save here (Grey Statue) and head northeast to face
the boss.

When you head into the opening, you'll find Deathjester with some fatally
injured Altenian wizards. He casts Death Spell on one and Energy Ball on the
other, absorbing the souls. Kevin appears and accuses him or lying about
Karl. Deathjester says that Kev is an fool for believing him. Kev and
Deathjester starts to fight. Deathjester casts Stun Wind (which damages and
silences a single enemy) and Kev is paralyzed (you get Kev in this scene even
if he's not on your team.) Then you appear with the rest of the team and
challenge Deathjester to fight. Lugar appears and accepts the challenge. If
Kev is a member of your team, he'll get up and fight with you, otherwise,
he'll lie out cold to the side of the opening for the duration of the battle.
If Carlie is on your team, she'll blabber on at Deathjester (after all, he
DID kidnap Heath, didn't he?) before Lugar appears. Deathjester will reveal
that Heath has accepted a new role under his master the Masked Mage and is
now the number two man. Deathjester is the number one man. Now you must

**Boss: Beast Man Lugar**

You remember Lugar don't you? You BUMPED into him when you were in the Cave
of Waterfalls on your way to Wendel near the start of the game. Now you get
to fight him. Lugar is VERY tough. He can switch werewolf types when he
wants. EVERY class that Kev can learn, he knows already and can switch
between them. Because of this, he has no weak spots. Lugar can pull off the
Suzaku Sky Dance (Dervish) and then immediately do the Seiyu Death Fist
(Death Hand) and finish off with the Water-Moon Slice (Bashkar.) You will
need full slots of Round Drops, Angel Grails, Pakkun Chocolates and Honey
Drinks. Make sure you have at least one person who knows Heal Light. If they
can multi-target it, all the better. The battle starts in earnest with you
doing a lot of damage, and then Lugar does Moon Saber (Death Hand) and he
lets rip with all the BAs you can think off. Get ready with the healing
items. If you can't beat him, resume from the save game and build up about
another 5 or so levels before trying again. If you have Lise on your team,
try using her stat spells.

After you beat Lugar, Deathjester will run away and you'll get a scene
involving Lugar, Kevin, Salamando and the Fairy. After the fight, it appears that
Lugar is dying. Salamando appears and, at Kevin's request, revives Lugar as a
baby. If Kev is on your team, he'll rejoin your team, if not, he'll wave bye
and take off.

Head inside the Moonreading Tower (don't go up any floors yet, we'll come
back later to do that) and talk to the Mana Stone. After the short
conversation, leave the tower and head south to get to the Grey Statue. Save
here (unless you want to fight Lugar all over again. Personally, I don't.)
Now we need to make our way back to Mintos so retrace your steps. Go
southeast, east, north, east, northeast, east, north, northwest, east to end
up back in Mintos. Sleep in the inn, stock up on supplies and then head
north, northwest to get to the beach. Call Booskaboo and get ready to head to
Diorre and Dryad, the final spirit.

Diorre is a tricky place to find and access. To get into it, we must have
Salamando. This is why I'm getting you to find Salamando first. Anyway,
to summarise, We now have Fairy, Wisp, Gnome, Jinn, Shade, Undine,
Salamando and Salamando as spirits. We only have one more to get
and that's Dryad.

Once you board Booskaboo, you should see that there is only one red dot left.
This is Diorre. The beach you want to dock at is to the east of the red dot.
Follow the coast and you'll find it. Dock here and head west. You'll stumble
across a tree blocking your way. When asked, use Salamando (the spirit you just
obtained.) She'll recognise the tree as being from the Moonlight Forest and
will open a path for you. Now the tricky part. If Carlie is on your team,
she'll recognise the place and explain that the forest must hold a secret. If
she's not on your team, you'll meet her just a little further down. She'll
storm off after a chat. Head southwest and beat up the monsters here. Talk to
Carlie again and she'll reveal the secret of the plants. The secret is that
the flowers glow in the dark. If you follow the red plants, they will take
you to Diorre. The forest is called the Lampflower Forest for this reason.
Wait until dark and then follow the red flowers -- it's not too hard. I'm not
going to tell you where to go, the path is right in front of you. Oh, all
right, in case it's day time, go (where were you meet Carlie the second time)
south, southwest, south, south, east, south, west, west and north to enter
Diorre (notice the two graves outside. They belong to Leroy and Shayla,
Carlie's parents. When you look around, no-one will talk to you and actually
try to avoid you. The King's house is on the southeastern part of town. Go
inside and make your way to the top room. You'll find the King. Talk to him
and Carlie will take over (if she's on your team) or run into the room (if
she's not.) Watch the scene and then leave. Carlie will rejoin your team if
she's a member otherwise, you'll never see her again.

*NOW* the people will talk to you. The elves here make really powerful
weapons, better than the dwarves. Fork out on everything you can afford and
stock up on supplies. The inn here is very cheap, only 10 luc per night. When
you're done, the next thing we need to do is to find the Gold Statue the King
spoke about.

When you're ready, head south then east out of the town and back into the
Lampflower Forest. Now go north (notice the flowers again?) and west to get
to the Gold Statue the Fairy King mentioned. The enemies should now be easier
because you've got new weapons and armour. Once at the statue, talk to it and
opt to use Salamando when asked. Salamando will open up a path and keep
one of the plants because of their scent. When she has finished, save at
the Gold Statue and then head west down the path Salamando opened. Now go
northeast, north and north again to face:

**Boss: Gildervine**

Gildervine isn't too hard. He is weak against any electrical-based attack so
use Thunder Saber, Thunderstorm, Thunder Jutsu or anything similar. If you
don't have any of Jinn's more powerful moves, the basic Fireball spell does
wonders, especially after Lise has cast Protect Down and Mind Down on
Gildervine (you can get Lise to cast Mind _UP_ on Angela instead if you want
to.) This fight is one of the easier ones. A few of the spells are taught by

Once Gildervine is defeated, Dryad will appear and join your team (after some
persuasion.) Right! That's all nine spirits. Where to now? The Island of
Obilivion. It lies in the middle of the world. It is the centre of all Mana
energy --  and that's where we're heading next.

From the place where you beat Gildervine, go south, south, east and you'll be
back at the Gold Statue. Refresh and save here and then head for the beach.
There's a shortcut you can take to get to the beach quickly. Go northeast
from the Gold Statue. Now go east, north and east again and you'll end up
back at the beach. Call Booskaboo and head for the final red dot -- The
Island of Oblivion. Park Booskaboo at the beach (it should be obvious where
the beach is, the Island is small enough) and then head east. Watch the
scene. The Fairy manages to open up the gateway and then Altena, the Beast
Kingdom and the Navarre Kingdom all get inside. The Fairy works out that the
energy of the Mana Stones have been released and that the energy, when
combined with hers, opened the Gate. Before you have a chance to take this
all in, Koren sails by in an airship and decides to drop a few bombs on your
heads, knocking you all out. You're gonna have one _major_ headache when you
wake up!

When all three kingdoms have gotten inside the gate, the Fairy will wake the
rest of the team up. We need to get inside the gate, but we can't get high
enough. After some discussion (which varies slightly depending on if you have
Lise on your team or not), you decide to go and find the Father of The Winged
Ones in Rolante to see if he can help you out.

Head for the beach and call Booskaboo. We now need to head for Rolante, but
there's a problem. There's no red dot on the map so we need to find it
ourself. Bummer.

There are many ways of getting to Rolante. The Path to The Heavens has a
beach, but it is quite tricky to find. The easiest thing to do is hitch a
ride on a boat, but I prefer to save money and use the beach. After all,
that's what it's there for! If you really can't be bothered to find Rolante
yourself, head back to Jad and catch a boat from Jad to Palo. From there,
climb up to the top (the VERY top, where the Rolante Castle lies. See a
little later on for the directions.)

Like I said, Rolante is a tricky place to find on the map. If you can't be
bothered to catch a boat, you CAN go straight to Rolante without the boat

The beach for The Path to The Heavens lies towards the southeast of the
world. If you look at the map, there is a v-shaped mouth pointing to the
east. Inside this mouth lies a beach. This is the beach we're looking for.
Dock here and head east. The screen will pop-up saying "Path to The Heavens"
so you know you're on the right track. Head north up the steps and then east
into Palo. The enemies here are much easier than before so you should not be
having much trouble. Once inside Palo, stock up on supplies and save at the
inn. Now make your way up to the top of the Path. In case you've forgotten,
it's: go west out of Palo and then go northeast, east, northeast twice, up
the stairs, northeast, northeast and then northeast (northwest takes you
inside to mountain and to the Corridor of Wind.) Now go east again and you'll
end up outside Rolante Castle. Go east and you'll see an Amazon solder. Talk
to her and she'll open up a path for you. Go east through this path. The
enemies in THIS area are much harder -- even though they are the same kind of
monster as before, so make sure you're prepared.

To get through this area, go into the eastern opening (you have to go
northeast and follow the curving path) and then go north, north up the
stairs, west, north, north, up the steps and then take the southwestern exit.
You'll get a scene which involves your team making the last part of the trek
by themselves (automatic.) They reach the top and find the Father of The
Winged Ones. Hmmm.... Seems a bit small for a father. After a bit of
discussion, you find out that this is not the Father, but a daughter. The
Fairy (or Lise, if she's on your team) decides to give her a cuter name --
Flammie. Flammie takes you to the Mana Holyland and drops you off in an
opening. And so begins the next chapter of the walkthrough...