Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Hawk’s Beginning

Hawk is a thief and makes his living by robbing from the rich and giving it
to the poor -- a little like Robin Hood if you ask me. Anyway, his beginning
starts during the night in the Sand City Sultan. He's with a feline friend
called Nikita and two Navarre Guards. They come to a house and Hawk says he's
going to go in. He creeps upstairs and puts you in control. Open up the box.
The sleeping man wakes up. It turns out that the man had "stepped on many
toes" to get the money that was in the box (as Hawk says.) Hawk leaves the
building, waves at his colleagues and makes a quick getaway.

The team head to the Sand Fortress and Hawk speaks with King Flamekhan and
Isabella (her real name is Bigieu by the way, but you'll find this out later
on in the game.) We learn that the Thieves Guild that Hawk is a part of has
been disbanded and is now part of the Navarre Kingdom which will be under the
rule of Flamekhan. Isabella reveals their plans of an invasion -- of the Wind
Kingom Rolante (home of Lise.) After the discussion, you meet Jessica, a
close friend of Hawk's, sister of Eagle, Hawk's best friend and daughter of
the King. Hawk and Jessica discuss the recent chain of events and eventually,
Jessica leaves. Now you're in control. Follow these directions carefully,
it's easy to get lost in this place. From the window where you met Jessica,
go north into your room. Leave your room by going north again. Now, follow
the blue carpet until you reach the Throne Room. Now, take either the left
door or go up the stairs on the right -- either way, you'll end up in the
same place -- a corridor with two guards blocking a door. You can't get in,
but there's an opening opposite them. Walk through the opening. You're in the
dining room -- pity the dinner party's over... :) Anyway, go south out of the
room and you'll reach a bar. Leave by going south and go to Eagle's room by
going down the stairs to the right of the screen (you need to walk south a
bit to see them.) Talk to him. When he asks if you think his dad (the King)
is acting weird, answer "Yes." Eagle reveals that he thinks Isabella did
something to his dad whilst they were in the desert. Eagle decides to go off
and try to figure out what's going on. Eagle leaves. Follow him and go back
to the door that was blocked by the two guards. They're not blocking the door
now so you can go through. Once inside the room, Hawk takes control. Isabella
is talking to a dracula-type guy. This is Jagan and you'll meet him later on.
After some discussion, Isabella pits Eagle against you. You must fight him.
The way to defeat Eagle is much the same way as Duran. Run in, hit, retreat,
repeat. Remember the B-button attack when you get four hits in a row. Even
though you win, and you didn't kill Eagle, he is killed by Isabella's
Fireball spell. And if that wasn't bad enough, a guard called Bill comes in
and thinks HAWK killed Eagle.

Hawk gets put in jail awaiting execution. Isabella reveals that if he tells
Jessica about what happened, she will die because of a cursed necklace.
Isabella leaves. Talk to the bars several times. Weird things will happen and
then you'll see Jessica. Jessica asks who killed Eagle and Hawk is about to
tell her when he remembers about the necklace. He doesn't tell her so she is
led to believe that Hawk did kill Eagle -- sheesh, what a bad day! Jessica
leaves. Now, go to the back of the cell and talk to the dark patch of stone
in the wall. Nikita breaks you out of jail. Follow the tunnel through several
screens. You'll end up in Nikita's store. Nikita explains that the Priest of
Light in the Holy City Wendel may be able to break the curse. Hawk agrees to
go but Nikita refuses to go so no suspicions would be raised. After the
conversation, talk to Nikita again and you'll be able to save your game.
After this, leave via the back door. Damn! It appears that you've been found
out. The soldiers have worked out that you've escaped and are on your tail.
Better beat it quick! From where you exited Nikita's store, go round to the
front and up the path on the right of the building to get to the top of the
store. Go across the bridge and into the cave to the south. Inside, head
right and down the stairs. Finally, go through the opening in the southern
wall to leave the fortress. After this, Hawk will leave Navarre and catch a
boat to Jad.

Hawk arrives in Jad but something doesn't seem right. After a brief talk to
the sailor, he'll confirm that he also thinks something's not right. It turns
out that Lugar and his men from the Beast Kingdom have taken over the city.
They've blocked the ports so the sailor can't go home. Looks like you're
stuck. Go and buy some armour and weapons if you want (and have the money.) I
wouldn't recommend you buy any armour or weapons yet, but you might want to
fork out on a few Round Drops, though. Go and sleep in the inn (try talking
with Angela - she's also sleeping in the inn. You'll get a funny scene!) It's
free because the inn keeper can't make a profit with the beast men around.
Ask him to wake you up at night. When you get up, exit via the southern gate
of the castle (it's a little tricky to find to begin with.)

Once you've left the castle, go south into the Rabite Forest. Go southwest,
west, south, south, south and you'll end up in Astoria. This is where the
second chapter of the walkthru begins so go there now.