Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Kevin’s Beginning

Before Kev's intro starts, you see the meeting of the Beast King and the
Deathjester (this is the guy who kidnaps Heath in Carlie's intro.) Now we
meet Kev in the Moonlight Forest where it's always night time. Kev is playing
with a friend, Karl the wolf cub. He's trying to teach him how to howl but
Karl just keeps yapping instead. Never mind! When you get control, save at
the Gold Statue and go east. Karl follows. Go east again and then north.
Follow the path for a bit and Karl growls. The next thing you know, he turns
into a Bound Wolf! Kev's gotta fight for his life! You're in control. Fight
Karl, but don't worry about your hit points (HPs), they _will_ hit zero. When
they do, Kev will find out he can turn into a werewolf. Attack Karl again and
this time you'll win. (Don't forget about the BA after four hits.) Karl is
dead, killed at the hands of the person who wanted to protect him. Kev buries
him in the screen with the Gold Statue and puts you in control.

After some narration, Kev returns back to the kingdom. What you need to do
now is to get Kev to speak with the Beast King so follow these directions:
From where you first get control, go south out of the opening (the unblocked
one) and then south twice. Go into the other door (the one on the other side
of the arch) and then head north. You'll hear Lugar talking about invading
Wendel. Once he's finished, go south twice so that you're back outside and
then go up through the arch between the doors. There's a guard blocking the
way into the Throne Room. He explains the King isn't in -- he went to talk to
some foreign-looking guy (the Deathjester, I'm guessing.) Go down the steps
and Kev will notice a coversation on the platform next to the one he's on.
It's the Beast King and the Deathjester! The King tells the Jester that now
Kev can turn into a werewolf, his job is done. Kev is furious! The Beast
King, his father, used Deathjester's magic to make Karl attack him! He turned
Kev into what he is now! He smashes through a wall and puts you in control.
Go up to the King and after a short conversation, try to hit him. The King
boots you clear out of the castle and asks the Deathjester to take care of

Kevin comes to in the same place where we first met him -- namely the place
with the Gold Statue. Use the Statue (Kev's only got 1HP) and then make your
way out of the forest. To do this, go west and then north. You'll see the
Deathjester here. Approach him and he will explain that he's only here to
help. The Deathjester explains that the Priest of Light in Wendel may be able
to help bring Karl back to life and since Lugar is on his way to invade
Wendel, Kev better hurry and get to Wendel first. The Deathjester opens a
path for Kev. Head east through the path and then take the north-western
path. Kev will take over and make his way to Jad. I'm not sure how he gets to
Jad -- he doesn't take a boat, that's for sure. Can he _really_ swim all that
way? Maybe...

Kevin arrives in Jad but something doesn't seem right. It turns out that
Lugar and his men have already taken over the city. They've blocked the ports
so you can't catch any boats out of the city. Looks like you're stuck. Go and
buy some armour and weapons if you want (and have the money.) I don't
recommend you do so yet. Go and sleep in the inn (try talking with Angela -
she's also sleeping in the inn. You'll get a funny scene!) It's free because
the inn keeper can't make a profit with the beast men around. Ask him to wake
you up at night. When you get up, exit via the southern gate of the castle
(it's a little tricky to find to begin with.)

Once you've left the castle, go south into the Rabite Forest. Go southwest,
west, south, south, south and you'll end up in Astoria. This is where the
second chapter of the walkthru begins so go there now.