Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Lise/Hawk – Navarre Fortress

Cast your mind back to when we were on our way to pick up Salamando. As we
made our way to the Valley of Flames, we opened up a path to Navarre
Fortress, but we never used it, remember? Well, _now_ we're going to use it.
What we need to do now is to head to Sand City Sultan using Flammie.

Use the Wind Drum to call Flammie.

Flying Flammie is really easy. Use B to descend and A to ascend. Use L/R to
switch to ground view. Once you've descended enough, Flammie will drop your
team off. Easy!

Once you've landed in Sultan, rest and stock up on supplies. When you're
ready, make your way to Navarre Fortress by going east, east, southeast, east
(this is the path that was opened last time), now go north, east and then
north to get to the Navarre Fortress. Now go up into the door, and this time,
it'll open up (it usually doesn't.) Now, if you're playing as Hawk, you'll
recognise this place from his intro. What you need to do is to fight your way
to the Throne Room. The Fortress is full of Ninjas, Night Blades and Ninja
Masters who all know the relevant Ninja moves so make sure you've got some
healing items and maybe a few Angel Grails. It also wouldn't hurt to have a
few Stardust Herbs to cancel stat-down magic (a la the "... Jutsu" moves), if
you're desperate.

To get to the Throne Room, you need to follow these instructions: First, make
sure your team is at a level of between L25 and L30 before you start the
trip. You can make around 2 or 3 levels before you reach the end, so if your
team is around L22, don't worry. Enter the fortress, take the left steps and
go northwest (the path curls back on itself.) Now go north until you find an
opening. Go in here. Go north again. Now go northeast up the steps, south,
north (through the _other_ opening, but NOT up the steps), north again and
finally, east (you _can_ choose west, but it doesn't matter, you'll still end
up in the same place.)

Watch the scene. Jagan removes the Sword and collapses under the weight.
Bigieu casts AntiMagic and the Sword adapts to Jagan. Jagan and Bigieu vanish
and the Fairy revives. She shows you all the Mana Stones breaking and
explains that we now need to beat the God-Beasts. You are automatically
teleported outside the Fortress. Call Flammie and go to the next chapter of
the walkthru to find out about the God-Beasts.