Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Lise’s Beginning

The beginning starts with Lise on a routine patrol with the rest of the
Amazon warriors. After taking control, you must fight the L1 Needle-Bird. If
you die, don't worry, you'll be resurrected by another Amazon. After you win,
Lise will comment on how the monsters are getting more numerous and more
powerful. She's also worried about the wind -- it seems to be... crying.
After this, we get background info about Rolante. After this, Lise explains
that she needs to find Eliott. So go north into the Throne Room and take the
top-right door. This will take you to two doors. The one on the left is
Lise's room and the one on the right is Eliott's room. There's no-one in
Eliott's room. Go down the stairs and go all the way south and then all the
way east. Now, go north and you'll see an Amazon guard. Talk to her and
she'll say that she hasn't seen Eliott but Alma might know and Alma's in
Eliott's room. So, retrace your steps back to Eliott's room (that's south,
west, north, up and the door on the right, by the way.) Talk to Alma and
you'll get some info on Lise and Eliott. Lise then starts to look for Eliott
again. Eliott is approached by two ninjas (Bill & Ben) and takes them to the
basement. Take the opening to the right of where you came out and make your
way down the stairs. Go through the opening in the southern wall and take the
stairs to the right. Notice something familiar? This is where Eliott was
approached by the two ninjas. Now we're getting warm! Go down the steps and
follow the path into the the opening. There's a Gold Statue here (which
restores your MPs and HPs. It also saves your game.) Go down the steps
(there's a lot of them.) And when you get to the bottom, Lise takes over. A
scene ensues with Bill and Ben tricking Eliott into stopping the wind
protecting Rolante. Lise is about to fight when she learns that the King, her
father is in danger. She rushes to help but Eliott doesn't make it and is
taken by Bill & Ben. Lise reaches the top of the steps before she realises
that Eliott isn't following. You're in control. Don't bother going back for
Eliott, he isn't there. Make your way to the Throne Room by going out of the
room with the Gold Statue, up the stairs, into the opening and up the steps
to the north-east (take the steps facing east, not the steps facing north.)
From here, take the opening in the southern wall and enter the Throne Room.
Approach the King and Lise takes over. The King has been fatally wounded and
dies in front of Lise. We see the whole castle burn and who's responsible?
Bigieu! Lise flees the castle, vowing to find Eliott and avenge her father's
death. Lise explains that her father spoke of the Priest of Light in Wendel
and that's where she's heading. She takes a boat bound for Jad.

Lise arrives in Jad but something doesn't seem right. After a brief talk to
the sailor, he'll confirm that he also thinks something's not right. It turns
out that Lugar and his men from the Beast Kingdom have taken over the city.
They've blocked the ports so the sailor can't go home. Looks like you're
stuck. Go and buy some armour and weapons if you want (and have the money.) I
don't recommend you do so yet. Go and sleep in the inn (try talking with
Angela - she's also sleeping in the inn. You'll get a funny scene!) It's free
because the inn keeper can't make a profit with the beast men around. Ask him
to wake you up at night. When you get up, exit via the southern gate of the
castle (it's a little tricky to find to begin with.)

Once you've left the castle, go south into the Rabite Forest. Go southwest,
west, south, south, south and you'll end up in Astoria. This is where the
second chapter of the walkthru begins so go there now.