Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Rescuing The Fairy

With the Fairy kidnapped, the next part is to find out who kidnapped her and
to rescue her. Make your way back to the opening were Flammie dropped you
off. If you've forgotten, it's: cross the log, southeast, cross the bridge,
south, west, west, save (Gold Statue), south, south, northwest, southwest
(use the lillies), east (use the steps), south, southeast and finally south.
En route, you will meet several people. Who you will meet depends on your
hero. You will see the other two bad guys' teams depending on the hero of the
team. So, if Kevin is the hero, you'll see Koren/Darkshine Knight and
Bigieu/Jagan. The Deathjester and Heath will have kidnapped the Fairy. Not
_too_ hard to understand, eh?

Depending on the hero, the Fairy will be kidnapped by these people:
Angela/Duran: Darkshine Knight/Koren
Hawk/Lise: Bigieu/Jagan
Kevin/Carlie: Deathjester/Heath

And you'll see the other two pairs en route to the opening. The kidnappers
will be waiting for you in there. They have kidnapped the Fairy and are
forcing you to trade the Sword of Mana for the Fairy (well, what would you
rather have, the Sword or the Fairy?) Depending on who the kidnapper is, you
will have to go to different places to recover the Fairy.