Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Sub Bosses – Angela/Duran

**Angela/Duran’s Quest**

From where you beat Zable, head east and follow the path. You'll find a
headless Gold Statue. Save here - you've earned it. Now, make sure your team
is a minimum of L45. I _really_ advise L50 as the next boss is super-hard.

Once you've levelled up enough, follow these instructions: go up the steps to
the left of the headless Gold Statue and trek to the right until you find a
dragon's mouth. Enter it, watch the scene between Duran and the boss (this
scene happens even if you have Angela as the hero and Duran as a partner) and
prepare to face:

***Boss: Darkshine Knight***

This boss is hard, make no mistake about. Similar to Lugar, he knows all the
classes that Duran can learn and he can pull off any of the spells and/or
BAs, Vacuum Sword, Whirlwind Sword and Eruption Sword seem to be his
favourites. If you've got any super strong spells like Ancient or Rainbow,
make sure you use them. If you have Lise's stat magic or Carlie's Black
Curse, make sure you use them too. If you have Flame Saber, cast that and
you'll do around 130HPs per hit, 250HPs with Power Up cast. This may help
ease things a little. Do get me wrong, this battle will be long and hard and
you may die so make sure you save before attempting to fight him. Make sure
one member of your team knows Heal Light (multi) as this will really help. I
advise you to keep your distance and pummel him with magic. If any of your
team knows Leaf or Moon Saber, use them as well in case you run out of magic
or get low on HPs. No real strategy on this boss, just keep your HPs up above
the 200HPs, level or 400HPs if you haven't cast any "... Down" magic or used
Black Curse. Make sure you heal when necessary. Hit, hit, heal, repeat is
probably the best bet. When the Knight starts chanting, cast Heal Light.
Don't go all out, he can cause a lot of damage when his sword hits you.

Once the Knight dies, Duran's father appears (he won't if you don't have
Duran on your team) and explains that his soul was cursed by the Dragon
Emperor and he became the Darkshine Knight. His soul has now been released
and he can rest in peace. Duran vows to destroy the Emperor and Koren
personally. Loki's ghost vanishes and the front and rear entrances are
released. We can now enter Dragon's Hole. Be warned, the enemies here are
_much_ harder than the others you've faced. Be careful of the Death Machines
as they have a spell called Thunderbolt (multi) which damages and silences
ALL members of your team so you can't use your Level 2 or 3 BAs.

To get through Dragon's Hole, we must fight several bosses that have been
brought back to life, presumably by Koren.

First up, Tzenker. Follow these directions carefully, as it is very easy to
get lost here. The directions are: from the place where you defeat the
Knight, go north, north, east, east, north, east, up the spiralling pathway
and west to face Tzenker. The old strategy still holds, only this time you're
more powerful. Tzenker has more HPs so the battle will still be long. If
you've got any Gnome-taught spells like Earthquake or Diamond Missile, use
it. If you have it, cast Diamond Saber.

***Boss: Tzenker***

Tzenker is not as irritating as the Jewel Eater, but can cause a headache.
She flies around a helluva lot and it's difficult to hit her. Use magic a
lot. Carlie and Angela are very useful against her. If you've bought the item
that casts Mind Up from Byzel (the Sahagin's Scale I think it's called), use
it and then use Angela in abundance. The best you can do is hit, hit,
retreat, heal, repeat since you haven't class changed yet. Tzenker isn't too
hard, just heal when anyone's HPs go yellow. Try not to let anyone's HPs go
below 80, her Supersonic spell can kill them. I hope you've stocked up on the
items. I used up four walnuts on Angela against Tzenker. Use any magic on
Tzenker. I find rotating Angela's magic (e.g. Holy Ball, Gem Missile, Holy
Ball, Gem Missile, etc.) does good damage. Tzenker can cast Speed Up, Protect
Down and Protect Up on herself or on you. She has a nasty habit of picking up
your team mates and throwing them around, sending them off to la-la land. Her
most powerful spell is Supersonic and it does around 80 to 90 HPs damage. She
has a habit of firing her feathers at you too. You'll need a lot of healing
items against Tzenker. Tzenker CAN block, kind of. She will wrap herself with
her wings and then open them up. If she doesn't do anything (e.g. doesn't
cast a spell or fire a feather), she is in "block" mode and won't take any
damage for a while. If you look carefully, she will not move whilst in this
mode. Once she does, you can hit her again. All Tzenker's attacks are Wind-
Based and are taught by Jinn.

Once you've defeated Tzenker, go east, down the spiral, south, west and save
(Grey Statue.)

Now, for the next boss, Jewel Eater. Go east, southwest, west, south, east,
east, southeast, southwest (use the flights of steps), southwest and west to
face Jewel Eater again. Like Tzenker, he has boosted HPs and attack strength
so this battle will be as long, if not longer than the last time you met him.
Here's the bit from earlier on -- although the levels bit is obviously a bit
wrong now! :)

***Boss: Jewel Eater***

This guy is tough. He knows a lot of magic which you can't avoid and all his
moves do a lot of damage. This is why I reminded you to get full slots of
everything. Chances are you're going to need it. Use any offensive magic if
you've got any (Angela's Holy Ball works OK -- remember to use the walnuts if
you've got them.) If you've got Kevin, make sure it's night time. The only
strategy for this SOAB is hit, retreat, HEAL, repeat. The JE is like the Full
Metal Hugger boss from earlier on, he can block, thereby taking no damage. If
you die, resume from the save game and build up another 5 or so levels. I was
at L15 before I could comfortably beat this guy. Good luck!

Okay, next boss up is the Full Metal Hugger. Go south, east, north,
southeast, save here (Grey Statue), east, south (use the steps again),
finally north (tricky) to face Full Metal Hugger. He hasn't changed much
since the last time we met him. Apart from the usual boost in strength and
HPs, he's just like last time.

***Boss: Full Metal Hugger***

This guy is annoying. He heals himself constantly. Go for his eyes and make
sure you've got plenty of Round Drops and Puipui Grasses to cure Poison
status. Only use the Drops when your HPs flash yellow (warning.) When he
shuts his eyes, you can't damage him. His attacks are all Light-based. An
easy boss, hit, hit, heal, hit, hit, heal, etc. If Carlie's learnt Heal
Light, then use it. Since all of FMHs attacks are Light-Based, they are all
taught by Wisp.

That's all three Dragon's Hole bosses. We can now go found Koren. To do that,
go southwest, southeast, northwest (use the steps), save here (Grey Statue),
west, north, northwest, west, south, south, south, southeast, northeast and
north. You'll climb a flight of steps which will vanish, leaving you trapped
on a floating island. You hear Koren's voice and some dragons will start to
appear, beat them all up until you can get off.

Once the stairs reappear, go south, down the spiral path, south, save (Grey
Statue), west, west, northeast, northeast (use the steps -- it can be
tricky), north and north. You'll be in a room with the top entrance blocked
off, you must fight around 20 monsters without dying before it will be
opened. Think of this as an endurance. You are allowed to leave the room and
come back inside to continue, but you must beat all 20 before continuing.
Once you have, go north and watch the scene. The Dragon Emperor absorbs the
Sword and then goes off to kill the Goddess. Koren stays behind to destroy
you. So now, you must face:

***Boss: Koren***

Koren only ever uses magic, but boy does he know how to use it! He can cast
vitually any spell, from the simple Holy Ball to the devastating Ancient. Be
ready with Heal Light, Angel Grails and Honey Drinks. Every so often, Koren
will cast Barrier Change which alters his strong/weak spots. The best way to
beat him is to watch what spell he uses and counter by casting an opposing
spell or casting the opposite Saber type on your team. Koren isn't too hard
to beat, you've just got to be careful about your HPs. Be wary of casting
Sabers, as if he switches to a type that matches your Saber, you'll end up
healing him. For example, if you cast Leaf Saber on your team and then Koren
changes to a Grass type, you'll LOSE your MPs, not gain them. Likewise with
Moon types and Moon Saber, so be careful.

Once Koren is defeated, he'll explain his story. He wanted to use magic and
the Dragon Emperor told him that, in trade for part of his soul, he would
make Koren the best sorcerer in the world, but _this_ is what happened. Koren
casts Dark Force (multi) -- on himself and dies. Duran feels a little bad at
what happened and Angela calls Koren a fool for taking his own life. When the
talking is finished, head south off the balcony where you fought Koren and
you'll find Valda, Angela's mum. After some discussion, Angela will break
down and cry as the screen fades to black. When it fades back in, you'll find
yourself in Altena Castle. Wait for the talking to finish and go southwest
(or southeast, it doesn't matter), south, south, south, down, south, south,
south. You're now back in the village. Sleep at the inn, stock up on supplies
and get ready to fight the final boss, we've got to stop the Dragon Emperor
from getting to the Mana Tree! We'll deal with that in the next Chapter.