Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Sub Bosses – Carlie/Kevin

Carlie/Kevin’s Quest**

Okay, onto the Mirage Palace. From where you beat Zable, go south, southwest
(down the steps), north, north and save at the headless Gold Statue. From
here, go south, west, northwest. You'll hit a dead end. Weird. The Mirage
Palace should be this way. Now what do we do? Use the Illusion Mirror. Guess
who we find?

***Boss: Deathjester***

This guy is a real nutcase. The first thing he does is split into three. Only
one is the real one. But which one? That's the hard part. DJ knows a lot of
spells. Some are: Blaze Wall, Holy Ball, Death Roulette, Stun Wind, Cold
Blaze. He doesn't know Hell Cross (luckily.) However, he can (and will) cast
Death Roulette several times. Be ready with the Angel Grails. The best thing
to do is to use Undine's spells. I think that Undine is DJ's weakness. A
simple Ice Smash (single) on the right DJ did 500HPs damage after casting
Mind Down on him. If you attack with a BA and it's not the right one, don't
worry, you don't lose your BA bar so you can try again. If you watch
carefully, only the REAL DJ casts the spells so once you find him, whack him
to the ground. Every so often, DJ will flash white. Once he does this, he's
switched places with one of the clones so you'll need to find which one he is
again. This is one of the harder bosses. You may need to resume from the save
game several times. I advise a team of L45 or higher. Be sure you have full
slots of Herbs, Grasses and Grails.

Once the Deathjester dies, a flight of steps will appear. Head up and north
and you'll be in front of the Mirage Palace. Our next step is to get through
the Mirage Palace, but this is easier said than done (as you'll find out.)

From the entrance, head north and then north again. As you pass through the
arch, you'll experience a mirage and find yourself back in Wendel. Go and
talk to the Priest and beat up all of the monsters here. When they're all
dead, go through the northwest door (it's open) and you'll return to the
Mirage Palace. Now, head north and save at the Skull Statue (it's like a Grey
Goddess Statue.) See all the orbs? We need to make them all light up before
we can continue so we need to go down each of the paths. First: southwest.
Head southwest, down the steps and into the arch. You'll be taken back to the
Dwarves' Tunnels where you faced Jewel Eater. Head west, southwest (down the
steps), down the steps (ignore the monsters), down the steps to the southeast
of this room (there are two sets of steps and you must ignore the monsters
here.) From here, go down again and again, ignore the monsters. You'll see a
box. Open the box and read the message. Now retrace your steps back to the
beginning by going, north four times (climb any steps and beat up any
monsters to open up the paths), north, east, south to exit the mirage. Once
outside, head east and then northeast. Two orbs should now be alight. Next,
the west. Head west, northwest through the arch. This mirage takes you back
to the Moonreading Tower. From where you start, take the right door and then
the middle door and face:

***Boss: Genova***

Yep. It's Genova again, the only difference is that this isn't a mirage, but
the strategy is the same as before:

Genova is tough, make no mistake about it. He spits out Shape Shifters which
morph into various monsters. They won't do any magic, but they DO have the
attack strength of the monster they are imitating so if they morph into a
powerful monster, kill them quick. I tend to go for Genova whilst the team
mates go for the Shape Shifters. If you've got Kevin, use the Dreamsee Herb
to make sure it's night time first. You can get away with only healing when
your energy flashes yellow. Make sure you've got full slots of healing items
and walnuts (if you have Angela and/or Carlie on your team.) Use magic and
physical attacks as much as possible. Genova's magic can be powerful and
annoying (he can cast Power Up on the shifters.) Genova's attacks are all
Fire-Based and a large majority of them are taught by Salamando.

By now, you should have done the second class change. If you can, use Cold
Blaze or Mega Splash as Genova's weakness is Undine. I got Lise to cast Mind
Down and Angela Cold Blazed him and he took 850HPs damage.

Once Genova dies, the exit opens up. Head through it and you'll be teleported
back to the Mirage Palace. Head east back to the orbs and you'll see that
three orbs are now lit. This is very worrying. We beat up Genova earlier on
and we just had to beat him _again_?! What else does the Mirage Palace hold
for us? We'll have to find out. The next exit we'll use is southeast. Head
southeast. Kill the monster there, follow the path around and enter the arch.
This mirage takes you back to the Sub-Zero Snowfields between Altena and
Elrand. Beat all the monsters here and you'll then be teleported to The Path
To The Heavens near Palo and Rolante. Again, beat all the monsters here.
Next, you'll be taken to Forest of Wonder, the Ancient Ruins of Light and
finally, the Valley of Flames. In each of the sections, beat up all the
enemies. When done, make your way back to the orbs. Next, the east exit. Head
east, northeast and prepare to face:

***Boss: Gildervine***

Another resurrected boss. Damn. I'm getting a severe case of deja vu. The old
strategy still holds:

Gildervine isn't too hard. He is weak against any electrical-based attack so
use Thunder Saber, Thunderstorm, Thunder Jutsu or anything similar. If you
don't have any of Jinn's more powerful moves, the basic Fireball spell does
wonders, especially after Lise has cast Protect Down and Mind Down on
Gildervine (you can get Lise to cast Mind _UP_ on Angela instead if you want
to.) If you have any level 2 spells (Explode, Blaze Wall, Fire Jutsu, etc.)
Use them. Gildervine has more HPs than last time so the fight will probably
last a little longer.

Once he's dead, go south then west to return the orbs. There are now only
three orbs left, northeast, northwest and north. Right. Northwest one next.
Go northwest, there's a set of steps to the far right of the platform. Head
up the steps, beat up all the monsters and step on the square tile switch
there. The blockage will be removed from the arch below you. Don't head
inside there yet. Head east, east and down the steps (not the one that leads
into the lava, the other one.) From here, head north. This mirage takes you
back to Astoria. All the people here are dead (they're all ghosts and
flicker.) Head south out of the room you start in and talk to all the ghosts
(and I mean _all_.) When you're done, come back and you'll see a merchant who
isn't a ghost. Talk to him and he'll turn into:

***Boss: L52 Ghost***

No strategy. Just attack like you would a normal Ghost or Specter. If you're
having problems, use some Holy magic like Holy Ball, Saint Beam or Saint

When you beat the ghost, you'll return to the hallway. From here, go west up
the steps, east, east, down the steps (they're at the far right of the
platform), north through the arch (the arch was blocked until you hit the
switch earlier on. This is the final mirage.) This mirage takes you back to
Rolante Castle. It's long winded, but obvious where to go. Work your way
through, climbing up the steps as you need (there's only one route and no
forks so you won't get lost.) On your way, you'll meet Heath (Carlie) or Karl
(Kevin.) Talk to them and they'll run away. DO NOT FOLLOW THEM! Just continue
on and eventually, you'll hit the end. Once you've finished the mirage, go
south then southwest to return to the orbs. There are now 7 orbs lit (if you
are wondering, the northeast mirage was the Astoria one.) Only one remains:
north. Stand in front of the Skull Statue and press A (as if you were going
to save your game.) A path will open up. Save your game and then head north
and north again. You'll be teleported to a dark room with around 10 to 15
monsters. You must beat all the monsters (in groups of between 1 and 3) with
no refresh. Each time you beat a group, more will appear in another part of
the room. Once you beat all the monsters ("Victory!" appears), a doorway will
appear. Head through the doorway and head north into the castle to enter a
long corridor. Go all the way up and you'll see a switch. Don't hit the
switch yet (leave it in the "Up" position.) Head around and up and through
the door to find a headless Grey Statue. Save your game here.

When done, level up to around L45 or L50. Now from the Statue go south, west
(go around the switch, but don't press it), north, north, south into the
next exit along, press the left switch so it points down and the right switch
points up. Now go north, and down the steps to the right of the platform.
Follow the wall and walk into the dark wall. You'll enter the basement. Pull
the switch here and make your way back to the two switches room by going
east, north, south (first opening), south, west and then stop. If you pulled
the switch in the basement, there will be a bridge here. There are five
panels on the other side of the room. The second from the left is a secret
entrance (if you look carefully, it has no shadow.) Go into this panel (using
the bridge, obviously) and use the teleporter. From the other side, walk west
and prepare to face:

***Boss: Gorva***

The only difference between this match and the one before is that you have a
team of three and not two plus you've done your second class change. This
battle will be much shorter if you have Duran/Carlie's Saint Saber, Carlie's
Black Curse, Lise's stat magic and Angela's Holy Ball/Saint Beam. In general,
use all the new Holy magic your team has learnt. Whatever you do, don't use
any Shade offensive magic on Gorva (such as Dark Force or Evil Gate) as it
will heal him. The previous strategy still holds (although the levels bit is
obviously a bit different by now):

All Gorva's moves are Dark-Based and are taught by Shade. Gorva fades in and
out of the screen like a nutcase. Since his skill is Dark, and Dark is weak
against Light, use Holy Ball against him. If you have Carlie/Angela on your
team (and didn't let them get cursed) then use them. Make sure to use the
walnuts if you run out of MPs. You can only hit Gorva with physical attacks
when he's at ground level. Watch out for the silencing moves. Cure silence
status with the Puipui Grasses or Stardust Herbs. You can use Tinkle Rain if
Carlie is on your team. You obviously can't use Tinkle Rain if Carlie is
silenced. This battle won't last long if you have Angela and Kevin as a team
and they are L12 or L14. Cast Holy Ball, Holy Ball, Holy Ball and he's as
good as dead.

When Gorva dies, a path will open up. Head west and use the teleporter. From
here, go south, northeast (another room) and use the left-hand transporter.
You'll see a scene involving the Masked Mage, Heath and Carlie/Kevin. The
Mage absorbs the Sword and goes off to kill the Goddess. Heath teleports you
to another area and you must now battle him.

***Boss: Heath***

Heath is tough, make no mistake. Heath only ever uses magic so make sure you
cast Mind Up/Down and hit him with everything you've got. Heath has no weak
spots so this fight is going to be tough. Use all your high damage moves and
spells. This is one fight that ends up with a 75% chance of you losing. Heath
loves to use his summons (Freya, Marduke, etc.) a lot and each causes a
status change (Freya = Minimise, Marduke = Silence) so make sure you've got
someone who knows multi-cast Tinkle Rain and make sure you've got a couple of
Stardust Herbs handy. Good Luck, you'll need it!

When (_if_) you win, Heath's brainwashing is removed and he tells his story.
The Masked Mage is Belgar, his father. He and the Priest of Light had a
falling out over a girl's incurable disease. Belgar wanted to cure her, but
Light magic couldn't help. So, he went and studied Dark magic and The Priest
of Light exiled him. The magic corrupted his mind and body and he has since
worn the mask to hide his identity. Heath asks for you and your team to head
to the Holy Land to stop the Mage. After placing his trust in you, he casts
Holy Ball on himself (he's become a Dark magic user) and dies. Carlie wails

After this, you'll end up outside the Mirage Palace. Call Flammie. Time to
head for the Mana Holy Land and the Final Showdown! That will be the final
section of the walkthru so go there now.