Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - Sub Bosses – Lise/Hawk

**Lise/Hawk’s Quest**

From where you beat Zable, go west, south, south and then up the steps at the
south of the screen. You'll end up outside the Cave of Darkness. Head north
up the steps and into the door you find. You'll see a headless Gold Statue.
Save here and refresh -- you've earned it! When you're done, head east, east,
east and you'll see a gargoyle statue, just like earlier on when you were
looking for the entrance to the Corobokkle Village. Talk to the statue and
you'll get a flash of light. Now go west, south, down the steps, west, and
you'll see the Jagan. Approach him and he'll float away. You and your team
will drop down the hole...

Once you recover, you'll chat with Jagan and then face:

**Bosses: L44 Bloody Wolf, L44 Carmilla Queen, Jagan**

Yep, you get to face Jagan himself. As for the Carmilla Queen and Bloody
Wolf, beat them up as you would do normally. Use Saint Saber if you have to.
Jagan flickers like a ghost and a lot of your attacks will miss him. What I
suggest you do is hold a finger on the A button until you have enough for
your level 2 BA and then whack B and pummel him. Jagan knows a lot of Dark-
type magic like Psycho Wave, Ghost Road, Dark Force, Death Spell and Black
Rain -- make sure you've got plenty of Angel Grails handy. Make sure you
Saint Saber your team or you'll probably end up doing little damage. If
you've got Kevin on your team, make sure it's night time before talking to
Jagan and battling him. Use the Dreamsee Herb if you have to. Make sure your
team are around the same level as the monsters (e.g. about L40 to L45.)

Once Jagan dies, a flight of stairs will appear, head up them. You'll end up
in a room near to where you fought Zable Fahr. Head north, northwest. This is
where you defeated Zable (don't worry, you won't face him/her again.) From
here, go west, south, south, up the steps at the south of the screen, north
and through the door. Save here (just like last time.) Now, go east. You'll
be standing on a bridge with a rock floating a little bit to the north of
you. There is an invisible path leading up to it. Try walking on air and
you'll find it. Follow the path all the way up and you'll find an opening in
the eastern wall. Head through it. From this room, there are four exits --
northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. You come in through the
southwestern exit. Northwest and southeast are dead ends. Beat up all the
monsters here and you'll open up the northeastern exit. Go through here. Now
go up the steps and north. Now go north again then head up the screen to find
another headless Gold Statue. Save here. When done, head east, east and north
and you'll find yourself on the path to Dark Castle. Follow it and enter the

Inside Dark Castle are a lot of Magic users -- specifically Dark, so any Holy
magic will really help here. Once inside, go, east, beat up all the monsters
here, east, beat up the monsters here as well, east again, north, beat up the
Demon and go south, west, and up the stairs (you couldn't before. Beating up
the Demon removed the fire wall.) Once upstairs, follow the path until you
find a skeleton hanging on the wall. Talk to it and a door will open below
you. Now continue following the path until it exits west. Go down the steps,
east (ignore the open stairs for now), north (through the door you just
opened) and north again.

This part of Dark Castle isn't as symmetrical as the other part, but still is
a little tricky to navigate. From the start, keep going east, beating up the
monsters to remove the fire walls. When you can't go east anymore, beat up
the monsters in the room and the fire wall blocking the southern exit will be
removed. Head south and save at the headless Grey Statue.

In the final part of Dark Castle, you'll end up facing off against enemies
who can heal so make sure you can handle them. After saving at the statue, go
up the stairs and then head west until you find a door to the north of you.
Go through the door and walk up to the throne. You'll fall through a hole in
the floor and have to face:

***Boss: Full Metal Hugger***

Yep, this guy is back and he's just as annoying. He's got more HPs than last
time and he's at a higher level so this battle could last just as, if not
longer than last time. The previous strategy still holds:

This guy is annoying. He heals himself constantly. Go for his eyes and make
sure you've got plenty of Round Drops and Puipui Grasses to cure Poison
status. Only use the Drops when your HPs flash yellow (warning.) When he
shuts his eyes, you can't damage him. His attacks are all Light-based. An
easy boss, hit, hit, heal, hit, hit, heal, etc. If Carlie's learnt Heal
Light, then use it.

Now, this is worrying. We beat FMH ages ago and he's back? Chances are we're
going to have to face other former bosses again so we'd better make sure
we're ready.

From where you beat FMH, go south (the path that just opened up), east,
south, southwest, hit the switch on the north wall to open up the door. Go in
then go southwest, hit the switch and go north again. Open up the box to get
some Magic Walnuts. Go south, southwest, south and do the switch thing again.
Now prepare to rematch:

***Boss: Genova***

Genova is tough, make no mistake about it. He spits out Shape Shifters which
morph into various monsters. They won't do any magic, but they DO have the
attack strength of the monster they are imitating so if they morph into a
powerful monster, kill them quick. I tend to go for Genova whilst the team
mates go for the Shape Shifters. If you've got Kevin, use the Dreamsee Herb
to make sure it's night time first. You can get away with only healing when
your energy flashes yellow. Make sure you've got full slots of healing items
and walnuts (if you have Angela and/or Carlie on your team.) Use magic and
physical attacks as much as possible. Genova's magic can be powerful and
annoying (he can cast Power Up on the shifters.) Genova's attacks are all
Fire-Based and are taught by Salamando (Fire Spirit) -- with the exception of
the trap spells.

Man, I dunno about you, but I am getting a SEVERE case of deja vu. FMH and
Genova have been resurrected? Who next?

After beating Genova, go north, north, north, beat up the monsters here and
then go east. Do this again and then go up, west, south, save here (headless
Grey Statue), north, up, south and prepare to rematch:

***Boss: Tzenker***

Tzenker is not as irritating as the Jewel Eater, but can cause a headache.
She flies around a helluva lot and it's difficult to hit her. Use magic a
lot. Carlie and Angela are very useful against her. If you've bought the item
that casts Mind Up from Byzel (the Sahagin's Scale I think it's called), use
it and then use Angela in abundance. The best you can do is hit, hit,
retreat, heal, repeat since you haven't class changed yet. Tzenker isn't too
hard, just heal when anyone's HPs go yellow. Try not to let anyone's HPs go
below 80, her Supersonic spell can kill them. I hope you've stocked up on the
items. I used up four walnuts on Angela against Tzenker. Use any magic on
Tzenker. I find rotating Angela's magic (e.g. Holy Ball, Gem Missile, Holy
Ball, Gem Missile, etc.) does good damage. Tzenker can cast Speed Up, Protect
Down and Protect Up on herself or on you. She has a nasty habit of picking up
your team mates and throwing them around, sending them off to la-la land. Her
most powerful spell is Supersonic and it does around 330HPs damage. She has a
habit of firing her feathers at you too. You'll need a lot of healing items
against Tzenker. Tzenker CAN block, kind of. She will wrap herself with her
wings and then open them up. If she doesn't do anything (e.g. doesn't cast a
spell or fire a feather), she is in "block" mode and won't take any damage
for a while. If you look carefully, she will not move whilst in this mode.
Once she does, you can hit her again. All Tzenker's attacks are Wind-Based
and are taught by Jinn.

Once you beat Tzenker (who happens to be the last of the resurrected bosses
-- thankfully), go east, northeast, down the steps and follow the path to the
south. You'll find a headless Grey Statue. Save here. Now go east and
northeast through the door. Watch the scene and you'll end up having to face:

***Boss: Bigieu***

YES! This is it. Now you can whip ol' Big-ass to bits. Don't hold back -- ol'
big-head has been a pain since the start of the game, bringing about the
death of Lise's dad and killing Hawk's best friend, Eagle, so this is a
definite grudge match!

There's only one problem. Bigieu decides to go all feline on you and turns
into a creature resembling Felicia from Vampire Saviour!

Bigieu is not like Koren or Heath, she can use both Magic and physical
attacks. In fact, her physical attacks really hurt. The main attacks Bigieu
uses are: Moon Saber (give her some HPs back with every attack), Body Change
(miniturises all of your team), Rose Highclaw (a slashing combo that causes
up to 250HPs of damage), Lamia Naga (Dark monster summon), Energy Ball
(increases chance of critical hits), Lunatic (lowers max HPs.) Bigieu uses
Energy Ball A LOT and will therefore hit a lot of critical hits. Make sure
you've got a lot of healing items and some herbs and grasses to heal miniture
status. The best strategy I can give you is to pin her at a distance with
magic spells. If you have Aura Wave, use it and then pummel her with the BAs.
This fight isn't as long as the other sub-bosses as Bigieu doesn't know how
to heal -- she relies on the Moon Saber spell so if you don't let her hit
you, you'll be okay.

Once Bigieu dies, she turns back to normal. Talk to her and she'll explain
her story. The Dark Prince was once the heir to the Kingdom of Light's
throne. He was feared and hated by all the people until one day. The demons
of the underworld offered him respect and power if he destroys his kingdom
and gives up his soul. He does so. Bigieu only wanted to bring the old Prince
back, to bring back his soul... After this, she dies and the castle begins to
collapse. The Fairy advises you to run. Best bit of advice I've heard for a
long time!! Go south out of the room and you'll see the castle break apart.
After the discussion, go west and save at the Grey Statue again. When done,
go up (you'll need to move up the screen to see the steps), south and
northeast (this exit was sealed last time you came here. If you go west,
you'll be at the place where you rematched Tzenker earlier on.) Go up the
steps (there are several flights), south and get a scene involving Hawk/Lise,
The Fairy and The Dark Prince. The Prince offers you a post in his kingdom.
You refuse and he absorbs the Sword of Mana. He senses the Goddess is still
alive and goes off to seal her away. By the way, the kid next to the Prince
is Prince Eliott -- Lise's little brother. Lise will throw a major wobbly if
you're playing her quest.

The Dark Prince takes off along with Eliott. Man, are we in deep BS or what?