Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - The Dark God-Beast (Zable-Fahr)

Okay, that's seven God-Beasts. But there's still one left. The Dark
God-Beast. But Shade told us the Dark Mana Stone was destroyed and the GB
went missing. So what do we do? Remember the merchant cats? Josephine, (the
female one) mentioned that the city of Pedan has really good weapons and
armour. Why not head there and stock up on stuff until we figure out what to
do next? So, when you get control of your team, call Flammie and head for the
red dot (there's only one on the map this time. This is Pedan, but you can't
land here. There's an opening to the west of Pedan. This is the Jungle of
Illusions (it still shows up as "Pedan" on the screen.) Land here. This place
is called the Jungle of Illusions for a good reason -- as you'll find out
soon enough. From where you land, head down the steps and exit south. Now
walk to the east and head north when you get the chance. You'll see the ruins
of Pedan. There's a small derelict building here. You need to wade into the
water to go inside. Do so. Hmmm. Looks like an inn. Go up to the place where
the inn keeper would be and talk to the poster. Opt to rest the night and
save when asked. When done, walk outsi-? Hey! Check it out! Pedan's bustling
with activity! It wasn't like this last night! Never mind. Down to business.
There are two people you must talk to in this city. One is a Mana Stone Guru
and he lives in a building to the west of the city. He tells you that there
are eight Mana Stones, but the world only knows about seven. He says he knows
where the eighth one is and tells you where it is. Depending on who your hero
is, he will say different things:

Angela/Duran: Dragon's Hole (via the Glass Desert)
Carlie/Kevin: Mirage Palace
Hawk/Lise: Dark Castle (via the Cave of Darkness)

Once you know where the final Stone lies, head to the north of the city till
you see a temple. Just outside is a guy who will sell you weapons -- buy all
the stuff you can afford. To the east side of town is the armoury -- we'll
come back here in a moment. Enter the temple and you'll see a tablet. You
can't read it because it's written in an ancient script. Talk to the old guy
and he'll translate for you. The tablet describes the final boss of the game
(which varies depending on the hero: Dragon Emperor - Angela/Duran, Masked
Mage: Carlie/Kevin, Dark Prince: Hawk/Lise.) Once done, head to the armoury
and buy all the armour you can afford (there is NO item shop in Pedan.) If
you're playing as Angela or Duran, Loki (Duran's dad) and Prince Richard will
be here. No, that's not a typo, it's _Prince_ Richard, not King Richard. You
see, this whole place is really an illusion, the jungle included. What we see
here is what took place 12 years ago, when Duran was only five (he's 17 now.)
Talk to them and they'll leave for Dragon's Hole (Duran and Loki will talk a
bit longer if you're playing Duran's quest.) The next step is to get the
class change. Zable is almost impossible to beat without the second class
change so this is what you need to do. Spend some time in the Jungle of
Illusions, beating up all the monsters. When they leave boxes, open them.
Chances are you'll get some "??? Seeds" once you get between 3 and 6, head
back to the inn, SAVE and then plant them and see what you get. If you keep
getting the same item, reset, resume from the save game and try again, as
this means you're using a cheat and that's screwing up the game a bit. You
will need to reactivate the cheat (if you were using one) after you've used
up all the seeds or picked up the items you need to break the class you want.
The description of the item will tell you what class you'll get if you use
that to break the seal. If you're not sure which class is better for your
team, take a look at the class changing section earlier on in the FAQ. If you
can't seem to get any seeds here, don't worry, go to the next section of your
quest (e.g. the Mirage Palace for Carlie/Kevin, the Glass Desert for
Angela/Duran or the Cave of Darkness for Hawk/Lise) and fight there. You'll
be guaranteed some seeds here. For the best luck in the Jungle of Illusions,
try fighting at night and beat up the Boulders, making sure they are the last
monsters to die. Make sure you're at L38 before attempting the next part of
the walkthru.