Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - The Earth God-Beast

Head the eastern-most red dot (shows up as "Cleft of The Earth"), face North
and then hold down B+Forward. Flammie will move forward and land when she has
the chance. You'll end up on another part of the Molebear Highlands. The
enemies here a p**s easy as they're all about L7 and you should by now be
close to L40 and ready to class change any time soon. You should be able to
kill the enemies here with one hit.

Anyway, the first step is to find the entrance to the Gemstone Valley Dorian
where the Earth God-Beast resides. To do that, go as follows: northwest,
northwest, southeast, west, take the hole (go under the bridge), west, west
and you'll find a flight of steps with the two merchant cats. You should, by
now, have bought virtually all of the stuff the cats sell. If you don't make
sure you do, as the enemies here are hard and most of them at least L35. Now
go down the steps to head into the Gemstone Valley Dorian. Prepare for a hard

First step, the Gold Statue. To get there, you need to go as follows: south,
southeast, southeast (you'll need to walk down the screen to see the exit),
east, southeast (walk down screen to see exit), southwest (walk down), west,
west, southeast (walk down), southeast (walk down), south, southwest (walk
down), save here (Gold Statue.)

Now level up to between L35 and L40. If you've picked up any "??? Seeds",
planted them, and got the items you want, refer to Part 0 of the next chapter
to see how to class change.

Now, to find the second Gold Statue (it's nearer the GB than this one.) This
statue can be reached by going east, east, south, west, south, west. Save
here and level up further if you're not already high enough. When you're
ready, head west, walk to the left of the screen to find the opening and head
northwest into it. Now you'll face off against:

***Boss: God-Beast Land Umber***

LU is slow, but his attacks can do a lot of damage. Before he's finished
forming, make sure you've Thunder Sabered your team. LU's weakness is Jinn so
use any Jinn-taught or electric magic spell like Thunderstorm, Air Blast or
Thunder Jutsu. If you have Carlie, Duran or Kevin, make sure you heal fairly
often. LU will grab the person dealing the most damage and throw them around
the room, halving their HPs (CrashBall.) If you have Kevin on your team and
have him Thunder Sabered, he'll do anything up to 4 or 500HPs damage with his
Level 1 BA. This fight is tough, but not as tough as Dolan and nowhere as
long as Dangaard. Not too hard to beat, but make sure you watch out for his
Hyper Cannon.