Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - The Final Battle – Bosses

This is it. The final battle. This is where all your work is put to the
ultimate and final test. I advise a team of at minimum L50. L55 or L60 is
better and is probably more advisable, just to be on the safe side.

Just to recap, we've failed in stopping the big boss from leaving this realm
so our last chance in beating them lies in defeating them at the Mana Holy
Land before they can cut down the Mana Tree and thereby killing the Goddess,
but first, we need to stock up on supplies and rest after that last battle.
Call Flammie from where you defeated the final sub-boss and head for Byzel.
Once there, stock up on stuff from the Black Market and save at the inn.
Consider grabbing a few more levels from whichever place you get to. I advise
a team of L55 _minimum_ -- you can beat the boss at L55 (I did), but I used
up all my healing items and Angel Grails and I _almost_ didn't make it.

Once your team is up and ready, we can now head for the Holy Land. An
important note to remember is that each of the three stories through the game
has a _different_ final boss, but the routes through the Holy Land are all
the same.

Once you land in the Holy Land, we need to trek to the Gold Statues again,
but there are two different things here. Firstly, the Holy Land is getting
worse and the route there is different to the route before. Secondly, there
are new, more dangerous enemies here. The one to watch for is the Shadow Zero
enemy. This monster is a variation on the old Shape-Shifter monster. He can
morph into one of your team and then pull off his/her BAs at will AND THEY
you kill the Shadows ASAP. If you can't kill them straight away, make sure you at
least cast one of the "... Down" spells or use Carlie's Black Curse.

The route to get to the Gold Statues is as follows: north, northwest, north,
east, east, northeast, northwest, north, northwest, north. Once you get here,
save and level up to around L55 if you haven't already. Now, onto the final

From the Gold Statues, head west, north, west, beat all the monsters here,
west (through the opened path), northwest, northeast, east. From this screen,
you'll see two logs. Cross the lower one, head up and cross the second. The
final scene appears. The boss has chopped down the tree and killed the
Goddess. We're too late!! But still, we can at least kill him!