Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - The Final Battle – Carlie/Kevin

***Boss: Marked Mage***

This guy isn't too hard. Just make sure you keep your HPs up at a safe level.
Above 100 is good. The Mage's strong and weak spots change constantly. To
begin with, he's a Dark type (weak against Holy) so Saint Saber everyone and
use Holy Magic like Saint Beam and Holy Ball. When the background changes (it
changes at random), his type changes so watch what spell he uses and counter
with a level 2 spell of the opposite type (so Dark <=> Holy, Fire <=>
Water/Ice, etc.) If you can, immediately Saber your team with the opposite
Saber. Counter Magic really helps. Make sure you have FULL slots of all
healing items, Angel Grails and maybe one or two extra items from Byzel's
Black Market. Watch out when he becomes a Holy type. If you don't have a full
complement of Saber spells (Ice, Fire, Thunder, Diamond, Dark/Saint), then
cancel your team's Sabers with another when he becomes the same type. For
example, if you've Saint Sabered your team and he becomes a Holy Type, use
Dark Saber if you have it (which is unlikely if you have Saint Saber) or
another Saber, just to cancel your teams Sabers.

**The Ending**

When you beat the final boss, you'll learn that even though the Goddess is
dead and the Mana has been destroyed, there is still hope. The Fairy, who has
been travelling with you for so long, becomes the next Goddess (she explains
that "The Fairy is the seed of the Mana Tree" and instructs you to return to
your world. The Fairy tells you that in 1000 years, Mana will return to our
world.) Here, your team parts company with the new Goddess and you'll get
your endings. Hmmm.... "In 1000 years, Mana will return to your world..." Is
it just me, or does that sound like there's going to be a sequel....?

CONGRATULATIONS!! You have just completed Seiken Densetsu 3! Give yourself a
pat on the back, open a few cans of beer (if you're old enough) and put your
feet up. You've earned it.