Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - The Final Battle- Lise/Hawk

***Boss: Archdemon (Vers. 1)***

You must defeat the Archdemon twice to win the game. V1 (as I like to call
him) switches modes and uses magic depending on which mode he is currently
in. He knows all the Level 2 spells for each mode he switches to. You can
tell what mode he's in by the colour of the armour: Red=Fire, Black=Dark,
Brown=Ground, etc. If you have all the Saber spells (including Dark and
Saint), this'll be easy. Simply cast the relevant opposite Saber depending on
his type and you'll do lots of damage. V1 likes to use a lot of
status-altering magic, _especially_ Black Curse. What I recommend you do is
this: pick your strongest fighter (usually Kevin or Duran) and _only_ use the
Stardust Herbs to remove all the status effects when V1 casts Black Curse on
them. Remember, doing so also cancels the Saber effect. A complete inventory
of V1's magic is: Blaze Wall, Black Curse, Stun Wind, Air Slasher, Explode,
Gigaburn, Hypercannon, Dark Force, Death Spell, Hell Cross, Earthquake,
Thunderstorm, Body Change (get the Puipui Grasses, Tinkle Rain and Mama Poto
Oil ready!), Half Vanish and Spiral Moon -- I think that's everything. Make
sure that everyone's HPs stay above 125HPs. If you've got Counter Magic, use
it. Make sure you've got full slots of Puipui Grasses, Stardust Herbs, Angel
Grails, Magic Walnuts and Mama Poto Oil (buy this in Byzel from the salesman
on the right side of the market.)

Once you've battered Archdemon V1, his armour will explode and you'll now
have to face:

***Boss: Archdemon (Vers. 2)***

V2 tends to use more physical attacks than V1 so you may want to consider
removing your team's status effects with the herbs. Again, cast Counter Magic
on your team (the herbs will probably remove it.) Cast Saint, Ice or Flame
Saber on your team as that is V2's weakness (V2 is a Dark type and Dark seems
to be weak against both Holy, Fire _AND_ Water/Ice.) V2 doesn't switch types
and doesn't use status magic as much. His main attacks are Demon Breath,
Catastrophe, Demon Scream and Black Curse. Yes, he _does_ still use Black
Curse, but just not as much. V2 likes to throw people around the room like
Jagan, so make sure your team stays above 150HPs, 200HPs for safety. If you
have any Stat magic, use it to your maximum advantage. This fight isn't as
long as V1 and before long, he's dead.

**The Ending**

When you beat the final boss, you'll learn that even though the Goddess is
dead and the Mana has been destroyed, there is still hope. The Fairy, who has
been travelling with you for so long, becomes the next Goddess (she explains
that "The Fairy is the seed of the Mana Tree" and instructs you to return to
your world. The Fairy tells you that in 1000 years, Mana will return to our
world.) Here, your team parts company with the new Goddess and you'll get
your endings. Hmmm.... "In 1000 years, Mana will return to your world..." Is
it just me, or does that sound like there's going to be a sequel....?

CONGRATULATIONS!! You have just completed Seiken Densetsu 3! Give yourself a
pat on the back, open a few cans of beer (if you're old enough) and put your
feet up. You've earned it.