Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - The Light God-Beast

Once you've beaten LU, you'll be healed and dumped outside the Gemstone
Valley. Buy the rest of the items from the cats (which you should have done
by now) and call Flammie. Next stop, The Ancient Ruins of Light. But first,
we need to rest. After getting on Flammie's back, fly to the easternmost red
dot. This is the Mountain Zone where you fought Dangaard (the Wind GB.) The
Ancient Ruins of Light is the red dot to the west of it but don't land here
yet. Southwest of this dot is the Holy City Wendel. Land here and stock up on
supplies. Get full (x9) slots of Grasses and Herbs. Consider heading to Byzel
to buy other items such as Walnuts and Claws. You'll need it for the next GB.
Rest and save at the inn. There's no new weapons or armour here so don't
bother. When you're ready, call Flammie again and head for the red dot to the
northeast of Wendel (where you just came from.) Land near the Ruins and now,
to find the Gold Statue. Firstly, a word of warning. The enemies can be very
annoying. The Grells (the monsters that look like floating jellyfish) can
perform the "Tricky Dance" which is like Lunatic and lowers your max HPs.
They can also perform "Flash" which Moogles your entire team so everything
misses and you can't use magic. If this happens to you, run outside and then
come in again. The Sirens can perform "Melody" which is similar to the
"Tricky Dance" in that it lowers your max HP and when they attack, they can
silence you which means you can't perform your Level 2 or 3 BAs. Secondly,
it is possible to get some "??? Seeds" here by beating up the Papa Potos (the
grey ones) so spend some time getting these. Anyway, to get to the Gold
Statue go: northeast, northwest (you need to walk up the screen to find the
exit), west, (we'll go north later) up the steps (top of screen), north,
north, southeast, east, south and down the steps. Go up the opposite steps
(note the two tablets on the wall, we'll come back to them later.) Once up
the other flight of steps, beat the monsters here and read the poster on the
wall (if you want to, head south, follow the path and you'll find a box with
several Honey Drinks inside. If you don't have enough space, press START and
shift some items into storage.) The poster says "To the left, light. To the
right..." -- the last word is missing. Head back to the two slabs by going
northwest and use Wisp on the left slab. A path will open just below you. Use
Shade (the opposite force -- the word which was missing from the poster was
"Dark" -- "To the left, Light. To the right, Dark") on the right slab. You'll
hear running water. Head through the opening and southwest through another
opening. Recognise this place? You should do. Head west and then north (we
went west here last time.) Now go east and then down the steps and through
the opening in the north wall. If you came here before releasing the two
switches hidden in the two stone slabs, the water will be too high to go
through. The switch released by Shade has lowered the water so you can now go
through the opening. Once through, you'll find two openings in the north
wall. The right opens to a short path the the Light God-Beast and the left
gives you a Gold Statue. Take the left opening, save and level up to around
L40. L35 is the minimum (I was at L35 and I had to resurrect my team _so_
often, it got pretty frustrating.) Once you're ready, save here, exit south
and take the right opening. Head north and prepare to face:

***Boss: God-Beast Lightgazer***

Light Gazer is the Light God-Beast. He is one of the harder bosses. He can
use all the Light-Based, Wisp taught moves like Saint Beam, Saint Saber, Holy
Ball and Heal Light. That's right, LG can self-heal. That's what makes this
battle so damn long. Plus, LG has a VERY annoying move. It's called Prisoner
and Moogles everyone. Once Moogled, every attack misses and you can't use any
magic. You can only heal Moogle status using Stardust Herbs, Puipui Grasses
or Tinkle Rain. If you have the time (and the will), head for Byzel and buy
the "Mama Poto Oil" (it's the red jug and you buy it from the merchant on the
right of the Black Market) -- this casts Tinkle Rain (single/multi) on your
party and can cure Moogle status. If you're lucky, you may pick up a few on
your way to fight Lightgazer (beat up the Mama Potos -- the brown ones and
you may or may not get a box with the oil inside.) What I suggest you do
during the battle is this: have your team mates attack constantly whilst you
(as Carlie, Kevin or Duran) keep using Heal Light. While you're chanting a
spell or waiting to do your level 2 BA, all status-changing spells such as
Prisoner WILL NOT AFFECT YOU. If this person is Carlie or someone else who
knows Heal Light/Tinkle Rain, this will be beneficial as you will never need
to use the Herbs. LG is light-based, right? So use Dark Saber (if you have
it.) Yeah, I know, I said Dark Saber sucks and it does. LG is the ONLY boss
on which this spell works. Any Shade-taught spell like Evil Gate or Dark
Force works really well. Dark Saber everyone (LG can cast Saint Saber on one
of your team -- which can only be cancelled by casting another Saber or using
the Stardust Herbs. Tinkle Rain doesn't help, as it only sorts out STATUS
changes like Moogle or Poison, but using the Stardust Herbs cancels the
Saber's effect plus any stat-down spells) and use any Dark spell. This won't
last long if you have Carlie/Duran, Kevin and Angela as your team. If you've
done the second class change and have the Book of Rune (breaks Angela's Rune
Master class), use it. It casts Death Spell and since LG is weak against
Dark, it'll do 999 damage. Use it several times. Also use the Forbidden Book
(breaks Angela's Magus class) if you have it. If you have the Duelist's Proof
(breaks Duran's Duelist class), use it at the start as it casts Dark Saber
(multi) and use it again if LG casts Saint Saber on more than one team member
-- but don't use it if Carlie or Duran knows it.