Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - The Mana Holy Land

What we need to do, now we're here is to hurry to the Mana Tree and grab the
Sword of Mana before any of the other people get it. Doesn't look like
this'll happen any time soon, look at the number of bodies around! But still,
we need to get the sword. So, from the opening where Flammie dropped you off,
go north, northwest, north, west (use the steps), north (use the lillies),
southeast, northeast, north and save at the Gold Statue (any one.) Go up the
steps and talk to the Goddess Statue. The Fairy will explain that you can use
this Statue to perform class changes and asks you if you want to try. Unless
you've picked up some "??? Seeds" and planted them already, say no and come
back later. When you're ready, go east, east, northwest (don't go the
lillies way), cross the north bridge and then go north. Finally, go east and
walk across the fallen tree log. You'll spot the Sword. Go and try to pull it
out -- NOTE: You must use the hero (e.g. the first character you chose.)
After some problems, you manage to pull it out, but the Fairy has gone
missing, presumed kidnapped. The Goddess appears and explains she cannot
help much more because the Mana is now so weak. She departs with a
gift -- the Wind Drum. You use this to call Flammie. Now we need to get
Fairy back. And so, we begin the next part of the walkthrough...