Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - The Moon God-Beast

We're half way there, but now we've got our work REALLY cut out. The last
four GBs are super hard (and I'm not kidding.) Make sure your team are at L35
AT LEAST. I STRONGLY recommend L40. You can beat the fifth GB at L35 (I
did), but it's VERY hard.

We need to make our way to Mintos again. See the third red dot from the top
of the world map? This is the Moonreading Tower where the Moon Mana Stone
used to be (we picked up Luna here, remember?) We can't land near the Tower.
Mintos is east of the Tower so we need to land there and make our way to the
Tower on foot like last time (remember, there's two ways to get there, the
direct and indirect way. Since you're such a high level, you'll probably get
only 1 or 2 extra levels by taking the indirect route.) I strongly recommend
you fork out on 9 Stardust Herbs and 9 Puipui Grasses:

Indirect (with Gold Statue): southwest, southeast, southwest, southwest,
west, southwest, southeast, southwest, southwest, east. You'll end up in the
place with a Gold Statue and Karl's grave (from Kev's intro.)  Go (from the
Statue) west, north, east, northwest, west, northwest, north. Save here (Grey
Statue), buy all the stuff you can afford from the cats (they've got some new
stuff as well) and head northeast then north to get into the Tower.

Direct (with _NO_ Gold Statue): southwest, southeast, west twice, southwest,
south, southwest, north. Save here (Grey Statue), but all the stuff you can
afford from the cats and head northeast then north to get into the Tower.

Once inside the tower, prepare for a hard time. The enemies here are SUPER
hard. They're all L35+ and know how to heal and use magic. A good idea would
be to ignore them completely until you find the Gold Statue and use it to
level up to L35-L40. To get to the Gold Statue, do this: From inside the
tower, take the northeastern door, go up the steps and south through the
opening, now follow the path down, right and up and head through the
northeastern door there. Go up the steps and south through the opening. Now
follow the path right and up and enter the door there. Save here (Gold
Statue.) Right! Down to business. From here on, I'll tell you how to get to
the GB. Feel free to explore and level up along the way, in fact, I RECOMMEND
you do this. Try to level up to L38 so you can class change later on. I
advise L40, but it's not necessary.

Once you've refreshed and saved, you can now start fighting. From the room
with the Gold Statue, exit south out of the room, now go left and take the
northwestern door. Go up, and south. Now take the northeastern door and go up
and south as before. Now walk to the left of the screen and take the
northwestern door. Again, go up and south. Take the northeastern door and go
up, south again. Head down and left of the screen and take the southwestern
door. Go up, south again. Now take the northeastern door, go up and south
again and walk to the left to take the northwestern door. Go up and south to
get to the room which leads to the Moon God Beast. The path is curved to a
rough 'U' shape. You enter via the left-hand door. In the right-hand door is
a Gold Statue where you can save and refresh. Make sure your team is a L35+,
preferably L40 (minimum L38 for CCing.) If not, use this statue for levelling
up. When you're ready, climb the steps and head north to face:

***Boss: God-Beast Dolan***

Unlike the previous four, this GB is a nightmare. His attacks are all
Moon-Based (I think Luna teaches a lot of them.) His main ones are Spiral
Moon, Graviton Press, Body Change and Lunatic. Heal after the Spiral Moon (is
it just me, or does the attack remind you of a famous Street Fighter?) and
Half Vanish. Dolan casts Moon Saber on himself so you don't need to worry
about healing him. His most annoying attack is Body Change which miniturises
the victim. If he does this, use either the herbs or grasses or Carlie's
Tinkle Rain. If you don't have any of these, use the Mama Poto Oil which you
can buy from Byzel's Black Market (the saleman on the right of the room sells
it.) It casts Tinkle Rain (single/multi) on your team. I recommend casting
any or all of the stat spells on yourself or on Dolan. If you have Duran or
Carlie, cast any of the Saber spells. Moon types have only one weakness, and
that's Grass. If you don't have Leaf Saber, try all the Sabers you have in
turn to see which one is best and stick with it. I tend to use Angela's level
2 spells (Saint Beam, Dark Force, etc.) against Dolan. Make sure you use Heal
Light as much as possible and make sure you restore MPs with the walnuts.
Against Dolan there's not much of a strategy, just hit, hit, hit and make
sure you heal often. Spiral Moon can do a helluva lot of damage (and it can
lower your max HP just like with Lunatic) so make sure you've got either some
Honey Drinks or someone who knows Heal Light like Kevin, Duran or Carlie.
Spiral Moon will take off up to 400HPs (unless you've got Lise/Carlie's stat
magic) so make sure everyone has more than that or they will die very
quickly. A lot of Dolan's moves (not just Spiral Moon) can cause Lunatic-like
effects (e.g. your maximum HP goes down) so you'll definitely need to use
Angel Grails at least once.

Once you defeat Dolan, you'll automatically be healed and end up outside the
Moonreading Tower. Head south and save at the Grey Statue. Now, make your way
back to Mintos by heading southeast, east, north, east, northeast, east,
north, northwest and finally east (the enemies here should be dealing 0 or
1HPs damage and taking between 100 to 200HPs by now.) Once back at Mintos,
sleep at the inn, stock up on supplies and call Flammie when you're ready.
Next stop, The Cleft of The Earth, Version 2!