Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - The Wind God-Beast

Dangaard, you'll be pleased to know is one of the easier GBs (God-Beasts) to
beat. He resides in the air so he's hard to find. What you need to do is
fly Flammie to the southeastern-most dot (Rolante) and land there. Now, we
need to make our way through the Corridor of Wind again. Go east, east, cross
the bridge and through the opening. You're back inside the mountain. Head
north then east, like last time and make your way through the Corridor. In
case you can't be bothered to scroll all the way back up the walkthrough,
here's the part for the Corridor of Wind. By the way, the enemies in the CoW
are now all L25 MINIMUM so make sure you can handle them:

To get through the Corridor of Wind, do this: after entering the Corridor, go
up and press the button there. Go left, down, press the button on the right
and then go west. You'll emerge outside. Go left and you'll find two openings
in the wall. Enter the first opening you come across (the second is a short
cut back once you've got Jinn.) Inside, go left and press the button. Now go
up and push the button at the junction. Now, take the left fork and exit
west. From the next room, exit south. You'll find yourself outside. Work your
way down the steps until you find an opening (there's only one way to go.)
Head inside the opening:

This next part is tricky. Head down-right and go down the wind column. Next,
loop up-right up the stairs and push the button there. Now, go up-left so you
have just done a complete 360 circle. Now, go down (into the wall) and then
go left. If you do this right, you'll end up in another room. Go right then
down and push the button there. Head up then left to go back to where you
came from and you can now go down. Before you leave the room, press the
button. You're now outside. This place curves like a crescent moon shape.
Half way around, there's an opening. DO NOT GO HERE YET! Follow the path all
the way around and you'll find another opening. Head inside here and you'll
find a Gold Statue. Refresh and save here. Go back and into the opening I
said not to go into yet.

Once you're in the room where the Mana Stone used to lie, make sure you're at
L25 minimum (I recommend L30, but it's not mandatory.) Head east and watch
the scene. Remember this place? It's where you fought Tzenker earlier on,
just before you picked up Jinn. Anyway, once here, you'll spot Dangaard up in
the sky (Flammie will be called automatically) and you'll fight him in
mid-air (whilst still on Flammie's back!)

***Boss: God-Beast Dangaard***

There are four "rounds" in which you must beat Dangaard. Each round finishes
with a cloud obscuring the view of Flammie, Dangaard and your team. The
battle here is easy, but very, very long. If you have Duran or Carlie, get
him/her to Diamond Saber your team, or you will do little (1-5HP) damage. If
you have Lise, use her stat spells on either Dangaard or your team. If you
have Angela, use her constantly and cast any magic except Jinn-taught spells
like Air Blast or Thunderstorm. Gem Missile, Dark Force, Fireball, everything
works OK. Experiment with different spells to see which one works best. I
think Shade's and Gnome's spells are best. Dark Force and Gem Missile seem to
do the best damage, especially after casting Mind Up/Mind Down. After
Dangaard casts Air Slasher or Thunderball, HEAL IMMEDIATELY, these spells do
a helluva lot of damage. The others you can get away with.