Trials of Mana - Walkthrough - The Wood God-Beast

To the east of the Labyrinth of Ice Walls is Elrand. Fly there, stock up on
supplies and rest/save at the inn (you _can_ trek there from the labyrinth
if you want to add a few levels.) Once you've stocked up, call Flammie again
and head to the northeastern-most red dot. This is the Forest of Wonder and
home of the Wood God-Beast. Now, the first thing we need to do is to find the
Gold Statue so we can save the game. The Gold Statue can be found by going
northwest, southwest (you can buy stuff from the cats here if you want to),
southwest, northeast, northwest, northeast, east (large area), northwest,
northwest, west, save at the Gold Statue here. Now, level up to L30 or so, it
will make the battle easier. Besides, the enemies here are all L35 so you'll
get tonnes of experience points. When you're ready, save again and then go
northeast, northeast, east, east to face:

***Boss: God-Beast Mispolm***

You'd think that Wood would be weak against Fire seeing as wood can catch
fire but nope, this guy is weak against Lightning. Use any electric spell
such as Thunder Jutsu or Thunderstorm. Make sure you Thunder Saber all of
your team if you have Duran or Carlie. This is one of the easier fights. The
only thing you should be aware of is the two creatures to each side. They
may sometimes grab a team mate and do about 200HPs damage. To avoid 
this, the moment the character gets grabbed and pulled up into the air,
use an item (any item) on him/her. The item must cause the character to 
react (such as the healing items.) They will drop down and take no or 
little damage (cheating? Nah, I don't think so.) This does take a bit 
of timing, though. Also watch out for Mispolm's Counter Magic. From then on, 
any offensive magic cast on him will be reversed automatically so use 
physical attacks instead. Summon spells (such as Unicorn Head and Machine 
Golem) do NOT count as offensive spells so they can be used, as do the 
stat-down spells. Try using AntiMagic if you have it. I'm not sure, 
but I think this cancels the Counter Magic effect. This fight will not
last very long. Make sure you heal after the Killstinger, Poison 
Bubble and Grenade Bomb. You can use any Fire-based spell and it'll be just 
as (if not, more) effective.

Once you win, you'll end up back at the opening where Flammie dropped you
off. So call her again. Next stop, the Beast Kingdom!!