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Welcome to the Soundtrack section of the Seikens Network.

Throughout the Seiken Densetsu series a key element has always been the music created for the games, which have helped enrich the experience, immerse the players in the plot and give greater meaning to the characters and stories conveyed within. With every generation of console, the composers, among which can be found Ito, Kikuta and Shimomura, have strived to take the hardware and software limitations at their disposal and create the richest sound possible, while making ensuring the creation of melodies that will endure and touch the heart of the player.

Such is the power and quality of the music created for the series that since their release amateur musicians have worked to create fan remixes of the tracks, players have been enticed to discover the games after hearing their soundtracks, and orchestras across the world have adopted the themes as part of their set-pieces.

Here we offer you the track listings for the soundtracks, the details regarding who composed them and when, as well as the places you can purchase physical and online copies of those that are still available. You’ll also find here a short biography of the main musical contributers to the series, and short samples of a handful of the tracks to get a feel for what the album sounds like.

Whether you are just curious to find out more, or are in search of that missing CD that should be on your shelf, we hope that this information may be of use to you.

If you know of anything that you wish to see here in future updates, please let us know in the Seikens Workshop. We hope to continue expanding this section with more information soon! -Kassidy

Thanks to Sheexy for help with the tracklists for FFA and LoM.

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