Soundtracks - Doujin - k-shi – Pandora’s Vox

Pandora's Vox Cover Publisher: k-shi studio
Catalog No.: KSST-0002
Release Date: 31/Dec/2007
Composed by: Hiroki Kikuta
Arranged by: k-shi
Format: CD
Available from:
Official Website


While centred more around arranging than fully remixing, this album doesn’t hold as true to the originals as other arrangement albums, and explores a bit further into the track in different ways. The main exception to this is Meridian Dance, which goes for a soothing piano rendition. Although only 8 tracks, definitely worth getting your mitts on.

Track Listing

No. Track Title Original Track Duration
Disc 1
01 The Angel has Landed Angel’s Fear 02:06
02 The Boy Aims for Wild Fields The Boy Aims for Wild Fields 04:14
03 Dancing Beasts Dancing Beasts 02:29
04 Premonition Premonition 03:12
05 Secret of the Hot Sand Secret of the Hot Sand 02:56
06 The Sorcerer Sorcerer 04:25
07 Pandora’s Vox This Sole Wish 02:54
08 Meridian Dance Meridian Dance 00:51