Soundtracks - Doujin - Lukard – Legend III -Mana-

Legend III -Mana- Cover Publisher: Lukar/Dow
Catalog No.: LKD-005
Release Date: 31/Dec/2006
Composed by: Kenji Ito
Arranged by: Lukard
Format: CD
Available from:
Official Website

Lukard has done an excellent job in rearranging and remixing these key tracks from Final Fantasy Adventure to the style of rocking electric guitar and funky synth. An absolute must for any game music fan. You can even download Track 2 in its full form! One of my favourite videogame fan works out there.

Track Listing

No. Track Title Original Track Duration
Disc 1 – 29:46
01 Endless Battlefield Endless Battlefield 03:14
02 Battle 1 (*) Battle 1 02:36
03 Mission of Mana Mission of Mana 03:09
04 Battle 2 Battle 2 03:03
05 Jema’s Realization Jema’s Realization 03:30
06 In Search of the Holy Sword In Search of the Holy Sword 03:43
07 Mana Palace Mana Palace 03:28
08 Julius’ Ambition Julius’ Ambition 01:21
09 Final Battle Final Battle 02:38
10 Rising Sun Rising Sun 03:04

(*)Lukard has made this song available in its complete form for download!