Soundtracks - Doujin - Mana Label – Marina

Marina Cover Publisher: Mana Label
Catalog No.: N/A
Release Date: 30/Dec/2005
Composed by: Kenji Ito, Hiroki Kikuta, Yoko Shimomura
Arranged by: Qurulira, Shaenam Jugla, F.E.L, Lix, Kai Gojyou, Tekkanin, qurter, Minazumi, nogue-husserl, Kurenainagi Tabibito, Apisuto, R∀∧∃N, 〆G, SHIKI, k.yamada, Hedonist, Suge, Hizuru
Format: 2 CD
Available from:

Out of the fan remix albums that I have heard for the Seiken Densetsu series, in this one I can see the most work invested. While a couple of the tracks stay faithful to the original in styling, most go off on completely different tangents, which is exactly what we want to see in a doujin album.

Two particular tracks struck me as most interesting choices. The first is a remix of In Darkness’ Depths from Secret of Mana, which is not a track that I would picture myself attempting any time soon. There’s hardly any material to work on to start with, but they’ve made a whole track out of it and given it new life. The second is Village, which in fact is a techno/trance rendition of the soothing Final Fantasy Adventure track Mission of Mana. This really surprised me.

The album tends more toward the dance/techno/trance style, so if you don’t like that style this may not be your cup of tea. But it is still a must for any fan. Sadly, the label’s website went offline, so you’re only going to find this on eBay or doing a lot of trawling through Japanese sites.

Track Listing

No. Track Title Original Track Duration
Disc 1 – 51:12
01 Mana Flows Everywhere SD2 Angel’s Fear 04:31
02 Hometown Domina LoM Domina 05:08
03 Spirit Ceremony SD2 Spirit of the Night 05:08
04 Another Winter – Zero Absolute Mix ver2.0 SD3 Another Winter 06:11
05 Neverending SD2 An End 06:33
06 Hope Because of the West SD2 This Sole Wish 04:16
07 Charon’s Passing Boat SD2 Secret of the Hot Sand 03:39
08 SummerSky SD2 Colour of the Summer Sky 03:14
09 Splash Hop – Tropical Pop Remix SD3 Splash Hop 04:22
10 Fable – Farewell Song – PopTrance Arrange SD3 Fable & Farewell Song 08:10
Disc 2 – 51:55
01 Allegro Appassionato SD3 Swivel 03:55
02 Missing Daydream LoM Nostalgic Song & Daily Distant Dream 05:30
03 Female Turbulence SD3 Female Turbulence 05:31
04 Aquamarine SD2 I Will Never Forget You 03:10
05 Into the Thick of it SD2 The Boy Aims for Wild Fields 03:43
06 Village – Tranceparent Mix SD1 Mission of Mana 06:29
07 Pandora Box SD2 In Darkness’ Depths 04:14
08 mstrap.eXe SD2 Steel and Traps 05:23
09 Dance of the Beast SD2 Dancing Beasts 03:59
10 Bonus Track 1 08:52
11 Bonus Track 2 01:09