Soundtracks - Kenji Ito

Name: Kenji “Itoken” Ito – 伊藤 賢治 Kenji Ito
Date of Birth: 05/Jul/1968, Tokyo
Occupation: Composition, Arrangement and Sound Production
Best known for: Romancing SaGa Series, Seiken Densetsu
Influences: Paul Mauriat, Richard Clayderman, Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel, Air Supply, Masashi Sada, Film and Anime Soundtracks
Website: Official English Website at Cocoebiz* – Field of Memories*
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SD Credits: FFA (Composer), SoM (SFX Design), SwoM (Composer), CoM (Composer), DoM (Composer)


Itoken started playing the piano at the age of 4 and by the time he was 10 was already composing his own music. Originally he had intended to become a songwriter/singer, and also joined a brass band in Junior/High School where he picked up the clarinet and alto sax.

He started at Square in 1990 when he worked side-by-side with another of Square’s big names in muic, Nubuo Uematsu, to create the soundtrack for Final Fantasy Legend II, and was shortly afterward comissioned to compose the score for the first Seiken Densetsu game, Final Fantasy Adventure, also for the Gameboy. He soon broke out of the shackles of 4-bit tunes to work on the Romancing SaGa series on the SNES and Playstation.

After making contributions to several other titles, he left Square in 2001 to work as a freelance composer, during which time he composed what he considers his best album, the Culdcept II soundtrack. He would later return to Square (now Square-Enix) and take up the task of rearranging the score for Seiken Densetsu in order to incorporate it into the remake for Gameboy Advance, Sword of Mana, in 2002. He would then continue to contribute to the Seiken Densetsu series for the new World of Mana project.