Soundtracks - Legend of Mana Music Selection

Legend of Mana Music Selection Cover Publisher: Squaresoft
Catalog No.: 3TP-0012K
Release Date: 23/Jun/2000
Composed by: Yoko Shimomura
Arranged by: Yoko Shimomura
Format: Promotional CD


This 5-track Promotional CD was released as part of Square’s “Summer of Adventure”, and was available to those who placed a pre-order for the game Legend of Mana.

Track Listing

No. Track Title Use in game Duration
Disc 1 – 18:34
1 Legend of Mana Title Theme 02:25
2 An Old Song Nostalgic Song – Initial Game setup 03:32
3 World of Mana Overworld Theme 05:06
4 A Place with Heart Places of Soul – House and Garden 01:32
5 Song of Mana Ending Theme 05:59