Soundtracks - Masaharu Iwata

Name: Masaharu “REZON” Iwata – 岩田匡治 Masaharu Iwata
Date of Birth: 26/Oct/1966, Tokyo
Occupation: Composition
Best known for: Ogre Series, Final Fantasy Tactics
Influences: Arabesque, Yellow Magic Orchestra, John Foxx, China Crisis and Bill Nelson
Website: Official English Website at CocoebizBariscape
SD Credits: CoM (Composer)

After starting Junior High he became interested in Yellow Magic Orchestra, and as a result acquired a synthesizer and began to join cover bands with his friends. Around that time videogames came into boom, and so after graduating high school he applied for a job at Bothtec to try and combine his hobby and passions. Since Bothtec became Quest, he started work as a freelancing composer.

For Square he worked on the score for Final Fantasy Tactics and more recently the first Nintendo DS release of the Seiken Densetsu series, Children of Mana. He comments that he has loved the game Secret of Mana since it was released, and took inspiration from the soundtrack when working on CoM.