Soundtracks - Masayoshi Soken

Name: Masayoshi Soken – 祖堅正慶 Masayoshi Soken
Date of Birth: Sometime, somewhere
Occupation: Sound Editor, Composer
Best known for: World Fantasista, Front Mission 5
Influences: Currently Unknown
Website: Battle of Soken
SD Credits: DoM (Composer)


Little to none is known about this interesting individual. Credited as a Sound Editor for Square Enix, that is far from the limit of his talents. He takes part in several projects as a composer, including creating the scores for Nichikeiban Pro Baseball: Final League and World Fantasista, and contributing the song “Blue Stream” to Front Mission 5. He has developed quite a cult following with his site Battle of Soken, apparently covering the antics of the sound design teams in Square Enix.

However where the man truly excels is in taking on the hordes of the forces of Evil Japanese Battle Robots that invade the office from time to time. The song incidentally is for the Batoenman pencils… Yeah…

If you would like to learn more about Masayoshi Soken, you can find a more in-depth and exclusive profile over on SquareEnixMusic.