Soundtracks - Seiken Densetsu 2 Original Sound Version

Seiken Densetsu 2 OSV Cover Publisher: NTT Publishing
Catalog No.: N25D-019, PSCN-5030, NTCP-5030, SQ107 (US)
Release Date: 06/Aug/1993, 25/Aug/1995, 01/Oct/2004, 01/Dec/1994
Composed by: Hiroki Kikuta
Arranged by: Hiroki Kikuta
Format: CD and iTunes

Regarded as one of the greatest masters of game music for this soundtrack, Hiroki Kikuta at first didn’t think that he would be able to do this “game music stuff”, and was warned of the limitations of the Super Famicom/Nintendo. These initial fears put aside, he aimed to express himself and the game Seiken Densetsu 2 in music at the same time, which while contrasting stances when brought together worked wonderfully. His focus was to share the beauty and the importance of things that lie in the human heart.

From the haunting synths of “A Wish” and the adrenaline pumping “Danger!” to the depths of darkness that “Curse” evokes and the beauty of “Angel’s Fear”, one can’t help but be taken on a rollercoaster of emotions while listening to the music of this game. He really did stretch the limits of the SNES’ SPC700. No wonder this soundtrack is on its third reprint, and now also available on iTunes.

Track Listing

No. Track Title In-game use Duration
Disc 1 – 66:20
1 Angel’s Fear Opening Theme 01:42
2 Tell a Strange Tale Empire Towns’ Theme 01:30
3 Rose and Ghost Sad Town Theme 01:27
4 Always Together Overworld Theme for Waterfall 01:09
5 Kind Memories Dyluck’s Alive! 01:01
6 The Boy Aims for Wild Fields North of Pandora Overworld Theme 01:56
7 Colour of the Summer Sky Happy Town Theme 01:24
8 Dancing Beasts Goblins’ Town 01:19
9 Far Thunder Overworld West of Pandora 01:49
10 The Fairy Child Kakkara Happy Theme / Salamando 00:59
11 Happenings of a Moonlit Night Dwarf Village Theme 00:47
12 In Darkness’ Depths Prologue… and history repeats 01:04
13 The Holy Intruder Mana Seed Palace Dungeon Theme 00:59
14 Secret of the Hot Sand Kakkara Desert Theme 01:11
15 What the Forest Taught Me Upperland Forest Theme 01:03
16 Wish Ice Country Theme 01:03
17 Spirit of the night Banished from Potos 01:47
18 Did You See the Sea Witch Elaine’s Castle 02:09
19 Danger! Boss Battle 02:12
20 The Orphan of the Storm Post-boss Victory Theme 02:03
21 Where the Wind Ends Jahha’s Mountains near Mandala 01:13
22 Flight Bound for the Unknown Flammie’s First Theme 01:30
23 Repeating Eternity Mana Land Monster Defeated 02:12
24 Legend Jahha’s Cave 01:43
25 Eight Ringing Bells Ice Palace 01:33
26 Strange Event Scorpion Army Theme 01:06
27 King of the Seas Tasnica and Sand Ship Theme 01:37
28 Star of Darkness Flammie’s Second Theme 01:33
29 Premonition Flammie’s Third Theme 01:12
30 Steel and Traps Underground City 01:43
31 A Prayer and a Whisper Mana Seed Palace Theme 01:10
32 Ceremony Haunted Ruins Theme 01:27
33 To Reach Tomorrow Mana Beast Sighted 01:06
34 Give Love it’s Rightful Time Inside the Mana Fortress 01:26
35 Pure Night Pureland 02:50
36 Curse Thanatos Revealed 01:20
37 Sorcerer Thanatos Battle 01:48
38 An End Thanatos Defeated 01:08
39 I Will Never Forget You Memories of Randi’s Mother 01:11
40 This Sole Wish Mana Beast Attacks Fortress 01:08
41 The Prayer of the Arctic Circle Mana Beast Battle 02:19
42 The Wings No Longer Beat Mana Beast Defeated 02:01
43 The Second Truth from the End Heroes return truimphant 02:47
44 Close Your Eyelids Sleep theme / Game Over 00:32

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